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A Good Play Debuts

It was said to be a play because it was a play. There was no other explanation. It was exactly as described.

After Feng Yu Heng’s words came out, they saw a play troupe enter the manor under Bai Ze’s personal guidance. The person at the front had a handsome appearance; however, his skin was very dark. They completely did not go together.

Xuan Tian Ming glanced sideways at Feng Yu Heng. The two exchanged a glance, and both smirked at the same time.

That’s right, when celebrating, there had to be a performance. Xuan Tian Ming had actually invited this performance troupe to the Feng manor to put on a good performance.

Presently, the Feng family’s residence was a bit small, thus it was impossible for them to have a specialized courtyard for plays that came with a stage. Thus, when this group entered, a group of servants immediately opened up space in this yard. A few tables also cooperated and moved to the side slightly, as Bai Ze said: “When there is a celebration, there must be a performance. His Highness Prince Yu specifically invited this troupe into the manor to perform.”

Someone that had drank a little too much loudly asked: “What troupe is this? Is this the Qi troupe or the Zhao troupe?”

Bai Ze shook his head, “It’s not a particularly famous troupe. I heard that they have not yet found a foothold here in the capital.”

Everyone was puzzled: “This sort of performance troupe was sought out by his Highness the ninth prince? Although the Feng family was currently without rank, in any case, the imperial daughter was present. This sort of performance troupe was a little lacking, no?

Bai Ze spread his hands and helplessly said: “There’s nothing that can be done. After all, this banquet is for the birth of a son into sir Feng’s family. Having heard that the birth concubine really liked this performance troupe. When she was pregnant, she had invited them into the manor to perform. They had stayed for over a month!”

“Oh!” everyone nodded, “So it was like that. Catering to one’s likes, his Highness Prince Yu was correct.”

But another person asked: “Is the person at the front the star of the troupe? Looking at his appearance, it is quite good. Why is it that the performer is not wearing any makeup? Why has he come so plainly dressed?”

This person spoke while pointing, and the person being pointed at was none other than the boss of this troupe, boss Yue. This person was standing behind Bai Ze. He felt bitter but had no place to vent.

This was his first time seeing people dressed like this. His mother had given him a handsome face; however, he had inherited his father’s skin tone. It was dark and ugly, and it caused him to feel disgusted. Normally, he would have a makeup powder applied before he was willing to see anyone, and the people seeing him were accustomed to seeing him with performer’s makeup. This boss Yue subconsciously felt unnatural, standing there in front of others with his original face for all to see.

Moreover, he had only just found out that the place that he had been invited to was actually the Feng manor!

The Feng family had moved into a new residence, and he had not yet had a chance to inquire where they had moved before someone had forked over a large amount of money for them to perform. He did not think too much and followed them over. Outside the manor was fine, but after suddenly entering and seeing Feng Jin Yuan, he immediately understood where he was. After listening to the earlier conversations, this performance was for the newly born boy?

Boss Yue’s heart was flustered, and he suddenly understood. None of this was a coincidence, and the matter between him and Han shi was not a closely guarded secret. A pair of eyes in the back clearly saw all of this. It seemed that today’s scene was planned beforehand. Whether it was a blessing or a curse would depend on his luck.

The people continued to discuss the matter. In regards to the reason for boss Yue not applying makeup, Bai Ze explained: “If a play is to be watched, everything must be real. All that will remain is the play. To wear a mask is too lacking in sincerity.”

The words that he said were truly too unreasonable. To not wear a mask during a performance, would the play be about them or the character that they were playing? Although these were words that they dared think to themselves, they did not dare utter them out loud. Bai Ze represented Xuan Tian Ming. What he said was what Xuan Tian Ming intended. In this Da Shun, anyone that wanted to reason with the ninth prince was most likely seeking death.

Thus everyone brushed past this note and began to push for the play to begin.

As for today, his Highness Prince Yu and imperial daughter Ji An were in a very good mood. Not only did they happily laugh with them, but imperial daughter Ji An loudly said: “Since there will be a performance, we can choose the performance. How about you perform… [Cultivating Grace]!”

Once these words were said, everyone in the courtyard was startled and looked toward Feng Yu Heng. They were all unable to understand what exactly she meant.

[Cultivating Grace] was a play told of a child that spent ten years with a foster father before his birth father came looking. The child began to feel tangled over the two fathers and who he should stay with.

Today, the Feng manor was celebrating the birth of a son; however, Feng Yu Heng had named the play [Cultivating Grace]. Feng Jin Yuan felt that he no longer had the face to remain, but Xuan Tian Ming was currently present. He felt multiple urges to begin complaining, but they were all swallowed back down.

Feng Yu Heng, however, completely ignored him. She just hurried boss Yue, saying: “Quickly, the sky is almost dark. Perform this play, and we will have the wet nurse bring that baby out for all to see.”

Upon hearing that the child would be brought out, boss Yue could not help but feel a little moved. Back then, he had provided Han shi with some help, and although his own feelings were involved, he had also fallen for her charm. But now that the child was born, with the blood relations, it would be a lie for him to say that he did not want to take a look. Moreover, he was looking to use this matter to get some more money out of Han shi.

The play [Cultivating Grace] was performed under these sorts of circumstances. It was performed by actors that did not have any makeup on. No matter how they performed, it was quite awkward to watch. Fortunately, boss Yue was quite talented, and he was able to allow the people to enjoy the play.

Feng Fen Dai stared straight at the performer, and the handkerchief in her hand was on the verge of being torn to shreds. The fifth prince, that had stayed at her side, glanced at her and asked with a puzzled expression: “Are you not feeling well? If you aren’t feeling well, just go back and rest. Either way, there are many people here. Nobody would mind if one was to go missing.”

Fen Dai seemed to have not heard him, as she did not even pay attention to him. She just continued to stare at the performer. Two faces alternated in her mind. At times, it was boss Yue, and at times, it would be that child that had been born last night.

They both had dark skin and both had the same phoenix eyes. Her heart began to race and seemed to want to leap from her throat. The sweat on her forehead was not stingy at all, as it began to drip down. She recalled that just after Feng Jin Yuan had left the capital, Han shi had brought in a performance troupe. She recalled that she had just said that Han shi was pregnant, but after this performance troupe left the Feng manor, Han shi was pregnant not one month later. She was young and did not understand a number of things, but after nearly a year, she became aware of a great deal more. If a woman was truly pregnant with a child, they should notice after just one month. Where would there be any like Han shi, only noticing after two months?

The more Fen Dai thought, the more it felt off, and the paler her face became. Xuan Tian Yan looked on with worry from the side. Reaching out to support her, he said: “Let’s go back. I will send you there.”

Fen Dai was practically forcefully dragged back to her own courtyard. Presently, she and Han shi were still living together. Xuan Tian Yan sent her to the entrance of the courtyard and did not continue in. He just advised Fen Dai: “Take care of yourself. Do not think too much about things. Just view it as temporarily staying in the Feng family. In the future, when you have married into the Li Palace, there will not be such annoying troubles.”

He was doing this out of kindness. Unfortunately, Fen Dai’s mind was in a daze, and she was unable to hear what he had said. She just rushed into the courtyard; however, the room that she entered was Han shi’s.

At this time, the play [Cultivating Grace] was still being performed. Without a full hour, it would not be completed. Feng Yu Heng had picked up a chicken wing and begun nibbling on it. Xiang Rong sat at her side, staring straight at An shi.

At this time, An shi still sat behind Feng Jin Yuan, and it seemed that she was saying something to him. Unfortunately, they were too far, and she could not hear.

Feng Yu Heng, however, was skilled in lip reading and could clearly see what An shi had said to Feng Jin Yuan. The two were saying: “Husband, who knew that his Highness the ninth prince would bring this troupe to perform. Although they are not famous, they are performing quite well. Back when husband left the capital to go North to handle the disaster, sister Han brought them into the manor to perform. Unfortunately, this concubine did not have the fortune of seeing them perform much.”

Feng Jin Yuan’s expression had already reached a certain degree, rushing to ask: “When was this performance troupe brought into the Feng manor? When did they leave?”

An shi said once more: “Not many days after husband left the manor, they stayed for one month before leaving.”

Feng Jin Yuan’s heart became a little rushed, and his face turned red. An shi, however, had already left, returning to sit in her own seat.

Xiang Rong was anxious, tugging at Feng Yu Heng’s sleeve and asking: “Second sister, do you know what concubine mother was saying to father?”

Feng Yu Heng faintly smiled and said: “Your concubine mother is venting for you. She told Feng Jin Yuan about when this troupe entered and left the Feng manor.” While saying this, she turned toward Feng Jin Yuan and continued to speak: “Look at his current expression. Then look at boss Yue’s appearance. There are times when this father’s brain is a bit lacking, but he is not truly stupid. In fact, he is quite smart in certain places. Do you feel that he is not feeling the doubt?”

Xiang Rong also hated that Han shi. It was not just for pushing her into the water, but that Han shi was also too lacking in female virtue. That was something that she could not accept. But she was still worried about her own concubine mother and could not help but mutter: “Concubine mother is venting for me, but I am worried that father will vent his anger on her.”

Feng Yu Heng laughed, “What are you afraid of? Feng Jin Yuan is currently nothing more than a lowly horse feeder. Even if he got angry, what could he do? Could he take a person’s life? He presently does not have that right. Just wait and see. The good play has yet to come.”

As she spoke, a granny had already run over to the front yard and blankly asked Feng Jin Yuan: “Master, the young master has already been wrapped up and can be brought out.” She had just received the order to wrap up the young master, so he could be brought out for all to see. She thought that this was a joyous matter. In addition to this, the granny’s voice was deep and clear, thus many people ended up hearing it.

Feng Jin Yuan wanted to stop it but could not. In addition to this, some people began shouting to see the child. With nothing that he could do, he could only have that granny bring the child over to the front yard.

Normally speaking, for a child that had just been born one day prior, even if it was brought out, it would just be to go through the motions before being brought back. Nobody would truly go up close to take a look.

But for some reason, whether these people had drank too much or were incited, they all stood up to gather around. They would crane their necks to take a look. Not long later, the sound of doubt began to circulate: “This child’s face is so dark, completely unlike lord Feng’s white skin. It’s truly comparable to that performer’s skin!”

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