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Have the Elder Madam Get Up to Welcome Them

This sort of unexpected situation did not just cause Feng Jin Yuan to feel confused. Feng Yu Heng was also surprised.

The Feng family was currently planning a funeral; however, someone had come to present celebratory gifts. Her first reaction was: It shouldn’t be someone that has come to deliberately cause trouble, right?

The group got out of the imperial carriage, and Wang Chuan looked for a while at the servants carrying things from the carriage and said to Feng Yu Heng: “They seem to be from the Jing Palace.”

“The Jing Palace?” Feng Yu Heng was puzzled. What sort of insanity had befallen the eldest prince to cause him to do this sort of thing in the middle of the night?

Just as she was thinking this, the Feng manor’s gatekeeper ran over and immediately saw Feng Jin Yuan. He could not help but shout: “Master! You’ve finally returned!”

Feng Jin Yuan looked at the gatekeeper and was dazed. What was he doing? There was a white cloth hanging from his waist, and he wore a white headband. He also had a sorrowful expression, and he was completely lacking in spirit.

He then looked up at the entrance of the manor and saw white cloth draped over it. There was also a funeral banner, which made it clear… there was a funeral being performed.

Feng Jin Yuan’s mind exploded with a “boom” sound, but when he looked at the celebratory gifts at the entrance, the confusion in his mind had reached its apex. Just as he was about to ask about the situation, the people that had come to send the gifts surrounded Feng Yu Heng. The one that looked to be in-charge said to Feng Yu Heng: “County princess, us servants have waited for you here for a long time, and you have finally returned.”

This person’s voice was shrill, and it sounded as though someone was pinching his throat. Feng Jin Yuan was stunned and immediately realized that this person was a eunuch. Looking a little closer, was this not the main eunuch of the Jing Palace?

He quickly cupped his hand and said: “So it was head eunuch Liu that had come. I don’t know why head eunuch has come to visit at this hour, has something happened?”

Eunuch Liu did not even glance at Feng Jin Yuan and acted as though he did not hear what he had said. He just spoke in a fawning matter to Feng Yu Heng, saying: “Originally, we wanted to send them to the county princess’ manor, but when this servant heard that you had not yet returned, this servant was thinking of waiting outside.”

Feng Yu Heng heard this and wanted to laugh. If you wanted to wait, just wait in front of the county princess’ manor. Why come over to the Feng manor? It was clear that the manor was preparing for a funeral. With these large red chests being brought to the entrance, was this not causing the Feng family to get upset.

But whether or not the Feng family got upset was unrelated to her, especially when she saw Feng Jin Yuan’s humiliated expression, she felt quite entertained. Thus she smiled and asked the eunuch: “Why does eldest brother want to send these things to this county princess?”

The eunuch had a look of joy on his face, as he nearly leaped with joy, “County princess! Our manor’s secondary princess is expecting!”

“Really?” Feng Yu Heng also began smiling happily. After returning from the military camp, she had treated Xuan Tian Qi’s illness. She had waited for this news for a long time. Now that she heard that the palace’s secondary princess was expecting, she was truly happy for the eldest prince.

Eunuch Liu nodded fervently, and his face was all smiles: “Really! It’s all true! Not only is the secondary princess expecting, another two concubines that were just brought in have also been diagnosed as expecting. His Highness is so happy that he cannot sleep. He hurried this servant to bring out the best things in the palace’s warehouse to be sent to county princess!”

This joyous news caused Huang Quan and Wang Chuan to also celebrate. Feng Yu Heng looked at the things that covered the ground and said with a smile: “Since they are eldest brother’s feelings, I will not decline them. It’s too late tonight. I will find time tomorrow to visit the palace tomorrow to personally examine the three noble ladies.”

Feng Yu Heng personally visiting to examine them. This was truly a heavenly grace. Eunuch Liu immediately kneeled and kowtowed to Feng Yu Heng. Wang Chuan quickly helped him up, and Feng Yu Heng ordered Huang Quan: “Call some people over and have them bring these things to the county princess’ manor.”

Huang Quan waved her hand, and the imperial guards ran over. They then quickly brought the gifts back to the county princess’ manor.

Feng Jin Yuan watched the things that were already placed in front of the Feng manor’s entrance get taken away to Tong Sheng pavilion. He felt so distressed. If those gifts had not been for Feng Yu Heng, he really wanted to steal those things, especially when he had heard eunuch Liu say that these were the best things in the palace’s warehouse. What did it mean to be the best things in the Jing Palace’s warehouse? Of the nine prince’s from the current court, only the eldest prince walked the path of a businessman, and he was very successful. Everyone knew that the eldest prince was the wealthiest among all of the princes. Perhaps anything that he brought out from his palace would be considered the best treasure in the world. These were the treasures among treasures… Feng Jin Yuan’s eyes were red with envy. How great would those things be!

Unfortunately, in this life, he was just a temporary god of wealth. In fact, he began to wonder if eunuch Liu had deliberately placed these things in front of the Feng manor’s entrance to cause him to covet it before taking it away, causing him to feel angry.

He had truly become angry. Keeping it inside, he did not make a single sound. The gatekeeper that had been standing to the side had tried to speak a few times, but he was frantic like an ant on a stove. He truly could not understand. Why was his master acting like nothing had happened after something as big as the passing of the matriarch had occurred? Could it be that second young miss had not told him?

When Feng Jin Yuan finally calmed down, the gatekeeper was about to tell Feng Jin Yuan about what had happened in the manor. Who could have known that just as he opened his mouth, but before any sound could come out, some more carriages appeared on the road. Both were also heading toward the Feng manor.

The forehead of the gatekeeper became soaked with sweat because, although the carriages were not exceptionally flamboyant, they were definitely not plain. They were definitely graceful, and it was immediately clear that the owner was not ordinary.

Feng Jin Yuan and Feng Yu Heng also noticed the movement from that side and turned to look in unison. They then heard eunuch Liu from the Jing Palace say: “Oh! It’s imperial concubine Xian’s gift of gratitude!” He laughed and said to Feng Yu Heng: “When this servant went to the warehouse to pick gifts for county princess, his Highness sent someone into the palace to report the joyous news.”

Feng Yu Heng smiled. She knew that as the eldest prince, he was finally able to have a child at this age after many years of infertility. Also, it was a secondary princess and two concubines that had become pregnant. For imperial concubine Xian, this was the best gift. For her to be so happy that she would come to thank her, it was something that should be done.

Imperial concubine Xian had brought a total of four imperial carriages. Each of them carried a full load. The head palace maid that had come with the palace carriages was very cordial upon seeing Feng Yu Heng. She nearly smiled from ear to ear, and this smile was definitely reflecting her inner feelings. Upon seeing that eunuch Liu was also present, the two praise Feng Yu Heng once more.

Feng Jin Yuan also seemed to have understood. It seemed that the eldest prince that had been unable to have children for many years was treated by Feng Yu Heng. This was a great merit!

He wanted to interject a few times; however, he was unable to say a single word. One was a head palace maid and one was a head eunuch. Neither one paid him any mind, and neither one even looked at him. Feng Jin Yuan was gloomy and wanted to curse at someone, but he was not able to curse at a single person that had angered him. He also did not dare curse at a single one of them.

Watching the groups of imperial guards come over to bring the nice things into the manor, Feng Jin Yuan’s eyes nearly fell out. To the side, the palace maid was still talking to Feng Yu Heng: “Once the joyous news arrived from the Jing Palace, imperial concubine Xian quickly went to inform the Emperor and the Empress. Right now, his Majesty is also rejoicing. Thinking about it, there should be some more rewards for county princess tomorrow!”

Feng Yu Heng quickly said: “Imperial concubine is too courteous. Heng is a doctor. This treatment was intended to be for the benefit of the world. I also call his Highness Prince Jing eldest brother. To treat eldest brother’s illness, and relieve imperial concubine Xian of a burden is Heng’s duty. I will ask aunty to thank imperial concubine after returning to the palace. heng will personally go into the palace tomorrow to give thanks for imperial concubine’s grace.”

“County princess is too modest.” The palace maid was all smiles and continuously said nice things to Feng Yu Heng. The imperial guards continued to carry things into the manor, and this continued for a full hour. After the things were carried out, the palace maid asked: “County princess, take a look and see if there’s anything else that you want. Imperial concubine said that his Highness the eldest prince is constantly going out, and he can bring back any nice thing. If you have any desires, just tell him. Even if you want the moon from the sky, you can have his Highness the eldest prince go fetch it for you.”

Feng Yu Heng let out a “pft” and began laughing, “Aunty must be joking. Heng has already received all of these nice things and is feeling a little lost. How could I ask for anything else. It’s enough. It’s enough.”

Once she said that it was enough, Feng Jin Yuan thought to himself that it was a pity. He finally managed to find a chance to say something, thus he quickly said: “The two of you have already come to the manor, so how about coming in for a cup of tea!” While saying this, he said to Feng Yu Heng: “Heng, why do you not invite the guests inside? How can this be the way to treat guests.”

The gatekeeper that had been standing to the side felt his head swell upon hearing this. He quickly tugged at Feng Jin Yuan’s sleeve and quietly said: “Master, it’s already very late. It’s truly inconvenient.”

Feng Jin Yuan waved his hand, “Hah! What is inconvenient? Invite the guests to Peony courtyard’s hall. It will not disrupt the elder madam’s rest.” After saying this, he said to the palace maid and eunuch: “Heng is this official’s daughter. Would the two guests please come in for a cup of tea. This is something that this official should do.”

He spoke as if it was natural. The gatekeeper wearing a filial belt, and a funeral banner being hung at the entrance had long since been cast to the back of his mind. At this moment, he was only thinking of satisfying the two before him. They would then return and tell their masters about it. Whether it was imperial concubine Xian or his Highness the eldest prince, as long as they thought of him as Feng Yu Heng’s father, there would be no shortage of benefits. The one million taels of silver that he owed Feng Yu Heng might be obtainable, and he would be able to use it to get the deed back. Like that, he would no longer need to sit in prison.

Thinking like this, he was even more resolute about inviting the two into the manor. He even reached out to fetch the two, “Quickly come into the manor to sit! Although it is late, the Feng family has always been hospitable. If the elder madam knew that the two honorable guests have come to the manor, she would definitely get up and welcome you.” These words nearly scared the palace maid and eunuch to death.

Huang Quan and Wang Chuan smirked upon hearing this, and the gatekeeper had an even more bitter expression. There was truly nothing else that he could do. He could only beg Feng Yu Heng: “Second young miss, please help out! Don’t allow master… to speak nonsense!”

“Impudence!” Feng Jin Yuan became annoyed, “You bold servant, who is speaking nonsense?”

The servant dropped to his knees, and tears fell from his eyes. Eunuch Liu from the Jing Palace looked at Feng Jin Yuan with a look of utter disbelief. It was as though he was looking at some sort of monster. The palace maid was also the same. Glaring at this fifth rank official that was formerly the prime minister, they began to wonder if he was mentally ill.

Feng Yu Heng shook her head and gently sighed, “Grandmother really wasted her efforts in raising father.”

“County princess.” The head palace maid helplessly said to her: “Perhaps lord Feng has suffered a shock, and his mind is muddled. This servant will not argue with him.” While saying this, she pulled out a banknote from her waist pocket: “The Feng family is holding a funeral. If this was before, this amount would definitely need to be given to lord Feng. But imperial concubine Xian said that lord Feng is now just a fifth rank official. It would not be too fitting for him to accept it. That is why this money for the funeral will be given to county princess to take care of. Imperial concubine only sent it because of county princess.”

Eunuch Liu also handed over a banknote. Feng Jin Yuan looked at the two bank notes and saw that they both said one million taels. A fishy-sweet taste surged up his throat…

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