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Unexpected But Pleasant Surprise

It was an old man in his 60s. His grey clothes were covered in mud, and he looked to be travel-worn; however, he still looked alert.

He greeted Feng Yu Heng with his hands behind his back and looked at Xuan Tian Ming without being haughty or humble. He had a kind expression; however, there was an endless wisdom in his eyes.

Feng Yu Heng was dazed almost instantly upon seeing this person. While she was dazed, the memories of the body’s original owner instantly merged with her soul. The two figures constantly collided. They had the same appearance and the same figure. One wore an ancient grey robe, and one wore a traditional mandarin jacket. One held the body’s original owner as a child and taught her about ancient medicine, while the other held the modern her and taught her about Chinese and Western medicine starting from the age of six.

The maternal grandfather of the body’s original owner, Yao Xian, and her own paternal grandfather, Feng Yin.

Feng Yu Heng partially kneeled on the ground and was a little stunned. The words “paternal grandfather” were stuck in her throat. Saying it would not be right, but not saying it would also not be right.

Thinking a little more, she should have prepared herself for this outcome when she had seen Yao shi’s face. Unfortunately, Yao shi was the mother of the body’s original owner, thus the one in front of her was the maternal grandfather of the body’s original owner.

A trace of disappointment appeared on her face, and she held the needle in the hand a little tighter. Standing up from the ground, she calmly called the person in front of her: “Maternal grandfather.”

But there was still a trace of joy in her eyes because the memories related to this maternal grandfather, Yao Xian, were too vivid. Practically all of the body’s original owner’s best memories were related to Yao Xian. Also, Yao Xian had the title of divine doctor. Even after she had come to this era, she did not hear it just once or twice. But there was still a small knot in the original owner’s heart that stemmed from when she was sent to the Northwest with her mother. The Yao family had treated her so well, so why did they not save her? Why did they not take her away? Even if they had to live in Huang Zhou together, she would be happy.

In regards to this point, Feng Yu Heng did not have any complaints. After all, Yao shi had been demoted for a crime. When he was in a tough position to even protect himself, what power did he have to find them? Even if they were found and taken away, as a family of convicted officials, if anything had happened, would the three of them not have been implicated? Although the original owner did not have a happy ending, this was not something that could be placed on Yao Xian.

Xuan Tian Ming stood up and moved to Feng Yu Heng’s side. He stared at the divine doctor that he had not seen for many years and felt that this person looked much healthier than when he had left the capital. The years did not leave too many marks on his face. Aside from his hair turning whiter, Yao Xian was the same as he was back then. In fact, he looked to be in even better spirits than back then.

“Your Highness.” Yao Xian cupped his hands and greeted him, “Long time no see.”

Xuan Tian Ming nodded, “Mister has come just in time. The heavy rain has just ended, and an epidemic has started. Heng Heng was just saying that she could not handle it on her own. Mister is a divine doctor. With you here, this prince is at ease.”

Yao Xian was not too courteous and just nodded. Glancing once more at Feng Yu Heng, it seemed as though he wanted to say something; however, he turned his gaze to the collapsed Song Kang.

“With the dissipation of the cold and the appearance of heat, it will very quickly become just hot with not cold, and his head and body will ache.” While saying this, he squatted down and held a handkerchief in his hand to open Song Kang’s mouth, “The coating of his tongue is white like powder, when the tongue should naturally be red.” He then went to check his pulse, “The pulse is inconsistent and rapid. They’re the preliminary signs of an epidemic.”

Feng Yu Heng nodded and pushed Xiang Rong: “Quickly, help me bring everyone out. Then order the soldiers to stand guard. Nobody is allowed in or out.”

Xiang Rong understood that the situation was critical and quickly went to do this.

Feng Yu Heng then looked at Xuan Tian Ming. Before she could speak, he took the initiative to say: “I will help you.”

Yao Xian, however, interjected, saying: “Your Highness, it would be best if you left. First, you would not be able to do much to help. Second, it’s unknown just how many people outside have become infected. Your Highness must reassure the outside.”

Xuan Tian Ming understood his reasoning, thus he did not act stubbornly. He just carried Song Kang over to the bed then said to Feng Yu Heng: “You must be careful.”

Feng Yu Heng pondered a little then reached into her sleeve, pulling out some surgical face masks, “There’s no time to prepare too many. Keep one for yourself and hand the others to those around you.” While saying this, she put one on for Xuan Tian Ming, “Just wear it like this.”

Xuan Tian Ming nodded and received the masks then left the shelter.

When Feng Yu Heng turned around, she saw Yao Xian staring at her hand. She gently sighed and said: “Maternal grandfather.”

Yao Xian did not say anything; however, he turned his gaze to the needle in her left hand. After looking for a while, he turned his head to the medicine that Feng Yu Heng had brought out of her space ahead of time. When he looked at the box of Western medicine, a light could be seen in his eyes.

After a while, he said: “There are many kinds of epidemics, and the bacteria that caused it might be a new one. Even with modern medicine, it’s possible that it will not be effective. That’s why we must retrieve the bacteria from a patient’s body to research the most effective method of treatment.”

These words caused Feng Yu Heng’s mind to explode with a “boom” sound. For a long time, she was unable to recover.

She just looked blankly at the body’s original owner’s maternal grandfather while replaying the words that he had just said over and over. She was hit by wave after wave of shock, and the hand that held the needle began to tremble.

Yao Xian shook his head and smiled bitterly, “You even have Western medicine, what exactly did you bring over?”

There was no warning, there was no prelude nor rehearsal, as Feng Yu Heng began to cry! Her cries were like that of a child. With tears and snot, she did not worry at all about her appearance. Throwing away the needle in her hand, she dove into Yao Xian’s embrace and wrapped her arms around his neck in a hug, shouting: “Paternal grandfather!”

Yao Xian took a couple steps back from being hugged. When he finally regained his balance, he picked up his granddaughter, and tears began to stream down his old face. The hand on her back also began to tremble.

She had called him paternal grandfather rather than maternal grandfather. It was only at this moment that Feng Yu Heng knew that this person was not the body’s original owner’s maternal grandfather. Rather, it was her own grandfather, Feng Yin. The paternal grandfather that had passed away a few years before she had. The paternal grandfather that had taken her to play at the military base when she was twelve-years-old. She never thought that she would actually be able to meet with this person, whom she believed she would never meet again, in Da Shun country.

Unfortunately, they did not have more time to catch up. Yao Xian endured the urge to ask her how she had passed away in her previous life. He just patted her back and said: “Saving people is most important. We can talk about things later on.”

Feng Yu Heng was not a very spoiled person, as she nodded and let go. Yao Xian raised a sleeve and wiped away her tears. He then held her cheeks and rubbed them three times. She immediately recalled a time from when she was younger, and her paternal grandfather had done this. Every time, they would be rubbed three times, and he would do this a few times every day.

The tears that she had managed to hold back with great difficulty surged forth once more. She did her best to control them, by changing the topic: “I will take some blood samples. Grandfather is an expert on bacteria. I will leave the development of the vaccine to grandfather.”

Yao Xian nodded, “Very well.”

He then received a face mask and gloves from Feng Yu Heng and helped her successfully draw three tubes of blood.

Feng Yu Heng held the three tubes of blood and pondered a little, frankly saying: “Grandfather, I will bring you somewhere.” Just as she said this, she grabbed Yao Xian’s hand and moved to touch her wrist. Yao Xian just felt his vision blur, and the setting changed instantly. In the blink of an eye, he was actually standing in a modern pharmacy.

He was too familiar with Feng Yu Heng’s pharmacy. This pharmacy was something that he had helped his granddaughter open in his previous life, and a number of the special medicines that were taken from the military were taken with his help. When he transmigrated to his second life, he thought that he would never be able to see these modern things again; however, he never thought that his granddaughter would have control over this space.

Yao Xian was shocked, but he knew that this was not the time to ask questions. Before waiting for Feng Yu Heng to lead the way, he walked in the direction of the secret operating room on the second floor.

Feng Yu Heng watched Yao Xian find the hidden room with ease. Pushing the wall and entering the room, she felt her heart warm once again. Her paternal grandfather had come. Like this, she would no longer feel lonely in this world.

Recovering her thoughts, she immediately followed behind him. The grandparent and grandchild worked together in the operating room, using modern tools and equipment, and began to carefully study the extracted blood samples.

This process was not very long. The disease had not mutated, and Yao Xian very quickly found the important features. While he listened to Feng Yu Heng speak on and off about her death and transmigration, he used twelve hours to develop a vaccine for the disease.

In this time, Feng Yu heng had gone out once, telling Xuan Tian Ming that she and her maternal grandfather were researching a vaccine for the disease in her space. Absolutely nobody was to enter the shelter.

Xuan Tian Ming personally stood guard outside; however, he continued to hear report after report about refugees getting sick.

He told the soldiers to bring all of the refugees out of the shelters to breathe as much clean air as possible. He then gathered all of the infected refugees in a single shelter, and this shelter was guarded by a special group. Nobody was permitted to enter or exit.

After twelve hours, there were more than 300 refugees infected with the disease, and there were 18 soldiers that had also become infected.

At this time, Feng Yu Heng and Yao Xian had come out of the space. Yao Xian said to her: “Although the vaccine has already been developed, without any testing, there is no way to guarantee it will succeed. Right now, we don’t have the conditions to test it on animals. The only option is to test it on people.”

Feng Yu Heng furrowed her brow tightly. She understood this reasoning, but using people to test the vaccine carried risks. If the vaccine failed, their lives would be at risk.

Inside the large medical clinic, all that remained was the fainted ghost doctor Song Kang.

Feng Yu Heng pointed at Song Kang and said: “This person is a medical fanatic. In order to learn medicine, he was willing to pay any cost. Because of this, he harmed a large number of innocent people. Having given consideration to his exceptionally high aptitude for medicine, I gave him a chance to make up for his sins. During this flood, if it was not for him, I fear that I would not have been able to endure.” Feng Yu Heng spoke while sighing, “Unfortunately, the first to become infected was also him.”

Yao Xian nodded and said to her: “This is very normal. Exhaustion will cause a weakening of the immune system. He also had frequent contact with the refugees. The probability that he would become infected was infinitely high.”

Feng Yu Heng continued: “It would be unfair to choose any person to take part in this test.”

Just as she said this, the partially fainted Song Kang suddenly moved. He seemed to have regained some consciousness, as he repeatedly said: “County princess, county princess.”

Feng Yu Heng quickly went to his side. Before she could ask, Song Kang said: “Use me to test it. Use me to test it.”

Yao Xian spoke in a low tone: “There is a 50 percent chance that you will die. Do you still wish to?”

Song Kang nodded, “I do. In this life, I have killed countless people. Although I have also saved countless people, it is still not enough to make up for those that I have killed. I am wanting to test the medicine, but I still have a desire that has not yet been fulfilled. If this desire is fulfilled, even if I died, I would have fulfilled my life’s goal.”

Yao Xian did not know what he desired and was about to ask; however, he heard Feng Yu Heng say: “Ghost doctor Song Kang, from this moment forward, you will be my, Feng Yu Heng’s, disciple!”

TN: Paternal grandfather in Chinese is 爷爷, while maternal grandfather is 外公.

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