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Too Ashamed to See People

Xuan Tian Qi had known Feng Yu Heng for more than just a day or two. He knew that this doctor’s medical ability had not been around for just a day or two.

But today, when he was called to the county princess’ medicine storage room, and Feng Yu Heng sat across from him explaining “male sterility” in a serious manner, Xuan Tian Qi, who was an old man in his 40s, began to blush.

Finally, Feng Yu Heng concluded with “In summary, the organ is malformed, and the sperm has a lower survival rate. This is the main reason for your sterility.” This concluded the discussion.

Xuan Tian Qi kept his head lowered the entire time, and he was too embarrassed to raise his head. This was truly too awkward. Across from him was a young girl and his future sister-in-law, yet she was actually telling him about this sort of thing. If the old ninth knew about this, would his Jing Palace be burned down?

Feng Yu Heng naturally understood his embarrassment, and she also knew that this sort topic was truly too explicit for the people of the ancient era, but she still told Xuan Tian Qi: “I am a doctor, and you are my patient. It’s just like when an imperial physician takes care of a female. It’s the same concept. In the eyes of a doctor, there is no difference between whether a patient is male or female.”

Xuan Tian Qi nodded, “I know.” But even if he knew, he still felt embarrassed. At the same time, his heart was thinking. Just hearing the symptoms of his illness caused him to feel at a loss. How could this illness be taken care of? How would it be treated? Could this illness be resolved by just taking medicine? Based on his younger sister-in-law’s energetic actions, it should not be medicine…

“Eldest brother.” Feng Yu Heng spoke up once more, immediately asking something that caused Xuan Tian Qi to collapse even more, “Have you slept with your wife or concubine in the past five days?”

Xuan Tian Qi felt, for a moment, that this girl was teasing him, but was this any way to tease a person? After thinking for a long time, he finally shook his head with difficulty, “No.”

“Very good.” Feng Yu Heng appeared very happy. She then stood up and walked over to the cabinet. When she returned, she held an odd thing in her hand.

Xuan Tian Qi had a bad feeling surface in his heart, and he subconsciously wanted to run; however, he was stopped by Feng Yu Heng, “Eldest brother, in order to verify the survival rate of sperm, it must first be collected manually.”

“… Can we not do this treatment?” He endured for a long time and finally managed to squeeze this out, “I would rather spend my life without having any children. I’m begging you.”

“That’s no good.” Feng Yu Heng was very resolute, “Not to mention that this was a bargaining chip in our deal, I would be unable to provide an explanation to imperial concubine Xian Fei. Eldest brother should know the way things are done in the imperial palace. If you don’t want to cause Heng too much trouble, it would be best to treat this illness.”

Xuan Tian Qi gave her a guarantee: “I guarantee you that no trouble will come from imperial concubine mother’s side.”

She still shook her head, “No good. There are three ways of being unfilial, and not having a child is the worst. Father Emperor is still waiting to hold a grandchild.”

Xuan Tian Qi admitted his defeat. That’s right, not having a child was the worst. Even in his dreams, he hoped to have his own child. Right now, an opportunity had presented itself. Either way, he had already lost all face. Just a little more would not matter.

Thus he simply received it and asked Feng Yu Heng how to use it. Feng Yu Heng then exited the medicine storage room. Roughly one stick of incense in time later, a voice came from inside the room: “Come in.”

She entered once more but found that Xuan Tian Qi had found a cloth from somewhere and used it to cover his own face, leaving only his eyes exposed, which created a very funny scene.

He held the fluid that he had extracted and wanted to hand it to Feng Yu Heng, but he was also too embarrassed to do it. Like this, he remained frozen, not know what to do.

Feng Yu Heng was very accustomed to this procedure, saying to Xuan Tian Qi: “Place it on the table for now. Go outside and wait. The results will be out in two hours.”

Xuan Tian Qi practically escaped from the medicine storage room. In this life, he had never done something so shameful. He actually had to use his hand… fuck, he actually had to use his hand! He truly could not endure it!

The servant waiting outside saw his appearance and felt a little odd. But seeing that he was not in a good mood, he did not dare ask. He just patiently stood there and accompanied him.

Two hours later, Feng Yu Heng invited him back into the medicine storage room. Only then did she tell him: “The survival rate is extremely low. Eldest brother, this will require further examination and treatment.”

Although Xuan Tian Qi could not quite understand, he knew that there was indeed a severe problem with his body, thus he anxiously asked: “Can it be treated?”

“The success rate is 50-50.” Feng Yu Heng gave him two choices: “Following this, from examination to treatment to rehabilitation, you will not be able to move or get out of bed for five days. Doing this at my county princess’ manor is not too suitable, and me going to the Jing Palace is also not good. There are two places that you can choose from. One is Hundred Herb Hall, and the other is the Yu Palace.”

Hearing her words, he knew that she had been thoughtful, thus he let out a sigh of relief. First, him having this sort of illness definitely must not be spread. Second, he must not leave the people with something that they could use to ridicule him. Thus he thought a bit and said: “We’ll go to the Yu Palace! That place is the best choice.”

Feng Yu Heng was very satisfied with his decision, thus she did not delay any longer. She immediately had someone prepare the imperial carriage. Bringing along Wang Chuan and Huang Quan, they hurried over to the Yu Palace.

At this time, the person that the Yu Palace had sent to deliver chicken meat to the suburbs of the city had not yet returned. Xuan Tian Ming stood in the front yard talking to Bai Ze: “Either way, we have nothing better to do. It would be better to send some chicken meat to the Feng manor. Consider it aiding the poor.”

Just as he was saying this, he saw a girl hurriedly walking into the palace while holding up the hem of her dress. This was originally a beautiful long dress, but she seemed to dislike it a bit. While walking, she said: “In the future, don’t give me such a long dress to wear!”

Xuan Tian Ming could not stop the corners of his lips from curling up. This sort of heroic woman, aside from his Heng Heng, where would there be a second in this world.

He happily went forward to welcome her. But after just a few steps, he saw that aside from Wang Chuan and Huang Quan, there was a man behind her. That man wore exquisite clothes, and the fabric immediately made it clear that this was not something that a normal person could afford to wear. From the sole of the shoes to the top, it was sewn entirely with gold thread. This allowed him to determine that this was definitely one of his imperial brothers.

But why did this imperial brother cover his face?

He stopped his own wife and pointed at the person with their face covered, asking: “Beloved consort, did you invite someone to come and perform a play for this prince?”

Xuan Tian Qi heard this and felt his head swell. Helpless, he could only speak up for himself, saying: “Ninth brother, it’s me.”

Xuan Tian Ming pretended to be surprised: “The voice sounds like eldest brother. What are you doing, acting like you cannot be exposed to anyone?”

“Old ninth, can you not speak properly for once?” Xuan Tian Qi was so angry that his teeth itched. This ninth brother of his had always been willful, and he had always been deliberately ambiguous in the things he did and said. It had to be said that if he lost a bit normally, it would be fine, but this matter today caused the shadows in his heart to expand infinitely. How could he endure even the slightest taunt.

Feng Yu Heng saw that the eyes of the eldest prince behind her had turned red and knew that she had to leave him a bit of face, thus she quickly tugged at Xuan Tian Ming’s sleeve: “Just stop talking. Let’s go, we’re going to the inner courtyard.”

The group quickly went to the Yu Palace’s inner courtyard. When Xuan Tian Ming finally understood the reason for Feng Yu Heng’s arrival, he very seriously asked: “How exactly will this illness be treated?”

Xuan Tian Qi blushed all the way to his ears. If it was not for him refusing to take off his mask, he most likely would have wanted to crawl into a crack and hide underground.

Feng Yu Heng rolled her eyes at Xuan Tian Ming, “I am a doctor. Is there any need for me to provide you with an explanation in this treatment?” She then whispered into Xuan Tian Ming’s ear: “I need to provide eldest brother with an anesthetic first. After he has fallen unconscious, I will use the space in my sleeve to treat his illness. That’s why I need you to stay outside to keep watch for him. Not a single person is allowed inside.”

Xuan Tian Ming was most concerned about the so-called space inside Feng Yu Heng’s sleeve. He knew that there was a big secret behind Feng Yu Heng’s wrist. That was why every time that she mentioned it, he had to be obedient and listen.

Thus, following this, Feng Yu Heng spent five hours in her pharmacy performing a series of operations on his male parts. After the operation, she kept him in the space for the night to keep an eye on him. The next morning, she brought him out of her space and finally allowed people in to take care of him.

When Xuan Tian Qi woke up, he felt as though he had slept a very deep sleep. This sleep was very enjoyable, and he did not have any dreams. But after opening his eyes, he regained his senses then felt a pain exuding from a certain part of his body. His heart was filled with shock, and he wanted to get up to take a look, but, suddenly, the person at the side of his bed said: “You must not move! You must not move at all!”

Xuan Tian Qi was given a fright and turned to take a look. Only then did he find that there was a man wearing black standing at the side of his bed. This man was thin, and there were bags under his eyes. He was staring straight at him.

He frowned: “Who are you?”

That person replied: “Song Kang.”

“Song… ghost doctor Song Kang?” Xuan Tian Qi felt that his own mind was not working too well. Was it not Feng Yu Heng that was treating him? Why had it suddenly become ghost doctor Song Kang? Also, was it not said that ghost doctor Song Kang was brought into the capital by Duan Mu Qing to treat the third? Why did he suddenly appear at the Yu Palace? “Why are you here?” He was filled with confusion and had to ask.

Song Kang, however, replied very easily: “County princess treated that area for you. Could it be that you want for her to provide medicine for that area every day too?”

Xuan Tian Qi’s face immediately turned red. Glaring fiercely at Song Kang, he gritted his teeth and said: “Get out!”

Song Kang snorted coldly, “If I leave, there will be nobody left to provide you with medicine. County princess said that normal doctors do not have the technique to do it. Although you are a prince, I must remind you that no matter who you offend, you must not offend a doctor, especially not the one that you are hoping will take care of your treatment.” After saying this, he stood up and picked up a platter from the table, saying: “Take off your pants.”

Xuan Tian Qi felt that he had suffered a great humiliation and wanted to vent a bit more, but Song Kang’s following words successfully stopped him from speaking: “If my lord does not want for me to help, I will go call county princess. But it seems that the other prince outside seems to be in a bit of a bad mood. If he knew that you insisted on his wife taking care of the medicine for that place every day, he would get angry.”

“Shut your mouth! Who told you to go get county princess!” Xuan Tian Qi absolutely did not dare imagine having Feng Yu Heng take care of his medicine while he was awake. He was even more afraid to imagine the dark expression that his ninth brother would have, thus he just looked away and said to Song Kang: “I’ll leave it to you!”

At this time, Feng Yu Heng was seated in the yard outside eating grapes. Her legs were swinging, and she would occasionally kick Xuan Tian Ming, who was sitting to the side.

After being kicked numerous times, Xuan Tian Ming simply grabbed one of the feet that kicked him then looked up at her. Acting very sorrowful, he said: “Dear wife, could it be that you did not hear about your husband also being injured in that place and also being unable to have children?”

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