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Chapter 43.1

Going Back Home (Part 1)

Murong Shu Qing was taking Huo Zhi Qing to go out of Qing Feng Lou, and she just saw Huo Zi Qi and Yan Hao Yu who were waiting on the side. The two people’s hard looks made Huo Zhi Qing feel scared so she was hiding behind Murong Shu Qing. She was drooping her head, and did not dare to move one step forward. Murong Shu Qing was laughing when she saw Huo Zhi Qing who was behind her and looking like a cat that was hiding from a rat, where was that heroic spirit that was shouting out 10,000 taels.

Pulling Huo Zhi Qing’s hand to arrive in front of Huo Zi Qi, Murong Shu Qing smilingly said: “Huo Gongzi, how coincidental!”

It was very coincidental, very coincidental, Huo Zi Qi who was so angry, did not even bother with Murong Shu Qing’s artificial polite greeting, he coldly said: “Come over!”

His voice was not loud, but it made Huo Zhi Qing feel afraid from all over her body but it was impossible for her not to go back, she did not have any alternative but to slightly tremble when she moved to the front of Huo Zi Qi. Once she was in front of him, Huo Zi Qi just took her into his bosom and got on to the horse. Huo Zi Qi did not leave any words behind, and just urged his horse to disappear with the dust and left.

With regards to Huo Zi Qi’s disregard, Murong Shu Qing raised her eyebrows and lightly smiled, it seemed that she had successfully made an enemy out of the Huo’s family from today onward. But Huo Zhi Qing, if this evil initiator could fully understand the consequences of her own impulse behavior. Turning around to get on to the chariot, Murong Shu Qing freely left Qing Feng Lou.

Returning to the Qi’s manor, it was already very late at night, with Yan Yu’s escort, Murong Shu Qing successfully slipped back into Die Cui Xiao Su. But the heavens did not appear to let her have it easy like that, just when she barely walked into the small gate, she already saw an angry face from Qi Rui who was waiting for her inside the courtyard.

Murong Shu Qing stroke her forehead in grief and sighed, she should not leave home today, forcing a smile, she looked at the man’s clothing that was on her body. She could say that she was only sleep-walking, and just walking all around the Qi’s manor! The answer was no.

Helplessly, Murong Shu Qing did not have any alternative but to slowly walk into the courtyard, and walked towards Qi Rui.

Hearing some footsteps, Qi Rui raised his head to look at the person who just came, when he was looking at Murong Shu Qing whom he was waiting for the whole evening, and the shock, he was earth-shatteringly angry, especially when he saw her comfortable face that was completely without repentance. Qi Rui angrily said: “Qing-er, it is so late, where did you go wearing this kind of clothing?”

Could she just say that she was wearing this kind of clothing just to visit a brothel? Knowing that Qi Rui would not let her go, Murong Shu Qing faintly answered: “Randomly having a stroll.”

Randomly having a stroll? Her answer completely made him infuriated because he was worrying her for the whole night. Qi Rui tightened up his fists, and lowly roared: “Very late at night, a girl was randomly strolling around, and even wearing this kind of clothing, this is simply outrageous!”

Facing his anger, Murong Shu Qing knew that any explanation that she would give, was also useless. Bowing her head to look one glance at her own clothing, she answered: “Because I know that I must not randomly stroll around, that I am wearing this kind of clothing ah!”

“You…..” Qi Rui was even angrier when he heard Murong Shu Qing’s answer, he took a deep breath, and with a rather heavy tone, he criticized: “These past few years, because everyone is indulging you, pampering

you, it makes you to become like this now. In the past, you were only willful and naughty, but now, you unexpectedly have changed to more severe, completely lack of virtuous. What you are doing now, really make me disappointed.”

Facing Qi Rui’s bitter and hateful critics, Murong Shu Qing did not reply, she only slowly walked to approach the chaste tree shrubs that were submerged by the night scene, but the air was still filled by the fragrance. She could feel Qi Rui’s disappointment and regret, indignant and weakness, but, Murong Shu Qing also wanted to speak for that young girl who was always doted on so she became rude and unreasonable.

Maybe she should not take into consideration the other person’s feeling, or selfish willfulness but who made her change to become like this? Since losing her mother in her childhood, her only elder brother was also absent for a period of time during the most important time of her growing up. Her father lost himself to wine and women, so people gave her plenty of material needs, gave her what she wanted, but nobody was really care about what she really wanted. Or whether the life that she shared with other people, was happy or sad, nobody taught her what was the proper way to look at one’s life and value system. In fact, Miss Murong was only a person who wanted to use her willfulness to prove that she could receive her own self importance, she was a young lady who longed for love, nothing more.

Turning her back to Qi Rui, Murong Shu Qing removed one chase tree shrub, and lightly turned her hand around, for a good while, she faintly started talking: “Murong Shu Qing became pampered, bullying, rude, arrogant, and ignorant, was because you all thought that you could indulge her love, you all used your own guilt towards Qi Yue to compensate for her. You all had never taught her what was the proper etiquette and rules, you all seemed to dote on her these past many years when you actually ignored and refused to pay attention to her. When she completely lacked controls or manners and created chaos, you just feel disappointed now, is your resentment rather late?”

Her ordinary tone, clear and cold, languid and meaningless intonation, appeared to criticize, but it also appeared to state the truth. It seemed that she did not speak for her own self, but rather for another person. Qi Rui looked at this Murong Shu Qing, he was not aware that he was so startled that he staggered to retreat for a couple of steps. He wanted to touch her, but he could only and powerlessly put his hand down, and mumblingly called out: “Qing-er, you…..!” He just discovered that he could not say the words that were on his mind, he could only remain silent.

Raising his head to look at the back of the light blue silhouette that was always facing him, Qi Rui asked himself, was it too late! Did he miss Qing-er’s growing up? Recalling the past, there were indeed countless of presents, but they were not equal to the happiness when he promised to accompany her to eat. As it turned out, he really missed Qing-er’s growing up.

Knowing that her words would bring some pain to Qi Rui, after all, this was his only younger sister whom he had been doting sincerely for many years. Murong Shu Qing let go off the chaste tree shrub that was on her hand, and made it follow the cool breeze and finally fall into dust. Turning her body around, she carried a warm and shallow smile, and came to Qi Rui’s side, then said in a quiet voice: “Elder brother, I have my own propriety, you do not need to be disappointed and furious either, I know what I am doing. The time is late, you should also rest early!”

Finished speaking, she did not wait for Qi Rui’s words, Murong Shu Qing just went pass him, and entered into the wooden room.

For a long time, after watching attentively at that person who was already on the other side of the door, Qi Rui was really frustrated, Qing-er….., did he still have time to make it up? This kind of Qing-er, did she still need him to take care of or accompany her?

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