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Chapter 28

Treating For A Drink (Part 2)

“Let me hear what you want to say?” Murong Shu Qing was also interested, did they have anything that they could cooperate between them?

An Qin Xuan lied down on the bamboo bridge, he did not pay any attentions on that top-notch white garment that was on his body. He used both of his hands as a pillow, and looked up at the horizon that was already dark. Not saying anything for a good while, he finally said with a low voice: “The current political situation in Yan Rui is intense, I suspect that those recent Jiang Hu people’s appearances and intentions are not that simple. Even though they have not made any movements now, however, with the unstable situation that is progressing every day, they are sure to make their movements soon.”

She already understood about this thoroughly, and it was also the things that she was worried the most, Murong Shu Qing thought deeply for a short period of time, then she softly sighed: “In that case, what are you planning to do?”

“Beat the grass to scare the snake!” (Punish somebody as a warning to others).

Those seven words seemed to have substance (powerful and resonating), An Qin Xuan said it gently and firmly, but Murong Shu Qing raised her eyebrows when she heard it: “You should know that there is a possibility that we will be thrown into the power struggles in Yan Rui if we do it this way.”

“The other people are already watching us attentively, it can not be helped that we have to meet the enemies head-on.” The moon kept dragging the reflection of the large and long figure. An Qin Xuan poured down a mouthful of wine, then he said interestingly: “The most important thing is to try to get the biggest benefits from it.”

This one sentence really gave a way of one’s profession, Murong Shu Qing shook her head and smilingly said: “You are indeed that self-seeking merchant who always looks for profits.”

“You flatter me!”

Stretching lazily, Murong Shu Qing took out her legs that were already puffy for the whole evening, she was not concern that her legs were still wet either, and just sat down with cross-legged next to An Qin Xuan. Then she drank the Zhu Ye Qing wine, while she asked: “What do you plan to cooperate with me?”

“I know that you have your own news network, I want to know every news that you have on your hands, when it is necessary, I also need some money for the support. Of course, the benefits will be divided 50-50 with you.”
“The An’s family is short on money?” Murong Shu Qing faintly smiled and looked at An Qin Xuan up and down.

An Qin Xuan was not to be outdone either, with the corner of his mouth showed a mischievous and coquettish appearance, he answered: “Speaking about money, your Murong’s family does not yield to anybody.” (Meaning Murong’s family has more money than An’s family).

Should she cooperate or not? Murong Shu Qing thought that it was somewhat difficult to choose, since Hong Ming (Yan Rui’s 7th Prince) had already found out about them. If he did not achieve his goal, he would not give up at this point. She was not concerned if she lost several granary stores, she was just afraid that he would harm the people in the Murong family’s to coerce her. Even though she had already reinforced their protections, she was afraid that they would still have some numerous leaks in the protection. If they entered this power struggles, it was absolutely not a blessing for the Murong’s family! Making the An’s family to step in front of the power struggles was actually more appropriate.

Forget it, Murong Shu Qing softly sighed, then she faintly said: “I am not interested in any political matters, but there is a time that I have no alternative but to participate in it. Your guess is not wrong, Yan Rui’s seventh Prince, Hong Ming, has some relations with the Jiang Hu’s people. When these people appear, it should have some relationships with him. I can cooperate with you, but I will only provide some informations for you. I will not send any money to Hong Ming, if your discussion with him succeeds, I want one third of the benefits that you get.

An Qin Xuan laughed, she did not want to provide any money but still wanted one third of the benefits, speaking about the quality of the merchant, she also exhibited it brilliantly. But he was even more curious with her assessment about Hong Ming: “You do not seem to look highly on Hong Ming?”

“No, it is most likely that he will be the next Emperor.” Even though Hong Ming was only a son of the Imperial concubine, and he did not have any supports in the Imperial court and the palace, but he could grow up safely and soundly. At the age of 16 years old, he was widely praised by the common people for his virtuous name even more. He had maintained a boundless crane, his figure stood aloof from worldly affairs, and the Imperial court was well aware of this transformation. Even though he was still young, but he knew well enough to conceal his strengths, how could the Imperial court trifle with the justification of the popular sentiments in the whole world?!

“Then, why are you not willing to send money to him?”

“He is a dangerous person, I do not trust him.” She could not forget that pair of eyes that looked gentle, when they actually showed his hidden greediness and they made her frightened. Having some dealings with this kind of person, it was extremely possible that he would bite her back.

“Oh?! That seems to have a challenging quality. I like it!” Dangerous person? Should they fight with this kind of person, this was interesting. Sitting up, An Qin Xuan faced Murong Shu Qing, and shook the wine jug, he raised his eyebrows and smilingly said: “The discussion about our cooperations can be considered as a deal?!”

Murong Shu Qing also did the same, she gently shook the wine jug, smilingly said: “You have finished drinking your wine.” But, she still used the empty jug to touch An Qin Xuan’s jug, this could be regarded as their agreement for the cooperations.

An Qin Xuan smilingly said: “Unexpectedly, there will be another bon voyage’s drink in the future.”

“If you do not climb over the wall next time.”

An Qin Xuan was startled at first, then he laughed loudly, several ups and downs, he had disappeared from Murong Shu Qing’s presence. But his silhouette exited the same way, a couple of dark shadows were tailing behind him after that, that was how he departed from the Murong’s family.

Murong Shu Qing slowly stood up also, and stretched her body, passing over the two empty wine jugs, she walked over to the inside of the bamboo house.

When Murong Shu Qing opened her eyes, the sunshine was already extremely brilliant, it should already be noon. Kneading her somewhat dizzy head, she forced a smile, it seemed that she drank too much last night. Waiting until the dizziness was gone, Murong Shu Qing slowly sat up.

Lu Yi who was originally watching outside, came into the bedroom with a basin when she heard a noise, she was twisting the handkerchief, while saying: “Miss, Young Master Xing Hun has been waiting in the reception hall since dawn, he looks very nervous.”

Taking the handkerchief to wipe her face, and rinsed her mouth after, she said to Lu Yi: “Let him come in!”

Not too long ago, Murong Xing Hun entered the bedroom, his face really looked anxious, when he looked at Murong Shu Qing who was drinking the tea, he walked over hurriedly and asked: “Elder sister, are you going to the Capital today?”

“En, we are leaving in the afternoon.” Half a month later was Murong Shu Qing’s Maternal grandfather, Qi Zhong Lin’s 70th birthday, she had not gone to the Qi’s family for three years, she was afraid that she could not escape anymore. Entering the Capital this time, she could also take a look at how the stores at the Capital were doing.

Hearing what Murong Shu Qing was saying, Xing Hun seemed to be even more anxious, and he went up for one step, and said with unbelievable feeling: “I heard that Manager Feng said that I would be in charge in Zhen Bao (treasure) Zhai (vegetarian) and Ying Ke Lou’s businesses?” (Two of the restaurants that Murong family’s owns).

Looking at the layer of sweats that was on Xing Hun’s forehead, Murong Shu Qing lightly smiled and said: “That was my intention.”
Murong Xing Hun looked distracted, promptly waved his hand and said: “But, but I can not do it.”

Putting down the tea that was on her hand, Murong Shu Qing’s eyes looked straight at him, she seriously asked: “Why can’t you do it?”

Facing that kind of gaze, Murong Xing Hun lowered his head, for a long time, he just said in a low voice: “I, I have never done it before, I can not make a decision.”

Murong Shu Qing did not ask him to raise his head, she only faintly said: “You have studied for almost three years, you have gone to learn at Zhen Bao Zhai, Ying Ke Lou and Zhan (exhibit) Gui (wardrobe) Tao (demand/discuss), why can’t you make any decisions? If you do not actually do it, you will not be able to do it forever?”

“But, I am afraid that I will not do good!” He knew what his elder sister’s intentions, and also understood that elder sister wanted to nurture him so she could take charge on his ability, but, he was afraid that he would make her disappointed.

Patting his shoulder that was almost as high as her shoulder, she pulled Murong Xing Hun to go outside the room, and sat down on the side of the round table. Murong Shu Qing said softly but firmly: “Being brave does not mean that one has no fears in one’s heart, but it is rather, even if one has some fears, but one still has to advance bravely. Being afraid is very normal, but this cannot become the reason for you not to go forward.”

Murong Xing Hun lifted his head, and look at Murong Shu Qing’s gentle but strong eyes, he still said undecidedly: “If I ~~ what if I bring Zhen Bao Zhai and Ying Ke Lou down?”

Looking at the appearance of his nervous face, Murong Shu Qing smiled, he was really a foolish youngster. Patting his nervous face that quickly looked like it was cramping, she said with a hardly care attitude: “So what if you bring them down. It is nothing serious. The important thing is that you have to know where you make the mistakes, then you will not make the same mistakes again in the future. In people’s lives, nothing will go smoothly, you will encounter many setbacks and failures, losing is not the most awful thing to experience, but you have to get your ability again. Do you understand?”

Got the ability again?! Thinking deeply for a good while, Murong Xing Hun nodded with a determined face and said: “En. Then alright, I accept it!”

In order not to make him feel too nervous, Murong Shu Qing pulled his hand, faintly smiled and said: “Do not be nervous, this is a very good opportunity, take it easy, listen to Manager Feng and Zi Yuan’s suggestions more. I will enter the Capital for almost two months this time, and I will return in half a year. At that time, I will examine your achievements.”

“En.” This time, Murong Xing Hun did not hesitate at all, he nodded his head strongly, he would not let his elder sister to be disappointed.

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