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The majority of you have already guessed it right who this person is… Sighing…

This chapter was translated for only. And only for those people who don’t mind reading unprofessional translation that was being translated FREELY at the translator’s and editor’s own free times.

Chapter 130

Frightened (Part 2)

The candle lights were flickering gently, the person who appeared in front of her was impressively and handsomely laughing, but his expression was sharp and virtuous. It should be said that he was the current Emperor, Xuan Tian Cheng! But how could he be here now, at Fei Cheng (city), it would take hundreds of li to travel from the Capital (to here). Even if he used the fastest horse, he would need at least two days, could he secretly leave the Imperial palace for a long time?! 

Murong Shu Qing’s eyes were filled with shocks and amazements, and she repeatedly knitted her eyebrows, this really made Xuan Tian Cheng who was originally happy when she woke up, his (happy) mood dropped to the lowest level in an instant. Taking his hand back that was lightly stroking her cheek, Xuan Tian Cheng looked at Murong Shu Qing’s startled eyes, he lowly said: “You, really do not want to see me?!”

Really did not want to see him! Being rescued by Xuan Tian Cheng, could really be said that she just came out of a tiger’s cave and then entered into a wolf’s den! She really did not know how to answer this, so Murong Shu Qing gently sighed in her heart, and did not have any alternative but to remain silent. 

But from her expression, he already knew her answer, so Xuan Tian Cheng’s eyes were dark, his original clear and moist voice appeared to be cold and firm now, with his handsome and bright face that showed a faint mocking, he asked: “How should I address you?”

He did not seem like he wanted Murong Shu Qing to answer it, so Xuan Tian Cheng continued to say: “Miss Murong? Miss Qin? Or the General’s Madam!” Hearing his last few words, it could be said that he said it while he was gnashing his teeth. Since she played him like this, clearly knowing what his intention was with regard to her, and she still forced him to bestow her an Imperial decree to get married!

Murong Shu Qing who was anxious in her heart, was somewhat calm (after she heard his words), it looked that Xuan Tian Cheng already issued an Imperial decree, strictly speaking, her marriage to Xuanyuan Yi was already announced to the whole world! But since it was already like this, why would Xuan Tian Cheng still want to look and save her?! Murong Shu Qing slowly sat up, seamlessly looked one glance at Xuan Tian Cheng, but she was not careful so her eyes met his eyes that had never left her (eyes) all along. 

He was worthy to be a king, as he did not need to fly into a rage, only with this kind of deep gaze, he already made people at a loss on what to do and could only follow his willpower.

Murong Shu Qing did not move her line of sight, but she still could not see his thoughts, so Murong Shu Qing could only faintly answered: “Any appellation is fine.”

Xuan Tian Cheng suddenly used his hands to cup Murong Shu Qing’s face, and did not let her turn around even the slightest. When their eyes met one more time, Xuan Tian Cheng incomprehensibly asked: “Why?”

His hands were very warm, so warm that they seemed to be able to burn people, so Murong Shu Qing wanted to retreat, but Xuan Tian Cheng did not let her move at all. It seemed that if she did not give him any answer, he would not let go of his hands forever. Being bumped around (in the carriage) for several days, Murong Shu Qing could not rest properly, so Xuan Tian Cheng’s overbearingness made her feel a sudden weariness. So she straightforwardly and coldly said: “Do you think this is an interrogation for a mistake? I do not remember that the Emperor and I have anything that can make you question me.” 

Her indifferent attitude made Xuan Tian Cheng’s hand were trembling slightly, but very quickly, his heart seemed unable to be calmed anymore so he angrily said: “Do we not have anything? You think just because I announce the Imperial decree, then you can just escape from me!”

Was this an Imperial family’s imposing manner, a king’s prestige?! Murong Shu Qing was sneering in her heart, as long as he liked (the person), so he would not allow the other person to have any say on this, was it like that?! Murong Shu Qing used all of her strengths to push Xuan Tian Cheng’s hands away, and coldly said: “Between you and I, there is nothing that exists that I have to escape from you, you and I never have any wedding oath, and there is no mutual decision to marry either. We originally are two absolutely irrelevant people.”

“Two absolutely irrelevant people! What a good two absolutely irrelevant people! You and Xuanyuan Yi are exactly a harmonious couple, and have exchanged married vows, and I am the only one who is an irrelevant person!” Clearly Murong Shu Qing's ‘absolutely irrelevant people’ (sentence) completely infuriated Xuan Tian Cheng. He used his power to press down on Murong Shu Qing firmly, both of his hands were pressing on Murong Shu Qing’s hands, his face almost stuck to her. There was absolutely no gap in between their bodies. 

His sudden action made Murong Shu Qing feel frightened, was he actually a modest nobleman whom she knew before, the unyielding, impressive and virtuous person?! Or was this actually the real appearance of the country’s monarch?! 

Murong Shu Qing’s white complexion actually pleased Xuan Tian Cheng, he only slowly took his lips to Murong Shu Qing’s ear, gently smiled, he enticingly said: “Like this, is there or is there not any relation!”

Heavens, he would not think to…. 

Their bodies were sticking together, they seemed to be able to feel each other’s breathing, Xuan Tian Cheng was powerful and his rapid heartbeats were right on Murong Shu Qing’s heart. Secretly adjusting her breathing, Murong Shu Qing attempted to cool down, and said: “Your Majesty, do you intend to snatch an official’s wife?!” She was hoping that he still had a rationality, and remembered that he was the Emperor. Since the ancient times, it had not happen yet when a monarch was taking an official’s wife, but as a wise monarch, how could he allow himself to do something like this!!

She actually used a ruler and minister’s etiquette to pressure him! His slightly happy complexion, showed some gloominess because of Shu Qing’s words. But very quickly, Xuan Tian Cheng raised the corners of his mouth again, and his hands that were holding Murong Shu Qing, were tightened up gradually. Putting his lips to stick on Murong Shu Qing’s ear, Xuan Tian Cheng seemed to speak gently as if he was mumbling the most loving words that people wanted to hear: “What do you think about this, if you are already Zhen’s person, will Xuanyuan Yi still want you!” 

Xuan Tian Cheng’s pro active words could be heard in her ear, both of her hands that were held by him, were extremely painful. It seemed that he was determined to want to get her! Even though Murong Shu Qing did not seem to think that her body was incompatibly precious, but, she did not want to give her body to this person whom she did not love either. And under this situation, she wanted to try her best. 

Murong Shu Qing relaxed her struggling hands, deeply breathing, Murong Shu Qing ignored Xuan Tian Cheng who was kissing her ear. She calmly and firmly said: “If you really want to do this today, no matter if he wants me or not, I will never want you!”

Xuan Tian Cheng propped his body up, and angrily said: “You!!!” But what he saw, was a pair of tranquil and distant eyes. Suddenly, Xuan Tian Cheng laughed out loud, there was mocking, sighing and grieving within his laughter. How could he think that after he had her body, she would be his. If she was this kind of woman, would he still be crazy like this because of her?! 

For a long time, it seemed that he was tired of laughing, so Xuan Tian Cheng put his head to lean on Murong Shu Qing’s shoulder, he sighed and said: “How could I make you really hate me!”

This sighing sound made Murong Shu Qing’s heart feel slightly moved, she always felt that the Emperor was the most pitiful on this earth. They were required to abandon any brotherly affections, let go of any deep-rooted romance, and at the same time, there was no one who would dare to form any friendship with them. If they desired to be incapable rulers, then it would be fine, but if they were not incapable rulers, then they were destined to spend all their life tiredly for this country.

Murong Shu Qing did not push him away completely from his nestling (on her shoulder), she faintly and gently said: “I do not hate you, there are too many impossibilities between you and I, you want to take responsibility for the common people in this whole world, you want to take responsibility for the whole Imperial court and family, you want to control the thousands of miles of rivers and mountains, and you want to grasp the millions of military powers in your hands. But I… only need a clear spring water, a bamboo forest, a wooden house, a person to marry.” Even though she was so deeply moved and had sympathy towards a king, but she would not let herself to sink into these. 

Inside the room, because the two people remained silent, the room sank into quietness.

Xuan Tian Cheng slowly sat his body up, his eyes were full of sincerity and pledge, and his tone was gentler, so he softly said: “I can also give you a clear spring water, a bamboo forest, and a wooden house.” As long as she wanted them, he would strive his hardest to give them to her, but, this was the first time that he felt hopeless like this. It seemed that he could give her those, but those were not something that she wanted eternally.

But Murong Shu Qing raised her bright smile, softly shook her head, and smilingly said: “Inside the Imperial palace? You have everything in your palace, but it does not have the two things that I want. I want freedom and dignity.”

“Freedom and dignity?!!” She thought that there was no freedom inside the Imperial palace, and he could understand it. Sometimes, he also thought that the Imperial palace felt like a prison. But dignity, he could actually make her to be the most respected woman on this earth, how could she not have any dignity?!

Murong Shu Qing could see a question from his face, yes ah, a prince, the Emperor, perhaps, he would never understand what the real dignity was. Murong Shu Qing faintly said: “You think that dignity is a respectable status? That can make people to bow before powers? Taking one’s life at will to become powerful? Or, endless wealth? Perhaps, these are all of the things that you can give me, but dignity is not something that can be given by other people!” 

Murong Shu Qing slowly walked out of the bed, her sprain foot seemed to be better by a lot, carefully walking to the side of the bed, she exerted her strength to push the window open. Directly facing the wind, apart from the cold morning wind, there was a faint of sunshine that was breaking the cloud to bring the first ray of dawn in this world. Gently raising her hands, it seemed that she could hold the sun in her hands. The day was bright quickly….

Xuan Tian Cheng was looking at Murong Shu Qing’s full back for a long time, the sunshine seemed to raise at her fingertips. The early wind was crazily blowing her extremely black hair, it looked proud and casual. Xuan Tian Cheng got up, he took the cotton cloak and draped it on Murong Shu Qing’s shoulders. Turning around, he came out of the side wing, but when he was just about to close the door, Xuan Tian Cheng’s voice faintly came through: “I will not force you, but… do not think that you can return to Xuanyuan Yi’s side anymore.”  

Sian’s notes:

Aish!!! I never like an Emperor & I definitely don’t like this Xuan Tian Cheng!!! Get out of MSQ’s life, you low life Emperor. Hehehe… You have an Empress & so many concubines who are willing to do anything for you. Leave MSQ alone!!! Go away & run your country well!!! 😅😅

But I do have to say that being an Emperor is pitiful. I agree to what MSQ said about being an Emperor. That’s why he has to choose if he wants the world or if he wants the woman. He can’t have both the world and the woman. Hehehe… Just like XY has to choose to only have MSQ if he wants her. 😃😃

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