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Chapter 124

Fighting (Part 2)

Looking at her back, she could feel that Qing was helpless in her heart, so holding on to the bedside, Shang Jun slowly stood up with difficulty, and she walked to Shu Qing’s behind. Embracing her shoulders, she gently patted to comfort her, the people who were living on this earth would always feel helpless and sad like this, but these would not control the perseverance in their hearts. The two people looked at each other and smiled, but did not say anything.

Shu Qing looked that she was standing with difficulty, so she reached out to lightly support Shang Jun’s waist. But in Xiu Zhi’s eyes, who came in just now, these two people were actually embracing each other. 

Qin Xiu Zhi was somewhat looking at them blankly, he should anticipate this earlier that Shang Jun and Shu Qing’s relationships were not usual. Otherwise, how could Shang Jun agreed to help him return to Hai Yu once he saw that jade ornament, how could he face the dangers with his life to help Dong Yu break the battle arrays because of Shu Qing’s words, how come whenever he was facing Shu Qing, his smile was always gentle and soft. So as it turned out, even if he (QXZ) was willing not to pay any attention to the secular view for him (SJ), but he actually already exchanged his vows to a beautiful woman. 

Shu Qing looked towards Xiu Zhi who was standing motionless by the side of the screen, and she found out that his gaze was always staring at her who was supporting Shang Jun’s hand. Suddenly, she realized why his complexion appeared to look worst than Jun’s. Shu Qing did not know whether to laugh or cry so she looked one glance at Shang Jun, and only saw that she was still indifferent and shrugged her shoulders. Shu Qing innocently looked one glance at her, she supported her back to the bed to sit properly, while she called out: “Xiu Zhi.”

Qin Xiu Zhi recovered, and looking that Shang Jun was already sitting on the bed, Murong Shu Qing just smiled and looked at him. Qin Xiu Zhi raised a faint smile, and said: “Shu Qing, you are here too ah, I do not know it.” Putting down the tray that was on his hand, Qin Xiu Zhi looked one glance at Shang Jun, his complexion looked so much better, and it should be because of Shu Qing, right? Qin Xiu Zhi said to Shu Qing: “You sit here for a while, I will go and pick up the food again.” With a soft sigh in his heart, forget it, the two of them were really well-suited, perhaps, he could still become his forever friend.

“Xiu Zhi, there is no need, I also want to return to the tent, after going out for a while, Lu Yi should be anxious for me.” Looking at his dark and gloomy mood, she just knew that he surely misunderstood. But Jun was not willing to say anything, so she did not know how to explain it either, so she would simply walk out and made these two people stare at each other. Shu Qing turned her back to Xiu Zhi, and gave Shang Jun this ‘you can see yourselves’ expression, and smilingly said: “Jun, rest properly. I am leaving.” 

Shang Jun smilingly nodded her head and said: “En.” This person actually wanted to escape quickly!

When Shu Qing walked past the screen, she patted Xiu Zhi’s shoulder, and lowly said: “Do not give up!” Then she walked confidently and freely, but Qin Xiu Zhi foolishly looked at her back, and could not react for a while, what did she mean by that?!!

Going out of Shang Jun’s tent, Murong Shu Qing felt that her mood seemed to be better, forget it, she could not avoid the things that should come. So she would just manage it at that time to enrich her own life with more experiences again! 

Murong Shu Qing barely entered the middle of the tent, when she saw Yan Yu and Cang Su were leaning on the side of the table. Looking that Lu Yi was walking back and forth in the tent, Murong Shu Qing gently smiled and stood at the doorway, what were they doing?! 

Hearing her laughter, Lu Yi promptly came up to welcome her, she pulled Shu Qing’s hand, and said with a relief mind: “Miss, you finally came back!” Hearing Yan Yu said that Cang Yue came to invade the territory a moment ago, and wanted to start the war immediately, Miss came back late again, so she was very anxious. 

Yan Yu and Cang Su cupped their hands to salute and say: “Master.” Knowing that Cang Yue and Dong Yu would start the war, Master must make some arrangements, so they were waiting for her inside the tent.

Murong Shu Qing pulled Lu Yi to sit down in front of the table, and called out: “Fan Feng.” Her voice just left out, a gray figure was already standing by the side of the door. Murong Shu Qing propped herself with her hands on the table, while she said to them smilingly: “Pei Che said that he needed you guys to help, you guys can go.”

“You….” Yan Yu and Cang Su looked one glance at each other, and shouted at the same time, but they shut up at the same time also. This was her order, so they should not have any objections, but if they all went away, who would protect her?!

How could Murong Shu Qing not know what they were thinking, but she thought that this war would not go down easily this time. Even if it was not for Dong Yu, it would be for Xuanyuan Yi, Shang Jun, Zi Yuan, and Mo Can, so she would not let Cang Yue win the battle. Murong Shu Qing waved her hand, and gently smiled to say: “Just leave two other people to protect me! I am inside this tent so it will not have any danger.” 

Hesitating for a moment, the three people still answered at the same time: “Yes!”

Just when they almost came out of the tent, Murong Shu Qing lowly said: “Wait a minute. Pay attention to your own safety.” Even though their martial arts were very high, but she thought of the cruelty of the war often, so it made her tremble with fear.

The three people’s backs were stiffened, Yan Yu and Cang Su quickly left the tent, but Fan Feng could not help but turn around to look one glance at this woman whom he had been protected these past half a month, and who would always show that faint smile on her face. 

He would actually become Murong Shu Qing’s secret bodyguard now, it was completely because of Yan Yu and Cang Su. Six years ago, when he was still young, they saved his life, so he respected them deeply. Once he finished learning and went down the mountain, he looked for them for a full year. He did not expect that these two people who were cruel and arrogant would become secret bodyguards for this woman. He did not understand it even more, why they wanted him to make him swear an oath that he would use his life to protect her. He seemed to understand it a little bit now. The person whom they wanted to protect, was actually not a Master, but it was rather a close relative who could bring warmth, peace and calmness to them. 

After seeing that they had left, Murong Shu Qing gradually controlled her smiling expression, Lu Yi had arranged the food properly, so she said in a low voice: “Miss, eat first, the food will be cold quickly!”

“Alright.” Murong Shu Qing took the bowl and chopsticks, and was eating, she tasted almost every food once, so Lu Yi who was sitting by the side, clasping the food with her hands, she carefully said: “Miss, your appetite…. is very good!” She thought that because Miss was anxious so she would not feel like eating the food, who would have thought that Miss’ appetite seemed to be better than usual. 

Murong Shu Qing raised her head up, only to see that Lu Yi was foolishly looking at her, so she could not help but smiled and said: “My appetite is not bad.” Otherwise, what could she do? Anything that she could do, she already did it, there would be no benefits to this war even if she did not eat anything. Sometimes, the best help for the other people was just not becoming their burdens, that was all.

Looking at the happily eating Murong Shu Qing, Lu Yi put down her anxiousness that she had in her heart, she added more food for Shu Qing, while she said: “Since your appetite is good, then, you should eat a little bit more.”

Shu Qing pushed Lu Yi’s hand, and smilingly said: “Alright, do not be busy, you should also eat more.” 

Finished eating lunch, Lu Yi was just about to tidy up, when a loud sound suddenly came through, it looked like a thunder that hit the ground, and scared Lu Yi that she threw the bowls down on the floor. After a long time, she thought that her ears still had a buzzing sound.

Lu Yi supported her chest, and said in fear: “Heaven ah, very loud sound!” Her words had just left, there was another loud thunder sound that came through, her hands that were ready to tidy up the pieces from the bowls, immediately pulled back to cover her ears.

Supporting Lu Yi’s shoulders, taking her to the bedside, and holding her hand, Murong Shu Qing comfortingly said: “It is alright, Lu Yi. Let it go first, no need to tidy up. Sit for a while.”

“En.” Lu Yi promptly nodded her head, and sat down next to Shu Qing, and when there was another loud sound again, Lu Yi had already prepared her heart this time. Miss was always holding her hand tightly, so she did not feel too scared.

Lu Yi was gradually feeling peaceful, but Murong Shu Qing’s heart was actually hanging so high, those intensive dynamite sounds were not caused by Dong Yu. In other words, she had guessed correctly that Cang Yue had already manufactured some large-scale explosives, at this rate, she was afraid that Dong Yi’s explosives could not be used for too long.

Lu Yi was not really afraid, and just found out that Miss’ hand herself was holding her tighter and tighter, and the expression on her face was somewhat grave. So Lu Yi returned to hold Murong Shu Qing’s hands, and said in whisper: “Miss, you can ask someone to go and check it out.” Miss’ anxiousness was also normal, after all the person who was at the battlefield was Miss’ beloved, also Yan Yu, Cang Su and the other bodyguards. Miss always regarded them as her own close relatives. 

Realizing that she was using too much strength, Murong Shu Qing finally let go of Lu Yi’s hands, and gave her an apologetic smile. What was wrong with her, just listening on that several explosion sounds already made her completely restless like this, she really had too much concerns in her mind. It would be useless also to arrange someone to check it out, it had already reached this stage, only when she completely saw Xuanyuan Yi that she should believe in him! Moreover, she only had two people beside her now, so at this moment, she could not let them to leave her, since Hong Ming was a very dangerous person.

Murong Shu Qing lightly shook her head, and said: “No need, Lu Yi, give me a cup of tea!” Perhaps, drinking tea could make her mind feel calm, listening to the sounds of explosions from time to time, Murong Shu Qing smiled and sighed in her heart: that the inner quality of her mental state still needed some improvements.

Sian’s notes:

Oh oh, someone is jealous because of MSQ. Hahaha… It’s funny that XY was jealous of Shang Jun before and QXZ is jealous of MSQ now. 😂😂😂 If only he knew the reason why they were embracing each other.

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