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Chapter 122

Production (Part 2)

Looking that Pei Che was not unwilling to go out of the Master’s tent, Murong Shu Qing lightly smiled and turned her head around to face Xuanyuan Yi who was smiling with his deep eyes. He was looking from her head to her feet, and from her feet to her head repeatedly, Murong Shu Qing puzzlingly bowed her head to look at her own self, there was nothing abnormal ah?! So looking towards him for a moment, Murong Shu Qing gave up, and did not feel like bothering him, she picked up the picture that she just drew, and prepared to return to her own tent.

But she had not even left two steps forward yet, her waist was already covered by a pair of big hands, so Murong Shu Qing laughingly asked: “What do you want to do after all?” So mystifying!

Tightening up both of his hands to make Shu Qing’s back stuck completely on his chest, Xuanyuan Yi lightly kissed the side of her ear, and said this sentence: “You are beautiful today.” That was right, she was very beautiful, the purple color suited her more than white and green colors. The garment really contrasted with her white like jade skin, she was very gentle and cultured. Moreover, the hair ornament that she was wearing, was the wooden hairpin that he gave her. Did this mean that Qing-er had already accepted him completely in her heart?!

She seemed to be a little far away from being beautiful, right?! But she was still happy in her heart, nothing she could do, this was a woman’s vanity that wanted to look beautiful in the eyes of her lover! Murong Shu Qing raised a splendid smile, and answered: “Thank you!”

Xuanyuan Yi looked at her face to face, and also happily laughed, he liked the confidence in her eyes and clear-headedness the most. She would not really think that she was beautiful just because other people’s praises, but she would think that her appearance was not that bad either, and she could completely and calmly receive it straightforwardly. When one drew nearer to her, one would feel that she was even more beautiful, he was already went into this trap, and not willing to get out of it.

Still encircling Murong Shu Qing’s waist, so that she could lean on him comfortably, Xuanyuan Yi softly said by the side of her ear: “I have already asked for the Imperial decree to bestow our wedding, along with a military report to the Imperial court, the slowest time, it will arrive within seven days.” No matter whether or not the Emperor would bestow their wedding, he would never let go of Qing-er, nobody should think of taking her away from his side.

Sensing that the muscles on his hands became stiffened, Murong Shu Qing turned around to directly face him. She hoped that Xuan Tian Cheng had not realized it yet, otherwise she was afraid that there would be some twists and turns. Lightly smoothing out the slight wrinkle on his eyebrows, she lightly smiled and asked: “En, are you going to drill the troops this morning?”

“En.” Knowing that she deliberately changed the subject, Xuanyuan Yi conveniently nodded.

After thinking for a while, Murong Shu Qing still asked: “Can you look for 100 soldiers who are a little bit quick-witted, and can count numbers?”

“What are you trying to do?” She had so many unusual and capable bodyguards under her command, what did she want to do with young soldiers?

“I want to teach them how to use a simple method to count how much force to use, how far away the distance, and how to control the direction of the explosives. Not saying that they have to hit them with 100% accuracy, but they must throw the explosives effectively at the minimum.” She had thought about it, as she did not know if Cang Yue still had any new ability than the last time, so in order to have insurance, she should organize some specialists who would use the explosives to make up for the simple tool.

“Qing-er, how do you know so much?” Xuanyuan Yi supported her shoulders, as he wanted to know what happened with her after all?! Pei Che had asked him today, but he unexpectedly did not know anything. This really made him feel very defeated. Staring at her eyes, Xuanyuan Yi added to say: “I want to hear the truth, I have been watching you growing up since you are little.”

Murong Shu Qing did not know how to explain this mysterious matter like this, but facing Xuanyuan Yi’s trusting and anxious expressions, she did not want to lie to him either. Finally, Murong Shu Qing faintly said: “I have told you in the past.” That should be considered a part of the truth.

“Another soul?!” She told him like that the last time by the side of the Lian Hua lake, so lightly caressing her face, he looked at her peaceful eyes. Clearly, she was not willing to say anymore, forget it, his heart was already moved by this tranquil and elegant, gentle and kindhearted woman, so he would not bother with the other stuffs. Cupping her face with his hands, just liked he wanted to go into her heart, Xuanyuan Yi pressed against her forehead, and firmly said: “I only want you, the other stuffs are not important.”

Because of Xuanyuan Yi’s sentence ‘only want you’, Shu Qing’s clear and bright eyes, were moist unconsciously. That kind of feeling that one did not need to know who you were, but because of one’s feeling, it made her to be moved emotionally. Leaning on Xuanyuan Yi’s bosom to listen to the sound of his vigorous heartbeats, Murong Shu Qing felt that her heart appeared to have the same rhythm as his. Xuanyuan Yi lifted Shu Qing’s face up, and was just about to kiss her lips that he was already longing for a long time, but….

“Murong Shu Qing, Yan Yu came back.” The tranquil and sweet atmospheres were destroyed by Li Ming’s negligent yelling.

Murong Shu Qing hurriedly pushed Xuanyuan Yi away, even though they had not done anything, but looking that Li Ming was staring at them with a stunned appearance, her face was still somewhat red in a panic. Lightly coughing, Murong Shu Qing pulled Xuanyuan Yi’s hand, and said: “Let’s go and see.” Finished speaking, she immediately crossed over Li Ming, and came out of the tent.

Li Ming was staring and standing stupidly for a long time, then he recovered, what were they tying to do just now?! Kissing, heaven ah! No wonder, the General’s gaze looked like it was going to burn a hole on him, how could he have a bad luck like this ah! ~~

In front of the Master’s tent, Yan Yu brought back six carts of sulfur, saltpeter and charcoal, so looking that Murong Shu Qing came out, Yan Yu stepped forward to answer: “Master, the stuffs that you want.” Within a short time period, he could only find these many. He did not know why the sulfur, saltpeter and charcoal suddenly became popular goods within the vicinity of Lin Feng Guan border.

Found them finally, so Murong Shu Qing smilingly said: “Very good, thank you, Yan Yu.”

Pei Che asked: “Shu Qing, what do you want to do now?”

“Take and store these three things separately.” Otherwise, the place to store these explosive materials, would be too dangerous. Waiting until they put those stuffs inside three different tents, Murong Shu Qing asked: “Pei Che, were you done with the balls and gears that we were talking earlier?” It was still early now, if they were done making them, she could test them.

Pei Che nodded his head, and said: “The balls are done, here they are.” A soldier took nine empty balls and took them to Murong Shu Qing's front. Murong Shu Qing looked one time, these were basically in accordance with the standard, so she directed the young soldier to place the sulfur, saltpeter and charcoal that were stored in each of the three tents, inside the ball. She went inside each of the three tent for a while, then came out, finally, Murong Shu Qing was lightly gasping for air, and she said: “Alright, let’s go to the back of the camp.”

Li Ming did not dare to say anything for a long time, but finally, he could not help but ask: “For what?”

Not waiting for Murong Shu Qing’s answer, Pei Che very nimbly answered: “Experimenting!” He worked for a whole day today, all because of this so-called ‘experimenting!’

“What are you saying ah?!” Li Ming still did not understand the reason, but nobody was paying attention to him, and everyone walked to the open space at the back of the camp one after another. He did not have any alternative but to follow them after he was pouting and murmuring.

Commanding them to put the balls in their positions, Murong Shu Qing said to them: “Arrange them in order and do not mess up, be a little careful, after you ignite them then leave hurriedly.” Finished speaking, she ran towards a safe place first, she was not these martial art experts after all, their one jump could reach more than ten meters. After leaving them for at least 30 meters, Murong Shu Qing just yelled: “Ignite them.”

After they finished igniting them, they also rapidly came to Murong Shu Qing’s side, because she was worried about the danger, Murong Shu Qing put a very long fuse. After they were waiting for a moment, they could hear the loud sound, so Xuanyuan Yi immediately covered Murong Shu Qing’s ears. Very quickly, the sounds of explosion came one after another, and they felt that the ground seemed to be shaking, fortunately, there was no snow these past two days, otherwise there would surely be an avalanche.

Waiting until after the last big ball exploded, everything gradually returned to tranquil again, they only felt that their ears were buzzing with sounds. The ground in front of them was already covered with a deep hole, and the strong smoke in the air made them unable to breathe. After Li Ming was looking over these traces of explosions, he curiously asked: “Why is it the strength of explosion not the same, even though the dimension is the same?” He remembered that there were two of the same balls, but why was one hole was deeper and the other was shallower by a lot?

“Because the formula inside is not the same.” After Murong Shu Qing recorded the result of the explosions, she answered: “After this experiment like this, I will know which formula has the most strength, and whether the ball needs to be a little thinner, or a little thicker.”

“This is the experiment!” Pei Che finally understood and nodded his head.

“Then, we have already experimented now, the next step, we will begin to manufacture them?!” After looking at the strength like this, Pei Che also felt that his blood was racing. Having these kind of weapons, they would not be afraid to confront Cang Yue, or confront any enemy, but at the same time, he also emitted cold sweat on his body. If there was no Shu Qing, it would be very difficult to confront Cang Yue that had these explosives as their weapon.

“En.” Shu Qing nodded her head, comparing to their excitements, she actually felt somewhat uneasy, this kind of premonition made her feel somewhat afraid.

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