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To Have a Taste of your own Medicine [10]

Silently showed off their strength, silently intimate them.

Yet Liu Yue still maintain that slight smile on her face, as if she didn’t notice the silent show of strength, or that she didn’t feel it at all.

The seventeen forces, in an instant, all had gathered.

Not waiting for Liu Yue, who is the owner, to start the feast, on the table, Han Fei and the others had already started to take care of themselves. Noisy arguing with one another and greeting each other, ignoring Liu Yue whose the owner.

Ku Za Mu looked at them and was about to spit out blood. He was the number 1 general of Bei Mu, everywhere he went, he was brilliant and prestigious. Today he was actually looked down upon by a bunch of native dogs, angering him to death.

“Go.” Liu Yue didn’t have any unnecessary words to say, only making Ku Za Mu leave. With Ku Za Mu’s character, he’ll ruin things.

Afte Ku Za Mu have unwillingly left, Liu Yue pat off the dust on her clothes, full of smiles, she walked into the pasture’s host’s seat.

“I say, beautiful little girl, since you had invited us, we came, yet you just entertain us like this, not even a little bit of dance and music, Bei Mu’s prince is this poor?

Of the seventeen Ku Sha’s forces, the strongest, Han Fei, said opposite to the Jurchen race’s female patriarch Kuo Bai Li who slanted a glance at Liu Yue with a face full of disdain.

“If you didn’t prepare dances and music, our City Lord, you personally come and sing a song for us, dance a dance, we won’t mind, am I right everyone?” The Turkic’s leader, Tuo Bi Mu laughed out loud.

“Yes, City Lord come, City Lord come…” This proposal made all the forces cheer, every one of them insolent and ill-mannered.

Just as she sat down on the host’s seat, Liu Yue heard them, yet she actually didn’t get angry. But instead, she laughed: “Today, everyone gave me face, it’s my honor, since everyone wants to listen, okay, then I’ll play a song.”

The voices fell, someone behind handed her a zither, seeming as if it was already prepared beforehand.

A gentle facial expression, neither angry or happy appear on her face, you can’t see any emotions on her face.

Her fingertips touched the zither, a cheerful song immediately sprang from the zither, flew around Han Lan pasture’s banquet.

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