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To Have a Taste of your own Medicine [5]

The low cold voice inside, full of violent and unshakable blood.

“Yue ‘er, waiting for you to come back, this world, I will make sure that no one will be able to bully us anymore.” He tightly clenched his fist, Xuan Yuan Che’s cold eyes held a trace of pain. This trace of pain that even he didn’t detect.

A few months already, yet there is no news about Liu Yue.

No, he could no longer listen to the report of the people he had sent to collect news of her. Every time he held hope but in the end, overwhelmed by the disappointment. He is no longer able to endure it.

His Liu Yue, where are you?

In the end, are you alive or are you dead?

His fingertips deeply pinch into the hollow of his palm. Even if he get this world, then if is Liu Yue is not with him to share with, then what is the point of this world.

To get the world, yet to lose her, no, never.

“Prince, it is urgent news within eight hundred li of the capital.” Still in his bitter mood, Liu Chuan suddenly shouted quickly as he walked in, on the floor is the urgent news within eight hundred li.

Xuan Yuan Che quickly curb the expression on his face, restoring his original ice cold face, turned around and looked at it.

Eyes, immediately shot up.

“A bunch of good-for-nothing.” He fiercely threw the news from eight hundred li, his face full of killing intent.

Liu Chuan picked it up to look at: “Du Gu Ye, He Lian Yun Zhao, fled.” These few short words, is today’s shocking news.

“Prince is not in the Capital, they can’t keep watch, this is really….” Liu Chuan’s face also instantly turned ugly.

Losing Du Gu Ye and He Lian Yun Zhao, Ao Yun country and Xue Sheng country wants to be docile, then it will be impossible. They really are a bunch of good for nothing.

“Prince, big news, big news.” Two people in the middle of anger, Yan Hu’s voice suddenly could be heard, full of excitement.

“Say it.” Xuan Yuan Che said as cold as ice, looking at Yan Hu who had rushed in. What kinds of bad news now.

Yan Hu who rushed in is breathless, speechlessly gasping, his face full of excitement. He turned around and pointed: “Prince…..prince… there is news… he… he…. found….” Excitement accompanied by sharp gasps, letting his words be disjointed.

TLN: 1 li = 546.807 yard. “li” is a standard measurement for distance in China.

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