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"Close your eyes."

The man's voice in her ear was clear and faint. Helian Wei Wei lifted her head. Baili Jia Jue looked down and reached out to cover half her face with the silk wedding dress. He looked at Helian Wei Wei's long eyelashes and the tear beneath them and smiled gently.

What. Helian Wei Wei blinked in confusion.

At that moment.

Baili Jia Jue suddenly leaned over and kissed the lips of Helen Weiwei through the wedding dress.

Helian Wei Wei was dazed, she felt the softness of the silk, and through the silk, she felt the breath of Baili Jia Jue, the cold breath of Baili Jia Jue.

She looked at the astonishingly good looking pair of eyes in front of her and her mind was blank.

What on earth was happening.

"Just adapting in advance." After the kiss, Baili Jia Jue stood up straight, his expression light and faint, like as if it wasn't him who had just kissed her.

Nobody knew that at that moment, all he wanted to do was just kiss her…..

Helian Wei Wei coughed twice: "Next time your Highness wants to adapt in advance can you tell me so I can give you something even thicker to use." How much bacteria did she have on her that he had to kiss her through the wedding dress.

Although, this was very safe. It once again confirmed that their previous agreement was perfect.

Helian Wei Wei smiled slyly, she knew His Highness' preferences, and cleanliness was just an excuse. Even adapting in advance was also an excuse. He knew her personality hence he did not act rashly, especially just before the wedding…...

Night, at the Murong Residence.

"This time at the martial qi competition, the Retired Emperor has halved the money that we have buried. If it weren't for the help of the fearless bastard, we wouldn't be so passive. Father, it is time for that girl to come back."

The person who spoke was not just anybody, but the Queen.

Murong Wang lowered his eyes: "It is not the right time."

"Father means for me to continue to wait?" The Queen's long sharp nails sunk into her white handkerchief: "If I wait any longer then the bastard will really be married. In a year, year and a half, the Retired Emperor will tell the Emperor to pass the throne to that bastard!"

Murong Wang looked at her, deep in thought: "We want to wait till she gets married. In the past Helian Wei Wei was just a waste. But now it's not wise to provoke her. She will agree to someone entering the door? Besides, with her appearance, no matter how powerful she becomes, she will always feel inferior in her heart. The Third Prince does not want to marry her. He is just doing what the Retired Emperor wants. There is nothing between them, they might be able to co-exist peacefully, and the Third Prince might even develop a bit of interest in her. By then, when the girl appears, the Third Prince will find her unpleasant to look at, kick her out and take another wife. A woman's jealousy is the worst. In order to stay, Helian Wei Wei will no doubt be unscrupulous. At that time, we will have a chance..."

"Girl, what girl?" Murong Changfeng frowned: "Father, you mean to say that the Third Prince is only marrying Helian Wei Wei now because of that girl?"

Murong Wang smiled: "Changfeng you are still young, this kind of matters can only be seen through by the courtiers of the older generation. The Third Prince is only using Helian Wei Wei, hence the high profile wedding. Otherwise, why would he choose Helian Wei Wei. It is so that in the future, it would be easy to kick her out."

Murong Changfeng no longer heard what his father was saying. His mind was heavy.

Perhaps to Helian Wei Wei, he was a jerk.

But the Third Prince was the same.

Moreover, the Third Prince did not understand her. She would never allow her husband to have relations with another woman. If she discovered this had happened, she would be very ruthless. Just like she did not leave a little affection for him…

The marriage of the Third Prince was approaching, which meant that during this time the court will be in upheaval. There were a lot of people who do not want to let this big wedding happen. And there were countless people who have come here specially for this big wedding.

As Helian Weiwei had put the wedding dress back and restored her usual makeup, she saw a bald head walking towards her from a distance. There was a stick in his hand and he looked at her very seriously.

Helian Wei Wei raised her eyebrows and was about to ask something.

The Seventh Prince huffed and puffed out a few words: "Hello Princess in law."

Princess in law? Helian Wei We was a little startled at this form of address.

The little boy looked up, like a little adult: "Where is my third brother?"

Helian Wei Wei felt like holding him and rubbing his head.

"Looking for me?" Baili Jia Jue came out from inside, he glanced at Helian Wei Wei and then at the little bald head.

The little boy did not seem to understand his third brother's expression, he pulled a face and put the stick on the ground: "Someone has come to challenge third brother, and he is now with the Dean."

"I know." Baili Jia Jue answered with a sigh. He stepped forward and looked back: "Let someone carry you, you little short legs, you walk too slowly."

The Seventh Prince looked down at his stubby short legs, his lips curled up in puzzlement. His legs were short but he was not slow. He knew Qing Gong!

When he was four years old, third brother took an ancient book, held his chin and told him that as a man, he should not always be carried. Since then, he had always walked behind and followed after his third brother. Why did third brother want someone to carry him now…..

The little Seventh Prince looked at Baili Jia Jue in confusion and saw his gaze on Helian Wei Wei. Suddenly, he understood what his third brother meant. 

Pitter patter pitter patter, he ran to Helian Wei Wei and extended his small hand. His face was shy, after all, men and women do not touch each other: "Princess in law, can you carry me for a while?"

"Of course." Helian Wei Wei could not be more excited. She bent over and picked him up, her lips curled into a smile: " In the future, you can always ask me to carry you."

Upon hearing those words, the Seventh Prince was deeply saddened. His manly image was gone in an instant.

Sigh, why does he have his third brother who he would do anything for.


"Princess in law, don't you like that Master Murong?" The little Seventh Prince felt that he needed to find out the truth, just in case, so his third brother wouldn't be abandoned in the future. Once he got in a bad mood, he became mischievous.

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