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To Give a Taste of your own Medicine [2]

When Ou Yang Yu Fei saw this, he slowly laughed. What does he need the King of Huns for? It isn’t that Liu Yue trust him, but it’s that she had already calculated that he doesn’t have that intention, yes, he doesn’t have that intention.

Carefree, carefree, shopping ah.

The sun had quickly rose from the East, and now it’s setting slowly towards the West.

The grassland is intranquil, for thousand of miles both horizontally and vertically.

The fiery red sun that is setting emit a brilliant orange color on the grassland. The sight is spectacular, incomparably spectacular, and that it glamorously surprises people.

Under the sunset, that golden tent, was also dyed orange, making it seem cozy.

“Five, at most five fortresses.” Under the setting sun, the Prince of Huns, Ka Cha Er’s face was pretty unpleasant.

“Just five, your King of Huns is only worth this much? I say you, Ka Cha Er, is it because you don’t want your King to come back because you are next in line?” Ku Za Mu’s face is also unpleasant.

They had debated over a day already, yet he still couldn’t get the thousands of miles of grassland. Originally he wanted twenty fortresses, however, the Huns will only willingly give five. Compared to his original demand of ransom, the difference was too much.

Ka Cha Er’s entire face was extremely livid. He clenched his teeth and slammed his hand down at the table to keep his temper in check. There is so many soldiers present, he can’t get angry. Some things he can do, but he must not speak about.

“Ka Za Mu, you spout nonsense, this is….”

“Humph, you Huns show no sincerity.”

Since the beginning she haven’t said anything, leaning against the chair, Liu Yue, she was losing patience, her body language showed that she was irritated.

No one have suspected, once Liu Yue opened her mouth to speak, then it will definitely be brutal.

Within a day, four waves of people have already surrounded Prince Ka Cha Er, talking flowery words to his ears.

All this, others have not found out, but it didn’t slid pass the one whose body is full of killing intent, with a calm heart, Liu Yue.

Secretly she humphed, they want to copy her, to go and grab the King of Huns. Go then, but no one would think that she had sent the King of Huns to the city of Luke (which belongs to the Huns) to shop, right to the land of the Huns.

He want to steal (the King of Huns), even if he searched the whole entire sky, he won’t be able to find him (the King of Huns).

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