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Back in the Hidden Grass…

Naruto looked at Kurenai, "Kurenai-sensei, I'm going to look for those two now since the rain is starting to clear up."

"Mn," Kurenai nodded.


Naruto disappeared as he headed towards the direction where Hinata and Karin stayed in earlier.

Meanwhile, Kurenai stared thoughtfully at Naruto who ran through the slow drizzle, ("I hope this problem doesn't grow over time...")

Somewhere at the base of another tree…

Karin wept as she hugged Hinata.

"Karin…" Hinata sighed.

"I am sorry," Karin said as she wept.

Hinata could only hug her tighter.

After telling Karin all the relevant information like Naruto being from the future, her marriage, Naruto as the Hokage and all, Karin felt what she did instead was wrong.

All her feelings from before had been overwritten.

Of course, this was only temporary considering the fact that she felt so grateful to Naruto for changing her life; these feelings couldn't be erased easily at all. In fact, Karin was only displaying a false front.

Hinata also understood this and hugged her even more tightly.

The two in this timeline were very close, to the point of being called the best of friends. Slowly, they developed feelings of rivalry after Karin had declared a challenge to see which one of them would make Naruto fall for them.

Although their rivalry couldn't compare in oppressiveness in comparison to Ino and Sakura, Hinata and Karin's rivalry had a different kind of intensity in them.

Hinata looked at Karin.

"Karin, in our previous life, you were only close to Sasuke-kun when you were in Akatsuki and while working under Orochimaru-san. But in this timeline, Naruto-kun considers you as his closest family member," Hinata said.

"Mm!" Karin sobbed softly as she tried to clear her tears away.


Naruto appeared.

"Naruto-kun," Hinata called out.

"Naruto…" Karin stared at Naruto.

"Karin, please forgive me," Naruto said, "I have always considered you as a close family member of mine."

("A close family member, huh…") Karin thought back to the time they had first met in the forest.


"After… the eddy village was destroyed… My mom came to Konoha, after that there was nothing about the Uzumaki clan that had significant importance….." Naruto said.

"Oh..." Karin reacted as she felt sorrow again.

"Cheer-up!" Naruto said

"There are some relations that go beyond blood, ya know!"

"All you have to do is be patient as you search for it….." Naruto smiled causing Karin to become a bit infatuated.

—-End Of FlashBack-—

"It's all right,"

Karin wiped away her remaining tears, below her eyes and cheeks.

"I couldn't understand the troubles you were facing alone…" Karin said slowly.

"Karin," Naruto was feeling terrible.

"If I knew this would happen…' Naruto was thinking of other possibilities.

"It's clear now," Hinata said as she stared at the sky.

Naruto and Karin followed her gaze, looking towards the sky as well.

"The sky is beautiful," Naruto commented as he stared at the clouds that slowly cleared away to reveal the evening sun.

Hinata walked towards Karin and held her hand.

"Hinata…" Karin murmured.

"You are my family now," Hinata smiled.

"I see…" Karin looked towards the setting sun along with Naruto and Hinata, as the trio stood under the tree cover peacefully admiring the scene in from of them.

A few minutes later…

Kurenai, Asuma, Kiba with Akamaru on his head, and Shino showed up.

"Naruto," Asuma called, "We are leaving now."

"We are ready to go as well," Naruto nodded.

Kurenai stared at Karin and Hinata.

("Looks like he has handled things for now, I guess.") Kurenai thought.

Naruto, Hinata, and Karin walked towards the team. The team then left in the direction of the Hidden Leaf Village.

Back in the Hidden Grass.

"That's the last one," a man said as he hauled an unconscious man into the building.

Naturally, the unconscious man was one of the ninjas Naruto had taken down.

("Time to report, huh…") Takeuchi looked at the distant building that was almost a kilometer away from him.

Soon, he arrived at the building and entered the office.


The door opened as Takeuchi walked inside.

"Takeuchi..." seeing Takeuchi's expression, the feudal lord grew concerned over what had taken place at the bridge.

"What is it?" The feudal lord said as he looked at Takeuchi closely.

"The thing is...." Takeuchi carefully began to explain.

"What?" The Feudal Lord got up, only to fall down with shaky legs as he stared at Takeuchi wide-eyed.

"Tell me," he said shakily, "Everything you saw, is it true…?" The Feudal Lord asked with a heavy expression containing traces of displeasure and fear.

"It's true, Milord," Takeuchi sighed.

"I still remember the sight of it. What am I saying? There was no sight at all, nothing. Not even a blink. I had my eyes open the entire time, yet, I couldn't even see him move. But before I knew it, they were already taken out," Takeuchi earnestly said.

"…" The Feudal Lord stared at him in silence.

"I have only heard the stories of the Yellow Flash," Takeuchi said, sighing, "Unfortunately, I didn't participate in the war. However, even the stories never mentioned him taking this many out that quickly. Sure he had the ability to teleport, but taking out more than twenty ninjas at once? No, he would take a few seconds as he teleports around the place to defeat that many, but this kid? Not even a few proper milliseconds, he was already done by the time I realized he disappeared," Takeuchi said.

"The son of the Yellow Flash…" The Feudal Lord murmured.

"He had a title of his own which he announced before he left," Takeuchi said.

"What is it?" The Feudal Lord asked through gritted teeth.

"The Orange Bolt Of the Hidden Leaf, Uzumaki Naruto!" Takeuchi exclaimed.

"I see…" The Feudal Lord murmured.

"This is troublesome. Although the Yellow Flash has long died, a troublesome one emerged in its place. But this one is stronger, faster, younger, and moreover, he even improved over the Yellow Flash's technique to teleport and bring that girl out," The Feudal Lord analyzed.

"True…" Takeuchi agreed.

"Hmm…" The Feudal Lord thought for a bit.

"What is it?" Takeuchi asked, "Milord?"

"It's nothing... you can go." the Feudal Lord said as he waved his hand.

Takeuchi nodded and left.

The Feudal Lord took a deep breath as he stared at the space in front of him in silence.

Time passed.

A minute later, he looked towards the scrolls placed over his study table.

Sh! Sh!

Sounds of scribbling echoed around the silent room as the Feudal Lord swayed his brush over the scroll, writing down a message.

About a minute later, The Feudal Lord rolled the scroll shut and tied it.

Clap! Clap!


"Yes, Milord," a guard appeared from the opened door.

"Here. Get this done with utmost secrecy," The Feudal Lord said as he handed over the scrolls.

"Yes," The guard immediately collected it to send it over a specially trained bird in the Comms Room.

The Feudal Lord walked over to his sofa and sat down.

"Hehe, the loss may have been ours now. However, now that the identity of the Yellow Flash's son is known, will the Hidden Stone and Hidden Cloud stay quiet?" The Feudal lord thought aloud as the scrolls just now had been sent to those two villages in particular…

Back in the Hidden Leaf training ground…

Minato stared at Sasuke wide-eyed.

Sasuke stared at Minato silently.

Suddenly, Minato laughed lightly.

"Sasuke-kun, have you mastered the Raikiri yet?" Minato smiled.

"…" Sasuke looked away slowly and shook his head in silence.

"I see…" Minato said.

Sasuke looked at Minato again.

"Will you teach me?" Sasuke asked again.

"Since I am a Hokage, I cannot say no to a villager's request, now can I?" Minato said, "Besides, you are my son's friend. It's the least I could do for you." Minato said as he lifted his hand towards Sasuke.

"Huh?" Sasuke stared in surprise as Minato held a single finger up against him.

"First, you must complete your Raikiri training," Minato said, following which Minato lifted a second finger against Sasuke.

"Second, you must come home for dinner every evening," Minato smiled.

"Huh, dinner?" Sasuke stared in confusion.

"Mm!" Minato nodded.

"It's okay, I can take care of dinner for myself," Sasuke said.

"Then I won't teach you, Sasuke-kun," Minato said.

"Huh?" Sasuke looked at Minato who had his eyes closed and looked away from Sasuke.

("Is he for real…?") Sasuke thought.

A minute passed in silence, turning the atmosphere slightly awkward.

"So, have you decided yet?" Minato asked, breaking the silence, "Sasuke-kun?"

"The thing is…" Sasuke trailed off.

"Mm?" Minato looked back.

"The thing is…" Sasuke continued, "I have another person at home who eats with me."

"Ooh…" Minato suddenly realized as he thought back to when Sasuke had appeared in the room with Jūgo.

"Jūgo-kun, eh?" Minato smiled, "No problem, you can bring him over."

Sasuke looked at Minato in surprise.

"But we'll be coming every day..." Sasuke said.

"I can handle that." Minato assured.

Sasuke sighed, "Okay, I will bring him."

"All right," Minato happily said as he turned back towards the entrance to head out.

"Lord Fourth!" Sasuke called out.

"Mm?" Minato turned to look at Sasuke.

"Aren't you gonna teach me yet?" Sasuke asked.

"We'll talk about your training schedule after dinner, Sasuke," Minato said as he continued to walk away merrily…

Meanwhile, Sasuke stared silently in confusion towards Minato who just left the field.

Root HQ.

Danzō stared at a bunch of papers on his desk.

("The day after tomorrow might be the last day I can keep this place under my control…") Danzō thought as he stared at the empty walls that surrounded his room.


A ROOT agent appeared.

"Hmm…?" Danzō looked at the agent in front of him.

"They are all lined up." The agent said.

"Good." Danzō got up and headed out of his room.

Meeting place of the ROOT HQ.

Danzō stood at the center of the hall as he stared the group in front of him.

"Tomorrow is the final test. The survivors will become the last batch this place has ever trained. No matter who it is, do not show mercy. Do whatever it takes to come out victorious," Danzō said.

"Yes! Danzō-sama!" The group answered.

"Go to sleep. I want you all in top condition for the final test," Danzō said as he turned around to walk away, "You are all dismissed."

Cough! Cough!

Suddenly, a boy amongst the group fell down as he coughed out blood.

"Hmm…?" Danzō turned back to see the boy.

"Shin, huh?" Danzō stared emotionlessly.

"Elder Brother," another boy appeared next to him.

"Sai, I'm all right!" Shin said as he got up.

"But brother…" Sai murmured.

"I said I'm okay," Shin forced a smile.

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