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Hunger boost

I ran down the main street of the Holy Knights District and reached the large gate at the district border. It seemed that my five senses had become terrifyingly sharp from my state of starvation. For example, everything appeared like it was daytime to me even though it was currently night.

My sense of smell was also… how should I put it, the scent of human beings smelled delicious. Just ahead, two gatekeepers stood at their positions. The one that looked delicious was the man on the right with the strong build. When I tried to compare their statuses with the

I presumed that this was the effect of the Gluttony skill wanting to devour souls, and as such, gave a boost to my body. However… even so… it was painful. Even now, this almost blinding starvation was periodically attacking my body.

I should hurry up and go ahead. If I became crazy and devoured that guard, it would be an awful problem.

Now that I was a servant of the Heart Family, I carried a pass certificate. The rule was to show it to the gatekeeper on both entry and exit. If I lost it, they would not allow me through, so I had to be careful not to drop it.

"Hello, thanks for your hard work."

I approached the gatekeeper with a warm smile. Leaving the Holy Knights District so late in the night, I wanted to alleviate my suspiciousness even just a little bit. However, the moment I was close enough to show them the pass that I had taken out of my pocket,


The gatekeeper took a step back, shrinking away from me. For some reason, his expression was frigid. Then, the other gatekeeper who thought something was strange stepped closer, and he reacted exactly the same. Both of them had frozen in place. Somehow the situation was worrying.

I hurriedly showed the two guards my pass and rushed past them towards the Commercial District. As to why they had acted as such, I voiced my concern to Greed who answered rather pragmatically.

"They saw your pupils, and were paralysed on the spot like deer in headlights. Your red pupils have that power. Those lower in status than you will not be able to move. Well, in the state of starvation, this is a temporary power for the Gluttony skill to consume souls efficiently."

"Those gatekeepers just then, I wonder if they suspected me?"

"It was the first time they experienced this. They do not know what you have done, and will simply think they saw a strange man. After this, if they never see your red eyes again, they would just think they saw something weird as an effect of being tired from working late. However, should you continue to show your anxiety like this, they will definitely find you suspicious."

He certainly had a point. I considered this as I strode stately through the commercial area, when I smelled something sweet. It was unimaginably delicious. I lost against temptation and detoured onto the sidewalk away from the main street, quietly searching for the source of the aroma as I stayed in the shadows.

At the far end of the road were three figures walking along, concealed in black hoods. I tried to find out more through Appraisal, however, the distance was too far. In the next moment, just from the moonlight, I saw one of their faces.

I drew in my breath sharply. Why did I have to come across them at such a time? There was no mistake, that hateful face belonged to Rafal. In that case, the tall man walking next to him would be the second son, Hado, and the smallest figure should be Mimil, the youngest sister. Without them knowing that I was following, they entered an exclusive luxury store just for VIPs. Only high ranked people like the Holy Knights were allowed in there. Feeling uneasy, I watched from the shadows as many other black hooded figures also entered the store.

I could tell from their scents. They were all Holy Knights. There was no doubt about it. What kind of meeting are they holding at this time of the night? I continued to watch the store for a while since I felt worried. However, the window curtains were all closed so I had no way of telling what was happening inside.


At that moment, a loud rumble came from my stomach. I could not help but feel troubled, yet I had an urgent matter to attend to right now. Soon, my starvation would reach a critical point. I left the place with a painful reluctance.

At the large eastern gate of the Commercial District leading outside of the capital, nighttime was vastly different from day, and was much quieter. There were no wagons travelling by, and there were many warriors hanging around the front of the gate instead. Anybody could tell from their equipment that they were skilled and experienced. Compared to the other morning when I went to hunt goblins, the average ranks of these warriors were much higher. I felt a great sense of intimidation.

"Their purpose is night hunting. The moonlight is bright today and they can see better than usual, and even demons need to sleep. Hence, even if they killed a lot of the same type, the hate effect is unlikely to occur. Attacking while they're asleep, they can defeat a large amount of demons this way."

"I see."

For ordinary warriors, night hunts were something they would definitely never do. On the other hand, it was an effective method to earn lots of money for experts who were well-versed in their skills. Understanding Greed's explanation, I crossed paths with a party of warriors. At this moment, one of them with an ill-shaven beard called out.

"Oi, you. I haven't seen you before. You're hunting with that kind of dingy equipment?"

"Yeah, so?"

When I answered as such, he burst out laughing loudly despite it being the middle of the night.

"Oi, listen up everyone. There's an absolute idiot here!"

Even though I had not wanted to stand out, all the stern faced warriors gathered around. All of them were sneering at me.

"You, coming here with that get up, you must be pretty strong, huh?"

Saying that with a smirk, he was just being sarcastic. What he meant was why a trashy person like me had come to a place like this.

"What's your level? Go on, let us hear it. We won't laugh."

"Are you done? I'm in a hurry."

My hunger had reached its limit. I ignored them and left to continue on my way. Those warriors had not hesitated in the slightest even when they saw my red eyes. That meant their status was above mine, so I was not about to waste time checking their skills one by one through Appraisal. Their voices followed me as I passed through gate, stabbing me in the back.

"Did you hear that? He probably couldn't say it because he's low levelled. Seriously. This is why I can't deal with beginners."

"You think he was probably trying to get into our party?"

"Ah, that must it. But, I'm not letting him in."

"Oii, trash-level kid, come back. If you're lucky, someone might let you into their party."

"Impossible with me though."

"Ah, I don't need you either."

"Right?! Gahahaha!"

Talk as much as you like. Either way, this Gluttony skill prevented me from joining a party. That's why I will use my own methods to grow stronger than all of you.

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