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DOP Chapter 468 – The Bei Mu Bestows Kingship (12)
Translated by: Yuki
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

At the same moment, the Empress Dowager Xiao knitted her brows. She looked at the five years old King of Bei Mu kindly: "King, the way you address your benefactor, can you…"

"Empress Dowager, I would like to make an imperial edict." Before Empress Dowager Xiao managed to finish her sentence, the five years old King of Bei Mu pranced like a little animal and rushed to Liu Yue's side. He squeezed into Liu Yue's bosom in a single movement as he passed an imperial edict to Empress Dowager Xiao.

Empress Dowager Xiao paused slightly, glanced at Liu Yue, then opened the edict.

Liu Yue saw this and slowly sat down, carrying the King of Bei Mu – Ye Lu Hong, who constantly kept annoying her since she saved him earlier.

"With the grace bestowed by the heavens, I declare that Mu Rong Liu Yue has done a meritorious deed by coming to the aid of the King. Her kindness is higher than the skies. I hereby bestow her with the surname of "Ye Lu", the imperial family's name. She is therefore appointed as the 'King's Older Sister' and granted the title of 'Righteous King'."

The short, brief row of words, was very simple, but it astonished the soldiers in the base camp.

The title of King?

Ouyang Yufei coughed and lifted the corner of his eye to look towards Liu Yue. Bei Mu's Kingship? Is this a joke? This King of Bei Mu is really treating this as a child's play.

"Sister." Listening to Empress Dowager Xiao read out the content of the imperial verdict, Ye Lu Hong happily buried himself in Liu Yue's bosom as he clung tightly around Liu Yue's neck, his face an unconcealed delight.

He had a small face the size of a palm. His skin had not experienced the hardships of the frostiness of the grassland winds, he was delicate like a porcelain doll, extremely beautiful.

A tent full of unmoving silence, the people in the base camp slightly look at each other in dismay. However, there was no jealousy at all, the soldiers only looked towards Empress Dowager Xiao one by one.

Empress Dowager Xiao turned her head and stared deeply at Ye Lu Hong who was clinging onto Liu Yue. There was no fear in his expression despite having been abducted just a few hours ago. He also did not look like he would have trouble sleeping from the trauma. On his face, there was only happiness, relief and unconditional trust.

Her King needs her, Empress Dowager Xiao finally understood.

At that moment, her profound eyes raised once more and glanced at Liu Yue's tranquil expression. Empress Dowager Xiao slowly saidl, "Great kindness needs to be compensated, great favors need to be repaid. We, the Kingdom of Bei Mu will treat the 'Righteous King' with sincerity, Liu Yue, what do you think?"

An atmosphere of silence descended upon the tent. Everyone placed their gaze on Liu Yue, waiting for her response.

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