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Ling Yun sent Ning Lingyu to the doorstep of the females dormitory, and both of them stood there.

Ning Lingyu twisted her fragile body as she turned around and said to Ling Yun: "Brother, you must have quite a number of unwashed clothes, right? Bring all of them home tomorrow. I will help you wash them."

Ling Yun then thought to himself: The clothes I wore these past few days have already been washed by Zhuang Meifeng each day. What other dirty clothes do I have?

He scratched his head with a sheepish laugh. "Lingyu, the place I am residing at has a washing machine. Save yourself the trouble of asking to wash my clothes for me every day. You have to spare a thought for yourself as well. Do you understand?"

Ning Lingyu wrinkled her brows as she rebuked, "Brother, how is washing your clothes considered a boring thing? Besides, the clothes that are washed by the washing machine cannot be compared to the cleanliness of washing by hand."

Ning Lingyu, who was anxious to redeem herself for her past mistakes, was more than happy to wash clothes for Ling Yun. However, she was unwilling to accept what he said, now that he forbade her to continue washing.

Upon seeing how focused Ning Lingyu was, Ling Yun helplessly forced a smile. "My clothes get soiled easily, and the fact is that you wash them so thoroughly, yet I still get them dirty. Listen, don't worry about washing my clothes anymore. Be a good girl, alright?"

Since Ling Yun started meditating, he would go to the place where the Shichiyou Herb could be found to practice his skills every night. As he always sat cross-legged on the ground, it was no doubt that his clothes get soiled easily.

He wanted to bring matters to an end, and hurriedly took out the mobile number card that his sister obtained from Tang Meng. He asked her, "Lingyu, why aren't you using such a nice phone number?"

As she realized how Ling Yun had entrusted her with the mobile card, she was filled with joy, not knowing what to do in that instant.

However, she was constantly reminded of the fact that the mobile card number was given to her brother by Xue Meining, and it made her feel incomparable to her. Would she be happy using it?

Feelings were much more complex in today's modern world, especially those of young females. Even the considerably smart Ning Lingyu was no exception.

Seeing that Ning Lingyu hadn't spoken a word for some time, Ling Yun tried to initiate a conversation. "Do you not like the mobile number?"

Her cheeks blushed. "It's not that. Of course I like the number you bought for me, but I just prefer using the current one…"

Ling Yun wondered about his sister's intentions after hearing that she wanted the normal one.

He had no choice but to take back the number since Ning Lingyu had no intentions of keeping it. "Alright then. I will sell the number to someone else. At least I can earn around seventy or eighty thousand!" Ling Yun laughed.

Selling this number back to Tang Meng was out of the question. However, Ling Yun thought of selling it out through Tang Meng, letting him earn his keep.

Seventy or eighty thousand might seem like peanuts to Ling Yun, but money was still money!

After settling the mobile number incident with Ning Lingyu, he told her, "Lingyu, mother said she is going to Qingshui Wharf today. Give her a call once you get back to the dormitory. Also, after you finish the second lesson later on, wait for Tang Meng's call. I will send him over to pick you up."

Ning Lingyu got flustered. "Brother, you..aren't you sending me home tonight?"

Ling Yun thought, "If I knew that I was going to be on leave today, I should not have offered to send Cao Shanshan home. Since I mentioned it, it would not be nice to stand her up."

Ever since Cao Shanshan had gotten acquainted with Ling Yun, she had helped him in many ways. Ling Yun may not have expressed his gratitude, but he was appreciative of it.

He felt that he was unable to fulfil his promise towards Cao Shanshan whenever he was reminded that he had to send her home.

Therefore, Ling Yun could only tell his sister, "I really have something urgent tonight. I will go back with Tang Meng tomorrow, alright? By then, I might even have a lot to learn from you!"

Ning Lingyu could only nod her head since her brother was so adamant about it. "Alright then…" Her gaze and tone of voice made her brother feel disheartened.

However, Ning Lingyu was able to recover from that moment of temporary sadness quickly. "Alright then, I have to go. I'll give you a call tomorrow!" she said as her smile widened.

Ling Yun nodded his head in satisfaction as he watched his sister walk into the dormitory.

Ling Yun then whipped out his phone to give Tang Meng a call. He instructed Tang Meng to pick Ning Lingyu before the second lesson ended and asked about the clinic as well before hanging up the phone.

At that moment, Tang Meng, Tie Xiaohu, and Yao Rou were at a hotel having lunch while discussing issues regarding the clinic. After Tang Meng put down the phone with Ling Yun, he immediately stood up and told his other two friends, "You guys carry on eating. I have something to attend to and I'm afraid I can't make it tonight. I'll leave first!"

After he said his piece, Tang Meng instantly rushed out of the hotel and headed home to prepare himself.

Two periods were over in a flash as the second bell rang, indicating the end of school. The year three students of Qingshui High cheered loudly, excited that school had ended.

The students were elated as the next 3 days were holidays due to the Qingming Festival.

As the bell rang, Cao Shanshan's face turned red and she started to feel nervous. Her heart was pounding anxiously as she dared not glance over at Ling Yun.

Which girl would not be excited when being sent back home by her crush?

Even Cao Shanshan was not an exception.

As she hurriedly adjusted her low-cut floral patterned dress, she heard Ling Yun's voice echoing beside her ear.

"Hey gorgeous, will you let me send you home?"

Cao Shanshan felt a rush of adrenaline inside her as her face started to flush crimson red. Her heart was about to jump out of her mouth as she nodded her head in excitement continuously.

"I'll wait for you outside the classroom."

As Ling Yun stood up, he unknowingly brushed past Cao Shanshan's slender back, squeezing out of the narrow space. Being the panic-wreck she already was, Cao Shanshan felt his manhood rub against her. A bolt of lightning shot through her body, sending euphoric emotions through her veins and causing her to almost faint.

After Ling Yun had left the room, she wanted to pack a few books and bring them along. But after giving it some thought, she placed them back down in one pile again.

It's such a romantic evening. Bringing so many books would totally spoil the atmosphere!

Cao Shanshan then took her pouch and left the room.

"Shanshan, are you done? Let's leave together."

Zhang Ling asked Shanshan as she walked over.

Upon seeing that it was Zhang Ling, Cao Shanshan blanked out.

"If Zhang Ling is going to join me and Ling Yun tonight, how am I going to tell him my feelings?" she thought to herself.

She gritted her teeth and shook her head. "Zhang Ling, I can't make it tonight, I…."

Sensing that Cao Shanshan was not her usual self, she started to get worried. "Are you okay? Why is your face burning up? Do you have a fever?"

Shanshan was afraid that Ling Yun might get worried while waiting for her outside so she frantically shook her head. "Zhang Ling, tonight… tonight Ling Yun is sending me home…"

"What?!" Zhang Ling was dazed upon hearing that. She felt that they were progressing too quickly.

At that moment, she felt confused and was unsure if she should feel happy for Cao Shanshan or sad for herself.

However, Zhang Ling still managed to keep a straight face, although her gaze was somewhat unusual. "Congratulations! You and Ling Yun are progressing really quickly. Where are you guys heading to later on?"

The embarrassed Shanshan failed to realize that Zhang Ling's gaze had changed. "Where else can we go to? He is just sending me back home."

Zhang Ling then felt a little out of sorts herself. "Alright then, you can leave first. I will leave in a while…"

Cao Shanshan hurriedly answered a quick reply and rushed out of the classroom.

Zhang Ling watched Shanshan hurry off into the distance, staring at her seductive silhouette retreating into the distance. Her nose wrinkled, and drops of tears flowed gently down her cheeks.

Ling Yun laughed as he saw Shanshan rushing out with her flushed face. "Let's go…"

"Oh my god, what did I just see? Cao Shanshan and Ling Yun walking together?"

"Don't tell me they are dating! Isn't it too fast?"

"Dating my ass! Cao Shanshan already shifted places to sit at the same table with Ling Yun. They are practically husband and wife already!"

"Shhh… lower your voice. We are dead if anyone hears us!"

Along the hallway, all the students who saw Shanshan and Ling Yun leaving together started having a heated discussion as they came up with all sorts of assumptions.

Ling Yun then brought Shanshan towards the dark grass field as they walked further and further.

"Ling Yun, what are we doing here in the field..?"

Cao Shanshan was not afraid of the dark, but she was rather puzzled at his actions.

Ling Yun laughed, "I can't possibly send you home without getting anything in return right? Don't forget I still have yet to take my revenge!"

Cao Shanshan was shocked as she remembered how she gave Ling Yun a handjob earlier that day. She felt her limbs turning numb and weak, her legs almost giving way.

The darkness now surrounded them after they had wandered deeper into the field. Cao Shanshan had mixed feelings as she did not know what to do, unsure if she was supposed to be delighted about this. In a moment of fiery and burning passion, Cao Shanshan then pounced herself onto Ling Yun!

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