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DOP Chapter 448 – Breaking Through the Cocoon, Becoming a Butterfly (5)
Translated by: Andy
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3/5 (8)

Hearing these words, Liu Yue tightened her fists.

She didn’t forget about that place. However, this is only an ancient book. It might be a thousand year old legend. It might just be a story. Maybe those people made these stories up to scare people away. She would be stupid if she ran away because of a single book.

“Who are you?” Liu Yue glared at Ouyang Yufei and coldly shouted.

If this book was in the hands of a normal person, they would definitely think that it’s a story and not believe it. However, this Ouyang Yufei was talking as if he knew that these stories were true. Who is this guy?

Waving the ancient book, Ouyang Yufei smiled, “Reading ten thousand books is not as good as traveling ten thousand miles. Coincidentally, I’ve actually been to this place so I know a thing or two about it.”

Ouyang Yufei just casually said that he’s been to this place as if it was a normal place.

Liu Yue stared at him. He’s been there?

Before Liu Yue could say anything, Ouyang Yufei’s sly eyes pierced her gaze, “The five empires are attacking from the front, while they are watching from the back. Liu Yue, don’t say that I didn’t remind you of the dangers that you can bring to Xuan Yuan Che and Tianchen.

The five empires, maybe he can beat them. Those people? Xuan Yuan Che won’t even be able to touch them.” Talking about those people, Yufei pointed at the book.

“It’s like this. I’ve saved one of their people before and got some things in return. I’ll show you. With this, you should be able to tell how strong they are.”

Saying that, Ouyang Yufei threw the book back at Liu Yue. He then took out a small white pill.

“Eat this.”

Liu Yue didn’t ask any questions and ate it. If they wanted her to die, they could’ve not save her.

Comparing powers? Okay. Liu Yue would like to see what kind of strength these people have.

Without saying anything, Ouyang Yufei took out a small bottle. After opening it, he dropped two drops of the liquid in the bottle onto the floor.

The droplets were crystal clear. There was no color and no scent. It looked just like two drops of morning dew.

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