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DOP Chapter 432 – Where the shadow goes (1)
Translated by: Andy
Edited by:

4/5 (5)

His eyes burned with fiery. It looked as if blood was about to seep out.

His breath….. His heartbeat…. They were seized away as he watched the yellow figure float. Xuan Yuan Che felt as if his heart had stopped.

His eyes…. His heart….. They were focused on Liu Yue who was falling towards the mountain streams.

Xuan Yuan Che immediately flew off of his horse and madly rushed over. He went straight towards Liu Yue with a fierce look on his face.

A mournful and wild roar echoed throughout the night sky. It vibrated within the pouring rain.

Behind him, the sound of iron hooves sounded. Xuan Yuan Che’s troops were here as well.

Fresh blood poured like a waterfall from the sky. It followed Liu Yue as she fell towards the mountain stream. Her yellow robe had already been dyed bright red.

Such a sight caused people to tremble.

On the other side, Yun Zhao who chased after the arrow watched as Liu Yue was struck by the arrow.

Before he could return to his senses, Du Gu Ye and Liu Yue had struck each other. Liu Yue who was hit by the palm strike was sent flying towards the stream.

Unable to bear it, Yun Zhao’s expression changed and flew towards the direction of Liu Yue in order to catch her.

Liu Yue was falling faster and faster.

She was struck in both her back and her chest. Her organs were in a complete mess right now. She couldn’t make a sound……. She couldn’t move at all…..

Her consciousness was slowly fading away. Only the pain on her body remained. An endless amount of pain….

Che….. It hurts…..

Yun Zhao extended his arms in order to catch the falling Liu Yue. He ran as fast as he could with all of his strength. He had to catch Liu Yue in this rain….

Far away, Xuan Yuan Che wildly rushed forward as well.

Faster…..I have to be faster….. Have to be faster.

His speed was at the utmost limit already. In this torrential downpour, only his black shadow could be seen. He was like a demon. A demon who was going to cut down everything in his way.

His hand…. It was raised high towards the falling figure….. This person was his world. He must grasp onto his world. He must catch her no matter what.

The figure drenched in red blood was falling even faster now.

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