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DOP Chapter 421 – Sorrow Night (3)
Translated by: Andy
Edited by:


“Liu Yue.” Xuan Yan Yi looked straight into her eyes, “That year, you looked weak and feeble. I thought that you took Murong Yi’s genes so I bestowed the marriage to you. I didn’t think that anything would happen.”

However, I didn’t think that you were hiding your true face. With that face of yours, it seems like you have more of your mother’s genes.

You’re something that can’t be kept in the seven empires.”

When Liu Yue heard the last sentence, she frowned.

Xuan Yuan Yi then moved towards a book that laid besides the painting, “Originally, I thought that if you weren’t exposed, then the people in that place wouldn’t know about it.

You could’ve been together with Che-er. You could’ve gotten married and lived peacefully together.

Who would’ve thought that Du Gu Ye would come out of nowhere and bring five other empires to attack us just for you. The news about you have probably been sent to overseas. Even if Murong Wu Di and I want to suppress the news, we can’t.”

After saying that, he picked the book up and threw it towards Liu Yue.

Liu Yue caught the book easily. After flipping through the pages, her expression changed immediately.

Xuan Yuan Yi saw the change in her expression and sighed, “Yue-er, I know my son’s abilities.

If he says he can handle the five empires, then he can handle it. Other people are scared, but I’m not. I know my son can do it.

But, if those people find out about you and come, then our Tianchen will definitely be destroyed.

Against those people, our Tianchen cannot defend at all. We can’t even try to fight back.

Yue-er, don’t blame me for being selfish. I don’t want Tianchen to be destroyed. I don’t want Che-er to be hurt as well. I only have one outstanding son left. Tianchen needs him. I don’t want our few hundred years of history to be destroyed just like that.”

Liu Yue can tell that Xuan Yuan Yi was filled with fear. He was filled with grief.

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