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DOP Chapter 387 – Convergence from all directions (6)
Translated by: Andy
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All of the ministers and officials that were happily enjoying themselves immediately stopped talking and shivered when their eyes met with Xuan Yuan Che’s cold gaze.

“Che-er” The happy emperor Xuan Yuan Yi put down his glass and furrowed his brows after seeing this.

Xuan Yuan Che didn’t care about his father’s call and stood up with a solemn expression.

He coldly looked at everyone present and made a statement in front of them, “You guys will prepare for my wedding in a month’s time normally. I will marry my princess Liu Yue then. My ONLY princess.

The last three words were emphasized. Xuan Yuan Che made sure that every single person in the hall heard what he said.

The emperor and the ministers and officials were all startled.

His only princess? What does this mean?

Liu Yue lifted her head as she looked at the solemn Xuan Yuan Che. A smile appeared on her face.

Xuan Yuan Che waved his sleeves as he turned around and walked down the stage towards where Liu Yue was sitting. He held Liu Yue by her waist and kissed her face. He didn’t look at anyone else. His gaze was focused on Liu Yue, “In my life, I will only marry Liu Yue.”

The sound of his voice was followed by the early autumn wind. It further projected his voice throughout the entire area.

The singers on the stage, the actors, the busy eunuchs and maids, the joyful ministers and officials all quiet down.

The entire place was filled with silence.

At this moment, only the sound of wind echoed throughout the hall.

Everyone looked at each other and was dumbstruck.

“You scared them.” Liu Yue looked at everyone and giggled.

It’s just that he’s going to marry one person. What is there to be so surprised about?

She turned around and looked at Empress Chen who was still in a shocked state and firmly said, “I’m very stingy. My husband can only have one wife. Me!”

Xuan Yuan Che held Liu Yue’s hand tighter and looked at his shocked parents, “Father, Mother, your son is very tired from the long trip. I’ll take my leave first.” Saying that, he swaggeringly walked out with Liu Yue.

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