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Chapter 384 – Convergence from all directions (3)
Translated by: Andy
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They have all heard about how the little princess had some fake makeup on her face to make herself look like a plain girl. Rumors had it that her looks were capable of causing the downfall of an empire empire. However, they have never seen it for themselves. When they saw how she really looks like today, they couldn’t help but stare.

Such beauty. It was simply too heavenly.

Liu Yue saw Xuan Yuan Yi’s expression changed and couldn’t help but furrow her brows and coldly snort.

All of the ministers and officials returned to their senses and started to laugh. They all greeted Liu Yue and didn’t dare to look at her anymore. They all lined up once again.

“Fahter. When did I agree to have a big wedding?” When everyone lined up after seeing Liu Yue, Xuan Yuan Che couldn’t help but smile and turn towards his father.

Xuan Yuan Yi finally came back to his senses after hearing these words.

Xuan Yuan Yi’s mouth twitched and looked at the asura standing by the door with her arms across her chest. Without saying anything, Liu Yue stared into Xuan Yuan Yi’s soul.

This…. How should Xuan Yuan Yi deal with this?

The right minister immediately revealed a smile, “The emperor was just talking about the marriage between the prince and the little princess. He bestowed the wedding three years ago. Even if the prince isn’t in a hurry, the emperor is already very antsy about this.”

“Yeah. That’s right. We were just talking about the King of Yi’s wedding with the little princess consort.”

“Right. Right. Right. The marriage between the prince and the little princess. We can’t be skimpy about something like this.”

All of the ministers knew what to do and all started to answer.

Liu Yue is their prince’s little princess consort. Everyone including the other six empires know of this fact already. The marriage was bestowed by the emperor himself. Even if the Snow Saint Princess was here, she can’t possibly marry Xuan Yuan Che before Liu Yue does.

Hearing this, Xuan Yuan Che coldly looked at the ministers and officials. He then looked over at Xuan Yuan Yi, “Huh?”

Xuan Yuan Yi saw that Xuan Yuan Che was clearly not buying it at all. Liu Yue was also staring them down like a tiger looking at its prey. This was something hard to deal with. Xuan Yuan Yi grabbed his son’s hand and smiled, “Withdraw, withdraw. We’ll talk about this matter tomorrow. We’ll have to celebrate since Che-er has returned.

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