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***(Slight correction: Miao Miao got married first and Yin Zi is getting married the next day...sorry for any confusion 🙈)***

My mother-in-law was sat in the main hall waiting for my visit.

Her attitude is not salty as before, I can't see any annoyance or dissatisfaction coming from her, she just made some small talk with Xiang Qing and I, the general topic was for us to work hard in the future and manage our household and must not lose face for the family, especially me, that I should not be too spoiled, and that since I am married into the family I should learn to be a virtuous wife.

It seems this is how human women have lived for thousands of years.

I remembered the mother-in-law's words are like an Imperial degree and so promised to work hard and be sure to try my best, Xiang Qing beside me was making small gestures at to me trying to get me to look at him and for me to keep quiet. No matter what I was going to do it.

Sister-in-law laughed on the side and said, "Brother-in-law is so considerate of his wife."

Brother-in-law also laughed beside her and said: "forget all that, younger brother you must bloom and give the family more branches and leaves."

**(branches and leaves refers to children.)**

Xiang Qing was embarrassed and politely said a few words, and grabbed me who still wanted to inquire about how to be a virtuous wife and hurriedly rushed back. 

Mother-in-law sighed softly and shook her head, "Let them go, choose their own road and since it's their own choice, they shouldn't regret it."

We went out the door, and Xiang Qing and I made our way home to arrange the gifts for Yin Zi's wedding, on our way he said, "You don't need to keep these things in your mind. Anyway, you are wrong for making false promises that you can't fulfill in this life. After two years, we will go journeying and playing, there's no point in learning to be virtuous, it's useless."

"I am no longer an ignorant child that was not sensible in the past." I was not liked, and it made me depressed, so I thought about it and secretly made up my mind that no matter what he says, he will have the most filial woman before we leave the village.

"Be good, you already very good and virtuous, if your husband is not satisfied he will be hit by thunder." Xiang Qing said as he patted me on the head and grabbed the package and took me out the door, "Don't dawdle, otherwise you will miss Yin Zi's wedding."

Now Yin Zi is living with us in the new house, the house is divided into two courtyards. One side is for him and Xiao Cha, with the main hall connected in the middle with me and Xiang Qing's. There was the garden and kitchen in the back, where Yin Zi is currently pacing back and forth in his red bridegroom robes. 

Xiang Qing was in a very good mood, he handed over the gift to the bookkeeper and said to Yin Zi, "Are you prepared?"

"Ready or not, it has to be done. There's no turning back." Yin Zi gulped and took a deep breath.

I curiously asked him why he was so nervous. Yin Zi immediately knocked me on my head. "This is my first time marrying a wife! Can't I be nervous?"

That's okay. I sat in the sedan chair two times. Truly, it's this big bird's first time getting married, so I didn't continue to tease him. I just sat next to the side, while I sneakily grabbed some pastry while watching Xiang Qing trying to distract Yin Zi by keeping him busy with the guests.

After receiving the guests finished. Yin Zi went to the front of the hall to give a thank you. Xiang Qing then put his hand on his shoulder and very seriously and sincerely said, "Yin Zi, thank you."

"Are you okay?" Yin Zi was puzzled.

After Xiang Qing was at loss for words for a while, he continued, "Thank you for accompanying this silly cat for 500 years. Thank you for solving the problem of Xiao Cha for me."

After a while, Yin Zi seemed to comprehend and quietly said, "This cat and I have always been together and me marrying Xiao Cha is because I don't hate her, so you don't need to thank me for anything."

I don't know what riddles they are playing, Xiang Qing quickly walked over to me and pulled me to follow the groom procession and he whispered to me, "Your friend is very good."

I proudly raised my head that is definitely true, I will never lose when it comes to my intuition of people, but I was worried about Xiang Qing's loses and quickly comforted, "Your friend, Molin looks bad but is actually quite good. Also, that bastard Hai Yang is also a good person. If they know you've recovered your memories they will be very happy. In the future, we can go to heaven to see them."

After thinking about it, Xiang Qing said, "I still don't want to set foot in Heaven. The fate that was given to me is to reincarnate, if it is known that I have recovered my memories, I am afraid it will be erased again."

"Why? How can Heavenly law be so unreasonable?"

"If everyone remembers their past life, it will be very chaotic." Xiang Qing helplessly explained. "So since it's like this, let us not reveal this matter and just live quietly. Anyway, if they have time, they will come to the mortal realm to see me, there is no need to go to Heaven to look for trouble."

"Okay, we will have a few more kittens in the future." I happily said.

"One Xiao Mao is enough for me to have a headache." Xiang QIng said shaking his head.

"Do you not like it?" 

"No, I like it, you have really raised him well as I told you to."

"He loves mischief." I worried. 

"I don't mind, I will teach him well in the future," Xiang Qing said, "A strict father is an indispensable part of a child's life."

I looked at Xiang Qing's evil smile and doubted his teaching methods, and silently mourned for Xiao Mao's future in my heart a little, but this will not make me hinder the necessary education of my son. When he comes back sore, I will at most help him apply ointment. Anyway, it is his own son, he won't really kill him, so there is nothing to worry about.

Xiao Mao who was walking in the front to help receive the bride turned back and saw us looking at him with smiles, could not help but feel a chill.

The road to the neighboring county was quite far away. I and Xiang Qing did not ride horses or take a carriage but instead took a walk on our own. At this time, the summer flowers were in full bloom and grass was vibrant like green jade, we played while walking and I told Xiang Qing's about Xiao Mao's birth. I couldn't give birth to him for a long time and almost beat up Yin Zi and the others. It was so painful and when I couldn't take it anymore I grabbed a knife and cut my stomach open and the others took him out. Molin was so scared that he almost rammed his head into a wall and quickly used needlework to sew my stomach back and boiled bitter medicine for me, he was worried that if he hadn't come quickly I would really have died. I was so good that I didn't get climb out of bed for half a month, when I finally got up and was running around Yin Zi was so angry and quickly chased me back to bed.

I hear Xiang Qing cold sweating as he said, "No wonder you have a red mark on your stomach. I thought you were fighting and got hurt, I thought it was a monster who was really daring."

"Xiao Mao is very funny, by seven or eight years old he had read a lot of books but he still wet the bed. Afraid that I will discover it, he would secretly go and wash the quilt in the morning and pour tea on top of it to cover the smell." I smiled as I continued, "Jian Nan asked me not to expose him to save the child's face, so I pretended not to know about it."

"I don't want to have another one in the future." Xiang Qing's mind still seems focused on the topic of having children, "it's more trouble."

"But people are few in our house, there's just Wawa." I rubbed my skirt depressed and worried and then asked, "Is it that you can't afford it?"

"It's not that...I just don't want you to have an accident during childbirth." Xiang Qing shook his head and continued, "You don't have to worry about money, when I was an immortal I hid some gold and silver treasures in secret locations. Although small, nevertheless, it is enough to live and we can take it out to cover our travel expenses later."

"Miao Miao is not afraid of having a baby." I guaranteed.

"It's not convenient to travel with a baby, you have to think clearly." Xiang Qing said with a smile.

I suddenly fell into a dilemma and was thinking about it while I was walking and when I looked at my side, Xiang Qing had disappeared.

I hurriedly searched for him, looking around shouting his name, but he did not respond.

I sniffed around for his smell and traced it when unexpectedly, a blooming chrysanthemum was put in front of me.

The golden color was more beautiful than the golden glow of the sun.

I looked at the person delivering the flower and all my worry was discarded, and I went back to smiling and laughing happily.

**(Miao Miao you are not scared of having kittens, but we are scared for you 😱....she's so adorably simple, innocent and sweet)***

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