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At this moment, Lyu Liang was listening to the young shopkeeper's introduction to the pavilion. He said, "Dear guests, you've come to the right place! Everybody knows that our merchandise here in Tianshui Pavilion are guaranteed with the highest quality, we are definitely the best in the whole of Wufang Territory. If we claim ourselves as the number two, no one would dare to say they are the number one!"

Once they entered into the main hall on the fourth floor, they realized there were not many people indeed. They could see that there were only seven groups of people present. Each group consisting of two to three people were led by a shopkeeper, who was explaining somethings to them.

Lyu Liang made an effort to show his appreciation to the shopkeeper attending to him by tossing his two upper grade Primordial Stones, as he said, "These are for you. I would have to trouble you to help me the items I need later on."

The shopkeeper glanced at the stones given by Lyu Liang and his countenance lifted immediately, saying, "Thank you, Mister. As long as I can found the items you need in the pavilion, I will definitely let you know!" The upper grade Primordial stones were such a delightful thing to have!

Seeing what happened, both Zhang Ran and Lyu Xinyun were rather amazed, however, they did not show any look of surprise on their faces.

Lyu Liang started to discuss with the two of them to make a list of items they wanted. They put the list of items onto a piece of paper.

Lyu Liang was done with the list after a while and he handed it to the shopkeeper. On the list was firstly the mini portable cave residence requested by Giant Tiger. Lyu Liang supposed this alone would cost a considerable amount of money. Following this would be some complementary magic treasure that could store Premordial Qi, Devil Qi or Demon Qi.

He remembered that on the walls of Rare Treasure Hall, there were many magic treasures above the immortal standard qualityimmortal standard. However, he had not seen anything which could store the different Qis. He was trying his luck just in case such magic treasures do not qualify as immortal standard.

As for the other two, Zhang Ran simply wanted to get two Bottleneck-breaking Pills for breaking through any bottleneck in future. What Lyu Xinyun wanted to get were more varied, namely magic treasures for attack, defense and complementary treasures. All these treasures were for cultivating Nascent Soul level and above. As estimation, these would cost more than 200 mid grade Primordial Stones.

Right after the shopkeepers took over the list, he went to look for the items. Lyu Liang and his two companions started chatting happily while waiting and did not notice the figure in red coming up the stairs, who was looking intently at Lyu Liang.

Shangguan Ying had come up to the fourth floor to get away from the men's gazes and to collect the Black Water Jade.

"Hm? Who, who is that girl? She seemed to be very close to him. Looking at her dressing, she must be his Junior Sister, unless..." Shangguan Ying felt tightness around her chest and she did not understand why she would feel this way. She felt a little lost and fell into a daze.

The lady in green was puzzled to see Shangguan Ying in a daze, but as she followed Shangguan Ying's line of vision, she realized that she was looking intently at the happily chatting Lyu Liang and his companions.

Within the Xuan Nyu Sect, there were four other leaders other than its head, who was Xuan Nyu Fairy. The four leaders were Green Dragon, White Tiger, Red Bird and Xuanwu, being named after the four holy beasts. This lady in green was the Green Dragon, the Grand Magus, who was second to Xuan Nyu Fairy in status.

It could be deduced that she and Shangguan Ying shared a very close relationship from the fact that she called her "Aunt Green". At this moment in time, Aunt Green could totally see through Shangguan Ying's heart.

"Sigh, silly child! How are you so easily sucked into such emotions?" Aunt Green sighed as she looked toward Lyu Liang.

"Junior sister, when we have a look at the price later on, let me pay for them if it's not too ridiculous. Let's say it's a gift from me before you go to Xuan Nyu Sect. Is that alright?" Lyu Liang turned his head to tell Lyu Xinyun, when an intense pressure that quickened his pulse rushed towards his Divine Soul.

Lyu Liang stopped talking immediately and focused on putting up a defense. Fortunately, this pressure was only meant to give a scare and it dissipated before it could stimilate his Divine Soul. Even so, Lyu Liang was already drenched in cold sweat. He was keenly aware that the pressure on his could have taken his life if the person exerting it willed it.

"Don't worry Liang, she's just trying to scare you. Just give your attention to whoever is there," said Blackie with a laid back voice, which showed that Blackie did not think much of it.

After settling everything else, Lyu Liang looked in the direction where the pressure came from. As he squinted his eyes to focus his vision, he could hardly suppress his elation.

"Aunt... Aunt Green, please don't... oh, thank goodness." Shangguan Ying had sensed what Aunt Green was doing when she first exerted the pressure on Lyu Liang. She panicked but was unable to stop her in time. How relieved she was when she eventually found that Aunt Green was just giving Lyu Liang a scare. By then, she hardened her heart again.

Aunt Green stole a helpless glance at Shangguan Ying and thought in her heart, "Silly child, you have already given you heart to that boy and are turning against me to protect him."

"Fairy Shangguan!" Lyu Liang's mind was totally taken up by Shangguan Ying's presence so he could not hold back calling out to her. "She's even more beautiful than the last time we met!" he thought excitedly in his heart.

"Ah... Mister Lyu, we meet again," Shangguan Ying stammered in response. She could feel her voice going higher.

"What's happening, big brother? Looking at her clothing, she must be a high level disciple in Xuan Nyu Sect. Do you know her?" Zhang Ran whispered to Lyu Liang. He had meant to continue saying, "Somehow I feel that you two have a special relationship."

Having seen Lyu Liang's reaction, Lyu Xinyun felt an inexplicable sense of loss. "What's happened to me? Why am I thinking? What businees has it to do with me if he likes this fairy?"

Inadvertently, Lyu Xinyun called to mind how Lyu Liang stood in between Li Wuyi and her and how Lyu Liang eventually got her out of the situation. For a second, she was enthralled by Lyu Liang's smiling face, but she quickly put the thought away, thinking it was an illusion. To her surprise, she was actually feeling a sense of loss at this moment!

Since they had bumped into each other, he had to at least go over and greet her. At this moment, all the people in the hall had stopped whatever they were doing and fixed their gaze on this out-of-the-world beauty. At the same time, many of them were looking at Lyu Liang with curiosity, because it was obvious that he knew this beautiful fairy.

Lyu Liang was the first to go over to Shangguan Ying. Having his eyes fixed on her, he could not even bring himself to utter a word. On the other hand, Shangguan Ying blushed and lowered her head. Anyone could tell there was something between the two of them.

"Ahem, ahem!" Aunt Green could not keep quiet any longer. Seeing that one of them was in a daze and the other acting like an idiot, they really were made for each other! However, how could she allow them to be a spectacle?

Snapped back into reality by Aunt Green's coughs, Lyu Liang and Shangguan Ying realized the awkwardness and was about to break the silence by saying something, when the shopkeeper's voice sounded from the stairs.

"Pardon me for taking so long, my three distinguished guests! I've gathered all the magic treasures you requested, except one, which I needed to discuss further with you!" the shopkeeper came over quickly to them, carrying a sack with him and putting it down before Lyu Liang.

Both Lyu Liang and Shangguan Ying were thankful that the shopkeeper came at the right moment. They gave each other a knowing smile and turned their eyes to the sag of itmes.

Lyu Liang tried to concentrate on the magic treasures brought to him by the shopkeeper.

What Zhang Ran requested was the simplest item so they picked out those two Bottleneck-breaking Pills of mid grade quality first and they cost 200 mid grade Primordial Stones!

The shopkeeper showed Lyu Liang three different units of mini portable cave residence. The only differences were their sizes. The smallest of the all could at most fit two of Giant Tiger and it cost 150 mid grade Premordial Stones. The next bigger one could accomodate five of Giant Tiger and cost 250 mid grade Premordial Stones. The biggest of them all could fit ten of Giant Tiger and cost 500 mid grade Premordial Stones!

Lyu Liang pondered over it and decided that the biggest of them was out of question, since it was too expensive! However, the one which cost 150 stones was too small. Finally, he chose to take the cave residence that cost 250 stones.

As for Lyu Xinyun, all four of the items she requested, which were Nascent Soul stage magic treasures, added up to cost a total of 310 mid grade Premodial Stones.

When it was time to pay for their purchase, Zhang Ran presented 200 mid grade Premordial Stones. Looked like Zhang Ran had come from relatively well off family after all. Lyu Xinran on the other hand was also able to take out 210 mid grade Premordial Stones, which were likely all that the Lyu family prepared for her.

"Erm, would it be alright if I owe 100 mid grade Premordial Stones? I'll send a letter home to request for more. Once I receive the stones from home, I'll come to repay you!" Lyu Xinyun implored softly.

"Ah... aren't you... aren't you making things difficult for me? You have to understand that the first rule in Tianshui Pavilion is never to owe us money for your purchase. I really can't make a decision like this! How about you just take two items this time?" the shopkeeper was put in a tight spot, so he could only answer Lyu Xinyun this way.

"But... but I need all four items urgently..." Lyu Xinyun started to panic. Hunyuan Sword Immortal had instructed his disciples to get these items as soon as they have the chance to purchase them. They were especially beneficial in cultivation the 'Great Manual of Heavenly Enchantment'.

"Not to worry, aren't you just short of 100 stones? Just put it on me! Together with this cave residence, that will be a total of 350 mid grade Premordial Stones. Taking into accounts the 200 stones for down payment, here's the balance of 150 more. Please count them to see if it's correct?" While Lyu Xinyun was still worrying over her problem, Lyu Liang had already handed three upper grade Premordial Stones and 50 mid grade Premordial Stones into the shopkeeper's hands.

Lyu Liang did not take long to consider since he had all the while wanted to take care of Lyu Xinyun because she was his sister after all. He did not know when he would meet her again and he was determined to help her when this opportunity arose.

However, these started two people pondering...

Both Lyu Xinyun and Shangguan Ying were stunned when Lyu Liang offered to pay for Lyu Xinyun. However, what happened after told them apart.

Lyu Xinyun's eyes suddenly sparkled and she started blushing. In contrast, Shangguan Ying's face drained of its colors and her eyes seemed to be welling up with tears.

Lyu Liang, still making payment to the shopkeepers, was totally oblivious to the fact that he had initiated such an awkward situation...

It was Zhang Ran who realized what was happening. Shaking his head and smiling helplessly, he thought, "Big brother, oh my big brother! It may appear that you are so skilled in your cultivation, but right now, you're really behaving like an idiot! While you behave so generously, the two ladies are going to develop a big misunderstanding towards you..."

"Lyu.. Mister Lyu, I just remembered I have something to attend to. I'll make a move first!" Shangguan Ying stammered and finally got the words out of her lips. Thereafter, she lowered her head and ran towards the stairs. There seemed to be tear drops running down her cheeks.

"What an idiot you are, Liang! Idiot! Moron! Hurry up and transmit a voice message to her to explain yourself, otherwise it will be too late!" Blackie could not bear to see what was happening and started rebuking Lyu Liang for being a idiot.

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