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Chapter 368 – The Black-clothed Asura 12
Translated by: Andy
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The python was continuously wriggling, creating chaos within the river.

The river water splashed everywhere, making it seem like it was raining in the area.

On the other hand, Xuan Yuan Che was still standing imposingly on top of the python like the god of death, not moving at all.

A black-clothed asura, standing in mid-air, looking down on everything else.

Everyone else present, including Du Gu Ye, Qing Shui and the generals all stopped their movements and looked at Xuan Yuan Che.

Xuan Yuan Che fiercely stepped on the python and restricted its movements. With his sword, he ruthlessly stabbed the area between the pythons eyes and picked something out of its head. An object appeared from the wound and flew out.

Nearby, princess Qing Lian who was the closest to the white pearl-like object flew towards it the moment she saw it. She extended her hands and tried to grab the Dragon Kill Pill.

To whom it falls to means that they have the ability to keep it. This was an agreement between her brother and the King of Yi. Whoever grabs this Dragon King Pill, the other party can’t try to take it away.

A joyous expression appeared in her eyes. She felt that she was very lucky.

However, Liu Yue’s face sank. With a slight movement in her hand, a strand of silk appeared from her sleeves and grabbed the Dragon Kill Pill.

That girl wants to take it? In her dreams!

This was something that Xuan Yuan Che got himself.

Princess Qing Lian’s hands were ready to grab the Dragon King Pill that was in front of her eyes but suddenly, something appeared and grabbed the Dragon King Pill away from her.

She was startled at what happened and looked at where the Dragon King Pill went.

All she saw was Liu Yue holding onto the pill while staring at her with a cold expression in her eyes. That gaze was so cold that it could kill people.

Princess Qing Lian didn’t want to fight this battle.

“How are you feeling?” Without caring about the Dragon King Pill, Xuan Yuan Che quickly leapt off the python’s body and flew towards Liu Yue.

With an anxious look, Xuan Yuan Che immediately took Liu Yue’s pulse. He was feeling very worried.

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