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Chapter 358 – The Black-clothed Asura 2
Translated by: Andy
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Holding Liu Yue’s hand, Xuan Yuan Che’s mouth curved up and revealed a smile as well, “Well. The scenery here isn’t too bad.”

“Let’s go for a walk and enjoy the scenery then.” Liu Yue turned towards Xuan Yuan Che and smiled.

“Good idea.” Xuan Yuan Che laughed as they slowly walked around. They didn’t look like they were in a hurry at all.

Murong Wu Di understood what they meant and smiled towards Qiu Hen and Yan Hu as he followed Liu Yue.

Du Gu Ye is very strong but the Thousand Year Dragon Snake isn’t so easy to handle either. Liu Yue and her group will wait until the two wear each other out before they strike. This was a very good plan.

The mountain wind was calm and cool. The sweet scent of the fresh grass and flowers were scattered around by the breeze.

The entire place looked very scenic.

As they slowly walked around the mountain, the violent sound of water crashing against land could be heard. This battle was very intense.

Liu Yue looked at the ground below her and then surveyed the surroundings. The land was fertile and the plants were growing neatly. However, there were no living creatures around this place at all. There were no bugs, no snakes, and there wasn’t even a single butterfly flying around. The place was very tranquil and serene. It was a haven within the dangerous rainforest.

All the creatures avoided this area and didn’t dare to enter.

This place was owned by a lone tyrant.

It was very normal. The giant python didn’t allow any living creatures in its territory. Nothing was willing to go up against this creature.

Liu Yue’s expression suddenly turned serious, “We have to be careful. It might be stronger than we think.”

She knew that the python was very strong. In her past life, she had accepted a mission that took place in the rainforest and had encountered a giant python before.

It was as thick as an adult and it’s strength was even stronger than a cannon’s. Any normal person would die in one strike. Even Liu Yue had to use a rocket launcher to blow it up. It almost revealed her trails in the rainforest.

However, in the place where she is right now, there were no AK47s, no M16s, no tanks and no rocket launchers. It was much harder for them to kill this python.

She was already holding her silver dagger in her hands. Even if Xuan Yuan Che had never faced a giant python before, he can still feel the danger and how powerful it is.

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