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Chapter 352 – You are the only one for me in this multifarious world (8)
Translated by: Andy
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Murong Wu Di furrowed his brows and looked over at Du Gu Ye who was standing next to Liu Yue.

The effects of this miasma…. Murong Wu Di knew what it did. Could it be…..?

He looked at Du Gu Ye and then back at Liu Yue. Could something have happened between them?

Murong Wu Di’s heart started to pump very quickly.

There was no answer. Liu Yue didn’t pay attention to Murong Wu Di at all. Her pitch black eyes were staring at the exit of the miasma.

“Ke.Ke. What the hell is this?” A few meters away, Qiu Hen’s voice was heard. A shadow appeared out of the miasma.

At the same time, Du Gu Ye’s subordinate, Liu Cheng’s foul mouth could be heard. He came out while swearing and cursing at the miasma.

Everyone had come out already. Only Xuan Yuan Che and Qing Lian were still inside.

Without saying anything, Du Gu Ye looked over at Liu Yue.

He didn’t say anything but his expression conveyed the words.

Xuan Yuan Che wasn’t out yet.

Those eyes showed that a storm was slowly brewing and there was a show to watch. His relaxed himself as he continue to look at Liu Yue.

“Eh? Why isn’t his highness out yet?” While breathing deeply, Qiu Hen rubbed his eyes and looked at everyone.

“Princess Qing Lian isn’t here either.” Liu Cheng rubbed the sweat off of his forehead and looked at everyone as well.

When Qiu Hen said those words, Murong Wu Di glanced fiercely at him. At the same time, the leader of the four great generals of Ao Yun, Qing Shui glanced fiercely at Liu Cheng as well.

Qiu Hen shuddered. Why was general Murong glaring at him like that?

An thought flashed in his head and he finally understood. Shit. Everyone knew what kind of effect the miasma had. It had some sort of seduction effect and can hypnotize people while creating illusions. Qiu Hen was alone in there so even if he was hypnotized, nothing will happen to him. What can he do if the only thing around him is air and mist?

However, the ones that didn’t come out were Xuan Yuan Che and Qing Lian. When they entered the miasma, they were very close together.

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