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Chapter 248 – Exposing the Criminal (3)
Translated by: Andy
Edited by: Andy
TLCed by: Andy

Yun Zhao didn’t wait for Liu Yue to say anything and immediately went into the carriage. He patted Chen Fei’s shoulders while laughing, “Haha, what a bro!”

Chen Fei leaned forward from the pat and laughed while shaking his head.

Liu Yue didn’t mind that Yun Zhao followed them. If he wanted to come, and if Chen Fei allowed, then she didn’t care.

“Wucheng Conglomerate”. This was written in large letters in front of the house. It looked like a very magnificent and expensive place.

What is this place? Liu Yue thought that Chen Fei was gonna bring her to the palace of West Cliff. She would never have thought that he would bring her to an Auction House.

Chen Fei got off the carriage and walked towards hall.

“Please leave your weapons behind.” A voice welcomed them as Liu Yue and Yun Zhao followed. It belonged to a wealthy looking fat middle age man.

Liu Yue furrowed her brows, spread out her hands and took her weapons out.

The fat man smiled, looked at Yun Zhao and hinted for him to put the zither down as well. He clearly knew who Liu Yue was.

“Liu Yue, you can’t bring any weapons in here. Let’s go.” Chen Fei nodded at Liu Yue and continued to walk in.

Liu Yue didn’t care and told Yun Zhao to put it down.

Yun Zhao immediately gave the zither to the fat man.

The two people followed Chen Fei into the auction house.

“Young Master.” a middle aged man greeted Chen Fei right after they walked into the lounge.

Chen Fei nodded, “I heard there were some good stuff today.”

“Yes. Top quality treasures.” The middle aged man bowed and opened the door to the auction hall.

Liu Yue followed and took notice of everything within the hall.

The place was about three hundred square feet in size. And although it was elegantly decorated, these decorations had no style at all.

All the way in the front of the hall, there was a large stage. A white haired old man stood on top of the stage, holding a meter long old azure sword.

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