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Chapter 974: Blood Shadow

The injuries on the cultivator surnamed Sun healed quickly as the blood-colored snakes went into his body.

“You’re a blood cultivator? So you did all these!?” Xiong Yue, who was not far away, was shocked, then he roared furiously.

The hooked nose cultivator next to him also looked ashen.

“Hehe, it’s too late that you only realize it now!” The cultivator surnamed Sun laughed with a hideous face, and a bloody light flashed in his eyes.

The 7 blood-colored giant pillars around them suddenly burst into bloody light. White runes that were 1 meter in size began to emerge on it. With the injection of blood essence, they started to turn red.

“This is a blood sacrifice, stop him!”

The hooked nose man shouted when he saw this. His beastkin aura transformed into feathers and blasted out.


Xiong Yue also roared to the sky, a giant bear phantasm appeared and pounced toward the cultivator surnamed Sun.

“Hmph! You still want to attack after most of your blood essence has been drained? You are simply courting death. Fine, I will use the blood of you 2 to complete the blood sacrifice.” The cultivator surnamed Sun snorted coldly, then he turned into a bloody light that blasted forward.

The gray feathers and the giant gray bear phantasm collapsed when they touched the bloody light.

The cultivator surnamed Sun in the bloody light waved his hand, and the dying human cultivators on the ground flew up. Their blood essence surged out like torrential rain. All of them became shriveled.

The blood essence turned into a stream that went into the cultivator surnamed Sun’s mouth.

“It is really delicious!”

The cultivator surnamed Sun licked his mouth with a hideous look.

“You, you are not Senior Fellow Apprentice Sun! He doesn’t practice blood technique at all. Who are you?” A Haoran Academy disciple on the ground yelled as he saw this.

Wu Hong and other human race cultivators were also shocked and angry, but they couldn’t move a single muscle at this moment.

“Hehe, who am I? Of course, I’m your senior!” The cultivator surnamed Sun laughed wildly, then he flickered and appeared beside Xiong Yue. He grabbed and released a giant bloody palm at him.

After a tough fight, Xiong Yue didn’t have much spiritual power left. Now that half of his blood essence was drained, he was still knocked away. His 18 meters body was even wrapped by a blood mist in an instant.

A whistling sound came!

After a scream, blood pillars shot out from Xiong Yue and went into the 7 giant blood-colored pillars.

This Real Pellet State bear beastkin shriveled quickly, leaving only a thin bear skin.

After absorbing Xiong Yue’s blood essence, the runes on the 7 blood-colored giant pillars had mostly turned dark red.

The cultivator surnamed Sun pouted, and he flew toward the hooked nose man.

When the Eagle Hook man saw this, he flapped his wings and escaped in a gust of wind.

The next moment, he slammed into the bloody light curtain and bounced back.

The cultivator surnamed Sun laughed wildly and went on him…

After a while, the blood-colored runes on the seven jade pillars were finally replenished. The bloody light was very bright.

“Haha, the blood sacrifice has finally succeeded! My careful planning is really worth it!”

The cultivator surnamed Sun threw the hooked nose man’s dry corpse away and laughed loudly. He spun and launched golden lights into the 7 jade pillars.

“Boom boom boom“!

7 blood-colored giant pillars burst open, and a blood mist surged out and turned into a blood mist sea.

The cultivator surnamed Sun chanted and spouted a fingernail-sized blood-colored rune. The blood mist was absorbed instantly.

“Poof poof poof!“

In the blink of an eye, these blood-colored runes had grown to the size of a fist. The bloody light was flashing nonstop.


The cultivator surnamed Sun let out a loud shout. After the blood-colored runes trembled in the air, they printed on his forehead, limbs, chest and abdomen.

As the runes on the cultivator surnamed Sun flickered, his aura began to rise slowly. It grew from Real Pellet State intermediate stage to the later stage, then it even reached the perfect stage after a few seconds.

His eyes had completely turned crimson red, and his hair was blood-red as if stained with blood. The hair was like flames when fluttering in the wind. After his face distorted for a while, it became indistinct.

The surname Sun had turned into a faint blood shadow that seemed to have no substance.

“So… everything was planned by you! Who are you?” The young woman Wu Hong asked angrily with her eyes half-open.

Her originally black skin was extremely pale because losing a large amount of blood essence.

“Who am I? Are you ants deserved to know?” The cultivator surnamed Sun, who had transformed into a blood shadow, sounded a lot more older. He glanced at the dying Wu Hong and grabbed in the air.

The entire space suddenly tightened.

“Poof“, her body burst open, and her remaining blood was sucked into the blood shadow.

“A bunch of trash! In this way, the life prolonging spiritual medicine is in my bag, and I can finally leave that abyss smoothly! Hahaha… After thousands of years of imprisonment, it is finally coming to an end…” The blood shadow muttered a few more words to himself, then he flew toward the cultivators on the ground.

“Who are you? What happened to the real senior fellow apprentice?” Not far away, Huang Yun of the Haoran Academy struggled to raise his head and said with grief and indignation at the cultivator surnamed Sun.

“Sun Peng? Since you miss him so much, I will kindly let you meet him!!” The blood shadow sneered and waved 1 hand. A bloody light pulled the old man toward the blood shadow, and bloody silk burst into his body.

Huang Yun widened his mouth, letting out a silent cry. Before he could struggle a few times, his eyes were dilated, and his body turned into a dry corpse.

The bloody light on blood shadow was even brighter after absorbing the blood essence of 1 more person, then he released bloody lights again to pull the Demon Mystic Sect’s young man in a white robe and the young man surnamed Li toward him.

With a flash of bloody light, the 2 talented young men had turned into 2 dry corpses.

At this moment, a lightning flying sword suddenly flashed out from a cultivator in a green robe who was lying on the ground, stabbing the cultivator surnamed Sun extremely quickly.

Seeing this, “the cultivator surnamed Sun” hurriedly threw the corpses and turned into a bloody light to retreat.

Although he wanted to dodge, the distance between them was too close. The lightning flying sword blurred and pierced into the right shoulder of “the cultivator surnamed Sun”.

Purple lightning arcs instantly wrapped “the cultivator surnamed Sun” in it, tearing apart the protective bloody light on him.

“The cultivator surnamed Sun” let out a muffled groan. The bloody light around him dimmed, and he was stunned for a moment.

At the same time, the cultivator in a green robe who released the flying sword suddenly jumped up and stepped on the ground with one foot. He appeared behind the cultivator surnamed Sun in a flash.

He launched countless punches at the back of the cultivator surnamed Sun.


With a muffled sound, the violent force poured out from the fists. There were obvious ripples in the surrounding air.

“The cultivator surnamed Sun” did not move, but a layer of viscous bloody light appeared on his body. Not only it instantly suppressed the purple lightning arcs, but it also abruptly blocked the punches.

“It’s you!”

“The cultivator surnamed Sun” shouted, then he spurted blood. The viscous bloody light on his body trembled.

It seemed that the rampant punches still caused internal injuries to him even though he defended them all.

The cultivator in a green robe was Liu Ming.

Seeing that the blood shadow was injured, Liu Ming’s eyes lit up. He flickered and cast another 3 phantasms, surrounding “the cultivator surnamed Sun” and launching endless punches at the protective bloody light.

The protective bloody light of “the cultivator surnamed Sun” suddenly trembled and became dimmer. Suddenly, he groaned, made a gesture and burst out countless bloody silks from the bloody light. 3 phantasms were eliminated instantly.

Liu Ming tapped his feet in shock, then he retreated quickly. He waved his hands and released a black mist dragon. It went through the bloody silks, slammed onto the bloody light and burst apart.

Seeing this, “the cultivator surnamed Sun” was startled at first. When he saw the black gas spreading, revealing 2 golden talismans, he was utterly shocked.

The next moment, 2 dazzling golden lights suddenly burst out, drowning “the cultivator surnamed Sun”.

Liu Ming stopped and waved both hands. 4 gray beads emerged. It was the True Spirit Orbs he just got.

With a flash of gray light, 4 beads blasted into the golden light.

As Liu Ming murmured, the 4 beads rotated in place, then a gray square enchantment was formed. The golden light and the black gas were wrapped in it.

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