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Chapter 965: Fissure Eagle Race


The bell phantasm vibrated, and the black sound wave it emitted condensed into a black light bomb that went at the fire dragon’s head.

Fire dragon whined after suffering serious damage, then its body burst into flames.

Shen Wanqing spurted blood, and his aura plummeted instantly.

With a flash of red light, the Spirit Devouring Fire Snake appeared again, and its size had shrunk to its original size. It looked weakened.

Beside the fire snake, the crimson fire flag was dull. Its spirituality seemed to be lightly damaged, and it would be unusable for a while.

A thunderbolt!

A big black hand reached out at lightning speed and grabbed the crimson fire flag.

The Spirit Devouring Fire Snake hurriedly turned into a red light and escaped back to Shen Wanqing’s side.

“Haha, this fire flag is your main spiritual weapon right? You merge the fire flag with the fire snake to turn it into a dragon, but unfortunately, your cultivation isn’t enough. The merge is barely working!” The bear beastkin with a scarred face laughed proudly. The big black hand he cast was holding a red flag, and he pointed at it.


In mid-air, the black giant hammer turned into a giant hammer phantasm and struck at Shen Wanqing again.

Shen Wanqing was shocked. He spat out a bowl-sized flame lotus.

The flame spun and enlarged dozens of times, turning into a huge red lotus. The giant black hammer was stopped.

At the same time, the red flag also flashed, and a lotus phantasm emerged.

The bear beastkin with a scarred face was slightly surprised. When he was about to make a move, Shen Wanqing shouted “explode” first.

The lotus phantasm burst and shattered the giant black hand.

Without waiting for the bear beastkin with a scarred face to react, the red flag returned to Shen Wanqing’s hand in the blink of an eye.

The huge red lotus in mid-air also exploded, blowing up the black giant hammer and bell together.

“Stop, I admit defeat!”

Shen Wanqing quickly turned into a red escape light and charged toward the human side as he admitted defeat.

The bear beastkin with a scarred face demon looked ashen due to the previous explosion. He quickly pursued with murderous intent.

At this moment, an indistinct white light flashed and stopped in front of the beast beastkin.

With a “bang“, the bear beastkin collided with the white light, and he was pushed back for several steps.

Shen Wanqing took the opportunity to return back to the human side, gasping for breath.

“Sir. We are just having a practice match. After that, we have to work together to break through the enchantment of the ruin. There’s no need to kill each other. Mr. Shen has already admitted defeat. You won.” The cultivator surnamed Sun retracted his arm, and the white light that blocked the bear beastkin flashed back into his sleeve.

“Xiong Wu, you have already won, so don’t cause more trouble. Come back.” The muscular man of the Savage Bear Race also spoke.

The bear beastkin glanced at the cultivator in a red robe angrily, then he waved his hand to recall the flying hammer and the black bell and return to his allies.

The cultivator surnamed Sun also returned.

Shen Wanqing was sitting cross-legged at the moment. After he consumed a red elixir, he looked slightly better. There was another young woman in a red robe whispering beside him. She was obviously a disciple of the Shen Family too.

On the side of beastkin cultivators, the hooked nose man whispered a few words with the muscular man, then he turned into a series of afterimages and appeared on the stage. The speed was hard to catch

“I will play in the next match, which one of you will fight me?” The hooked nose man said in a light tone while looking at the human cultivators. He looked quite relaxed.

It was a good start for the beastkin cultivators to win the first match. They sent a Real Pellet State beastkin cultivator on the second match, clearly wanting to win 2 matches in a row to demoralize the human cultivators.

The human cultivators discussed for a while, and they turned their gaze to Liu Ming and the cultivator surnamed Sun. According to the previous discussion, they would deal with the 2 Real Pellet State beastkins.

“Let me deal with this person!” Liu Ming looked at the cultivator surnamed Sun and said lightly.

As soon as this statement came out, everyone immediately looked surprised.

“Okay, be careful.” The cultivator surnamed Sun was startled, then he nodded and reminded him.

Liu Ming smiled lightly. After secretly injected a bit of spiritual power into the jade pendant around his waist, he came to the front of the hooked nose man in a blink of an eye, looking at the beastkin cultivator calmly.

“Very good! In addition to the Real Pellet State cultivator, you are indeed the strongest in terms of aura. It’s good that you are my opponent. Let’s see how many rounds you can survive!” The hooked nose man looked up and down at Liu Ming, then he smiled grimly.

“I know that you are a bird beastkin and your cultivation is higher than mine, but there are always variables in the fight. Don’t talk big so soon yet.” Liu Ming’s expression remained unchanged.

“Hmph! Just use your life to test whether I’m talking big!” The hooked nose man said hoarsely. A green aura burst out and wrapped around him in green airflow.

Facing a Real Pellet State beastkin cultivator from Savage Wild Continent, Liu Ming naturally wouldn’t put his guard down. With a flick of his sleeve, a purple light shot out. It was the Bitter Wheel Sword. He tapped at the sword a few times while chanting.

Bitter Wheel Sword suddenly burst into purple sword lights, and it split into 9 identical purple sword lights. After another blur, hundreds of sword shadows shrouded the hooked nose man.

For a time, the dense sword qi crisscrossed the field, and even the people standing in the distance had an illusion as if they were also wrapped in these sword shadows.

The Bitter Wheel Sword was a lightning-type flying sword, so its speed was not much slower than that of the Void Sword. The power of Sword Light Split couldn’t be underestimated.

“So you are a sword cultivator. Your power is not weak, but unfortunately, your speed is still too slow.” Facing the whistling sword shadows, the hooked nose man commented indifferently. He disappeared completely after a flash of green light.

The next moment, a gust of wind appeared behind Liu Ming, and the hooked nose man appeared out of thin air. There was a pair of black wings behind him. He seemed to merge himself with the wind.


The hooked nose man raised 1 hand, and his palm instantly turned into a sharp black claw and clawed down.

Liu Ming was split into several segments by the huge claw shadow.

The next moment, the hooked nose man was startled as it was just an afterimage of Liu Ming!

A hundred meters away, Liu Ming flashed out with a pair of silver wings behind him. He looked a little solemn.

Although he used the Three Shadowy Mirages and Beast Armor Tactic to evade the opponent’s hit, he could clearly sense that the hooked nose man was only probing. In terms of speed, he was definitely above Liu Ming.

At this moment, he quickly thought about the rumors about the Fissure Eagle Race.

It was said that this beastkin clan was a branch of the Archaic Nine Heavens Divine Eagle, which was good at controlling the wind element aura. Not only they were quick, but they also possessed the power to split the space, which was why they were called Fissure Eagle.

However, if one wanted to split the space, he generally had to reach the Celestial State and use the celestial power of the Nine Heavens Divine Eagle.

“Tsk tsk, your speed is not too slow. You can also cast wings. Not bad, this is even more interesting.” The hooked nose man slowly turned around, looked at the silver wings behind Liu Ming and said word by word.

“Hmph!” Liu Ming snorted lightly. A water blue flag appeared in his hand. It was the treasure he got in the giant beast’s belly before. He injected spiritual power into it and chanted.

After a buzz, a water-blue brilliance appeared on the flag. With Liu Ming as the center, a blue light array with a size of several meters emerged out of thin air.

The hooked nose man frowned slightly after seeing this. At this moment, Liu Ming waved the flag in his hand.


Blue light flashed on the surface of the flag, and a turbulent sound came. Monstrous sea water gushed out, split into several thick water beams and shot toward the hooked nose man.

The hooked nose man frowned, then he disappeared once again like a wind.

The water beams all missed.

Not far in front of Liu Ming, a black shadow flashed. The hooked nose man showed his figure again. He waved both arms and launched countless green claw shadows at Liu Ming.

Liu Ming shook the flag in his hand, and a blue light curtain was condensed above his head. There was a faint sound of rushing water.

The green claw shadows collided with the light curtain, causing the blue light curtain to shake a few times, but it didn’t collapse.

At the same time, the blue flag in Liu Ming’s hand flew out. It released waves of dazzling blue lights to the ground, then one after another blue runes were formed.


Liu Ming let out a low voice, stretched out his hands forward and slowly lifted them up.

A loud rumbling sound.

The ground below suddenly shook, and the snow on the nearby snow-capped mountains collapsed in response. The ground with blue runes even collapsed after a few crisp sounds. Bursts of water beams rose into the air.

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