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Chapter 953: Wood Spirit Great Array

Lan Si nodded, and she crossed her arms to make gestures. After a moment, she spouted a faint blue beastkin power that turned into blue silks that wrapped him. It flashed and disappeared without a trace.

Liu Ming only felt a slight chill in his body, and countless thin blue glows were roaming outside the spiritual power crystal in the sea of ​​consciousness, but other than that, there was no other abnormality.

He and Lan Si tacitly looked at each other and smiled. The enchantment they set on each other couldn’t affect their lives immediately, but it was more than enough to contain each other at the critical moment.

These seemingly mutual enchantments were just testing each other, which fortified their alliance.

“Ji Ying should contact me again soon. Let’s discuss the specific strategy to deal with him.” This woman, who had been stern, suddenly smiled like a cold lily suddenly blooming. Liu Ming was stunned looking at her.

“Miss Lan should already have a plan in your mind right. I just need to follow your plan.” Liu Ming said with a slight smile.

“Mr. Liu is polite. I’m not 100% sure it will work, but I indeed have a few plans.” Lan Si said slowly.

After they briefly discussed, they soon split up.

After a dozen minutes, at a very secret lake, a bloody escape light dashed across the sky, making a piercing screeching sound.

In the escape light, Ji Ying’s face looked extremely ugly.

In order to get the Spirit Nurture Cauldron in Liu Ming’s hands and eliminate this potential threat, he took Lan Si, a vassal of the Blue Wood Clan, to track Liu Ming for 3 days.

He had never put the weak human race in his eyes. Not to mention that he was just a Pseudo Pellet State cultivator. He thought he could catch Liu Ming easily with his speed, but he didn’t expect him to have a few acceleration spells too. He had yet to succeed in catching Liu Ming.

This made Ji Ying very annoyed. Because of the delay, it even affected another major event originally planned by the Shadow Wolf Clan and Silver Tiger Clan.

However, the Spirit Nurture Cauldron on Liu Ming’s body was also of great use to him. Therefore, he could only chase all the way down.

A buzzing sound came from Ji Ying.

He waved his hand to take out a green disk array. After a green light flashed, Lan Si’s voice came from the disk array,

“Master Ji Ying, I have temporarily held that human. Please come to support quickly. I can’t hold that person for too long…”

Lan Si’s voice sounded very anxious. After clarifying the direction, it was quickly interrupted.


Ji Ying’s face was overjoyed. He put away the disk array and chanted. He turned into a bloody light and went toward the direction told by Lan Si.

After flying more than 5,000 miles away, a tall and unusual forest appeared in front of him. This was exactly the place that Lan Si said.

“Hmph, he actually ran here. He is really digging his own grave!” Ji Ying’s eyes lit up, and a smirk appeared on his mouth.

No one knew better than him how powerful the people of Blue Wood Clan were in such a lush forest.

In a valley of hundreds of meters in the forest, countless branches and vines rushed out of the ground, forming a lush world.

In the loud noise, all the trees were swaying like living creatures. The valley seemed to be messy, but there seemed to be a mystery in it.

A figure wrapped in black gas was galloping in the forest sea; this person was Liu Ming.

At this moment, a purple sword light danced around him, protecting his body.

The surrounding branches were like snakes that entangled toward Liu Ming. These ordinary tree trunks and branches were now as strong as steel. Even the flying sword couldn’t hurt them a bit.

Liu Ming’s face seemed ashen. He tried to fly out of the forest, but no matter where he went, he was forced back by the countless intertwined branches.

After Ji Ying came close, he could see the situation clearly.

“Wood Spirit Great Array! Lan Si, good job. Now that you have used this array, it seems that this human race can’t escape without my help.” Ji Ying said so, but a hint of unnoticeable suspicion flashed in his eyes.

The Wood Spirit Great Array was a famous array of the Blue Wood Clan, which integrated attack and defense. It also had a miraculous buffing effect. It was 1 of the famous array on the Savage Wild Continent, but only the core member of the Blue Wood Clan cast it.

Judging from the power of the array, she deserved to be the top among the several talented disciples of the Blue Wood Clan, which intensified Ji Ying’s intention of killing her.

“Master Ji Ying, in order to introduce this son into the Wood Spirit Great Array, I have consumed a lot of spiritual power, and it won’t last long. I’m afraid you still need to take action to capture this human.” The figure of the woman in blue clothes slowly rippled out not far from Ji Ying, but her face was pale and her body was dripping with sweat. She looked like she had overdrawn spiritual power.

Although she was talking to Ji Ying, her eyes were still fixed on Liu Ming in the Wood Spirit Great Array while forming gestures. She was clearly focusing on controlling the array.

Seeing this situation, the only trace of doubts in Ji Ying’s mind dissipated.

“Okay, you continue to restrain this person’s actions with the Wood Spirit Great Array, and I will abolish his spiritual power. Don’t kill him first. I still have some things to ask this person.” Ji Ying grinned and let out a long howl as he charged toward Liu Ming in a series of afterimages.

Liu Ming was trying his best to dodge in the Wood Spirit Great Array, and he didn’t seem to notice Ji Ying’s attack.

Seeing this, Ji Ying smiled sinisterly and went into the Wood Spirit Great Array. The vines opened up a path for him to go in.

The next moment, with a flash of blood light, Ji Ying appeared in front of Liu Ming like a ghost.

Liu Ming was shocked. He tapped his feet and moved backward immediately.

But at this moment, a thick vine whipped his back heavily, causing him to stagger. Although he didn’t appear to be injured, his movement was slowed down.

“Die!” Ji Ying grinned.

A thin layer of red light appeared on his arm. After a flash, it turned into a ferocious beast claw with silver hooks like a crescent moon on the fingertips. He grabbed toward Liu Ming’s belly with lightning speed.


The panic on Liu Ming’s face suddenly faded and a hint of strange look flashed in his eyes, then he blurred and retreated as if he had been prepared for it. The claw missed!

A black shadow flashed, and Liu Ming appeared on a tree trunk dozens of meters away.


The countless vines that were originally aimed at Liu Ming suddenly turned around and entangled toward Ji Ying.

“Lance, how dare you betray me!” Ji Ying was startled. He instantly understood what was going on. He turned around and shouted sternly.

Outside the Wood Spirit Great Array, Lan Si didn’t bother him. The tired look on her face was long gone, but her hands were still making gestures.


Ji Ying’s face was ashen. His eyes were filled with scorching anger, and an extremely powerful beastkin aura erupted from him.

Liu Ming released black gas and shook his arms. A black light spread and shrouded Ji Ying in it.

“Hell Prison!”

With the hindrance of the Wood Spirit Great Array, Ji Ying couldn’t utilize his speed at all. Coupled with the sudden change, he fell into a dark space.

“It’s this technique again!”

Ji Ying was startled at first, but he soon calmed down again. When he fought against Liu Ming before, he had seen this so-called Hell Prison space. He moved his arms and launched bloody claw phantasms to the surroundings.

“Poof poff poof!“

The entire Hell Prison space fluctuated for a while. The dark aura instantly became a little richer, but it did not shatter as expected. The entire space returned to normal after only a few breaths.

“How…” Ji Ying was stunned for a while. Previously, he could tear the Hell Prison easily.

“Damn Lan Si, she actually buffed this dark space with the Wood Spirit Great Array!” As Ji Ying thought of something, he immediately became even more infuriated.

Everything was out of Ji Ying’s control right now.

Outside the Hell Prison, Lan Si was chanting while clasping her hands in front of her chest.

Countless large and small blue light spots appeared in the Wood Spirit Great Array, and they merged into the black light with the incantations.

The Hell Prison was instantly inflated and swelled by a few times. It looked more solid and stable than before. It vaguely exuded a liquid-like black crystal light.

In the Hell Prison, Ji Ying’s face was extremely gloomy. His eyes were blood red. His hands had already transformed into the beast claws. With a wave of his arm, claw phantasms had filled the entire space.


The bloody claw phantasms condensed and shot out.

“Boom!” With 2 loud noises, the Hell Prison shook violently while making a whistling sound, but it still did not collapse.

“Damn it!”

Ji Ying scolded angrily. His beastkin aura surged as he continued to attack the Hell Prison. A small purple sword entangled with several purple lightning snakes stabbed toward the back of Ji Ying’s neck with a flash.

Ji Ying was startled. With a flash of bloody light, a layer of blood-color hair emerged on his arms and neck.


The small purple sword made a harsh metal friction when stabbed at the back of Ji Ying’s neck, then it bounced back abruptly.

Liu Ming, who was wrapped in black light, was shocked by the situation.

The blow did not succeed, but his whereabouts were exposed.

At the next moment, Ji Ying turned around suddenly and pounced at Liu Ming with a flash of bloody light. He clawed with bloody lights in his hand.

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