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Chapter 91 - Heavenly Imperial Corpse Clothing


The red-robed girl’s finger slightly froze as a sliver of blood shot out. After an indistinct transformation, it unexpectedly morphed into a scarlet red Fire Python. It was forty to fifty meters tall and as it opened its big mouth, it furiously rushed toward the yellow ribbon cast and furiously bit down.

In that instant, a sparkling red flash rushed forward in front of Duan Can Zu’s body; the Fire Python resolutely smashed open the yellow ribbon defense and proceeded to ram into his chest.

A large sound reverberated!

The Fire Python instantly exploded and transformed into a fire pillar that engulfed Duan Can Zu as it rushed toward the heavens.

Simultaneously, the two revolving flying tridents nearby also savagely attacked Duan Can Zu who was still mid-air. It caused him to thoroughly be enveloped within the scarlet flame.

At this time, the high temperature from within the light shroud was slightly felt by the the disciples in the audience who were closer to the arena. However, they all couldn’t help but open their eyes wide despite the heat; they didn’t dare blink.

Once the fire pillar disappeared without a trace, Duan Can Zu let out a smothered sound as he fell onto the stone platform.

Every person starred on and couldn’t help but let out a cold breath.

The present Duan Can Zu was covered from head to toe in scorched black ashes. It seemed that his body had transformed into coke.
TL: Processed coal used to blast furnace

“Hmph, you forced me to use my Fire Python secret technique, so you can be considered quite good. However, if you wish to supersede my position, you are still a bit lacking.” The opposing red-robed girl finally put down her arm and slowly spoke.

Presently, her two cheeks contained a slightly unnatural shade of scarlet, that unintentionally added a bit of garish to her appearance.

It was clear that the previous attack had consumed a lot of her energy.

“Is that so? Contrarily, after experiencing Senior’s attack just now, I instead gained quite a bit more confidence.” Just as the red-robed girl was still somewhat flabbergasted as to why the embroidered robed Spirit Master outside of the light shroud had yet to announce the result, the distant charred body unexpectedly produced soft words.

Subsequently, under the audience’s inconceivable gaze, the charred black figure which should have been in a coma due to heavy injuries, extended his arm and began to move around. A layer of black dead skin began to peel off, revealing a new layer of light yellow bandages. The bandages were densely packed and had wrapped Duan Can Zu’s body so that his body was opaque. The only skin that was visible was the portion above the neck.

This scene rendered everyone dumbstruck.

“It is the work of the Heavenly Imperial Corpse Clothing, also known as the most difficult secret technique to cultivate. He has further cultivated it to the Initial Spell Mastering. Haha, it seems that Junior Fei is actually going to lose this time.” The green-robed male, Feng Chan, sitting in an upright position under the second banner immediately let out unrestrained laughter after he saw the scene unfold.

As for the “Junior Fei” who he mentioned, she couldn’t help but be somewhat overwhelmed with shock. However, after grinding her teeth, she coldly spoke a sentence stating that she didn’t believe that nothing actually happened to him. Then, she once more lifted her arm and she once again pointed at her opponent with a red finger.

However, this time, the originally slow moving Duan Can Zu suddenly lifted his arms and lightly swiped his five fingers at the red light.

An air shattering noise abruptly arose!

The hundreds of bandages instantly shot out in a dense cluster from his arm. After a brief wild dance, they transformed into a large yellow layered net that rushed toward the red-robed girl.

When the girl saw the situation unfold in front of her, her face went pale and the point of her finger instantly shook. A trace of blood appeared and once again morphed into a Fire Python that roared as it rushed forward. However, after tearing through multiple layers of the net, it let out a wail before dispersing into the air.

As for the two flying tridents that turned into raging flames, they were wrapped by the large net and in an instant, had their flames eliminated. They were like fish trapped in a net, unable to move.

For the remaining time, the girl still refused to admit defeat as she ran about on the stone platform and further performed a few fireball attacks. Nonetheless, it was to no avail against the incessant bandages.

After a short while, the girl was surrounded by the yellow bandages that layered the entire stage and finally was unable to flee. She was thoroughly bound and firmly fell on the ground, no longer with the ability to move.

“I admit defeat, quickly release me.”

The red-robed girl lay on the ground as her entire face blushed red. She could only helplessly admit defeat.

Hearing this, the embroidered robed Spirit Maser naturally flew over and removed the light shroud while announcing Duan Can Zu’s victory.

Duan Can Zu let out a faint smile before retracting the bandages and bowing toward the embroidered robed Spirit Master. He then arrogantly strode toward the sixth banner.

As for the red-robed girl, she stood up and ferociously stared at Duan Can Zu before jumping off the stage.

Although she had lost her sixth place spot, she had also earned the right to challenge other people.

Nonetheless, her current mood was unstable and the amount of Fa Li she had expended was large. As long as she wasn’t stupid, she definitely would not immediately issue a challenge.

At this time, the disciples spectating the first arena’s battle just now were in an uproar.

From one side, there were numerous people who were shocked by Duan Can Zu’s strength, while another side was that the battle had given a number of disciples the courage to challenge other disciples.

Before the embroidered robed Spirit Master brought out the hourglass again, there was a disciple who jumped into the arena and proceeded to challenge the ninth place core disciple.

After a short while, another battle commenced.

Simultaneously, floating nearby the jade stage, the Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader, Gui Ru Quan and a handful of remaining Spirit Masters were discussing the previous battle.

“Senior Huang, your Corpse Refinement Faction unexpectedly has someone who managed to successfully train in the Heavenly Imperial Corpse Clothing Secret Technique. Don’t tell me that you personally taught him?”

“If that were the case, then I would not be surprised as well. In the past few years, this Duan Can Zu has displayed average abilities. I didn’t know that he unexpectedly secretly cultivated this secret technique. Zeze, it seems that he managed to slip through my gaze.”

Senior Huang was wearing a black robe and his face had a plethora of wrinkles. He seemed to be exceptionally old; his face was full of shock as he replied.

“So this was the case. This child had always hidden his Cultivation Method and since he suddenly revealed it, it’s most likely that he wanted to surprise everyone. Congratulations Senior, aside from Feng Chan, it seems that your division will have another person within the ten core disciples.” Another tall and sturdy middle-aged man laughed as he spoke. This was Heaven’s Secret Faction’s Spirit Master Lei who was also Lei Zhen’s uncle.

“Yes, Can Zu daring to cultivate the Heavenly Imperial Corpse Clothing technique really gave me a nice surprise. However, whether he is able to remain within the top ten is still up for debate. At the very least, Lei Zhen and Jia Lan can easily beat him off.” Senior Huang let out a light laugh as he modestly spoke.

“Senior Huang must be joking. Although Jia Lan and Lei Zhen have fairly good natural endowments, they have just entered the sect, so whether they enter the top ten is still debatable. How could they be Duan Can Zu’s opponent? I have further heard that Senior Gui’s division’s Shi Chuan has constantly been in training in the past year. Moreover, Junior Zhu Chi and Zhong have just obtained a Deep Sea Coldlight Iron. I do not know whether Shi Chuan’s training has any connections to this?” A thirty something year old scholarly male also laughed as he proceeded to change the subject to the nearby Gui Ru Quan.

He was Baleful Yin Faction’s master, Chu Qi, and further was Gui Ru Quan’s largest Spirit Master enemy.

“Regarding the Deep Sea Coldlight Iron affair, I have also heard others mention this. I haven’t had a chance to congratulate Junior Gui yet. I’ve also heard that Heavenly Moon Sect has sent people to purchase this item but their offers were rejected. Could it be that Junior has other plans?” When the Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader heard the previous words, his interest also seemed to be piqued as he smilingly asked a question,

After listening, Gui Ru Quan’s eyebrows creased before returning back to normal as he replied.

“The plan that I had was to use the materials to forge into a totem for use. Shi Chuan undergoing training with us for the past year was to familiarize himself with the totem.”

Gui Ru Quan’s reply was only half true, thus Chu Qi naturally only believed half of it. However, once the Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader expressed his congratulations, he returned the topic to the current battle in the first arena.

Currently, although the disciple who issued the challenge had continuously performed a few quite powerful high level techniques, every time he was about to complete the incantation and hand technique, the opponent would forcibly stop the rest of the incantation with a simple Wind Blade. After a few repeated times in this manner, without the opponent even having to attack, the challenger’s Fa Li self-devoured and he ended up falling on the ground.

“Truly an imbecile, do you not realize that performing high level techniques requires perfect timing. This sort of proficiency degree and you still want to perform high level techniques in front of me? What a reckless idea.” The ninth ranked core disciple had acrimonious facial features and was a youth wearing a blue robe. Seeing the situation in front of him, he immediately let out a wild laugh as he spoke.

Many audience members underneath the arena also laughed when they saw the scene unfold.

Although the challenger’s cultivation wasn’t ordinary, he was completely unaware of this and clearly viewed his own strength too highly. Furthermore, his battle experience was extremely lacking.

The embroidered robed Spirit Master announced that the challenger in the arena had been defeated as the challenger instantly jumped off the stone platform flushed with embarrassment. He rapidly disappeared within the crowd of people.

“Honestly, his ability to simultaneously cultivate such a number of high level techniques already isn’t an easy feat. If he had not come to the first arena, perhaps he would have a chance of entering the core disciple rankings. He merely happened to challenge the wrong opponent. I believe that Junior Bai won’t make the same mistake.” Liu Ming was in the process of watching another disciple jump onto the stage and challenge the tenth place gold-ringed youth, when a cold voice sounded from behind him.

“What, is Junior Gao talking about me?” Liu Ming was not the slightest bit surprised as he answered without even turning his head.

“Huh, Junior Bai truly is a smart person. However, addressing me like that is violating the sect rules. Could it be that Junior doesn’t know that even if two people entered the sect at the same time, lower status disciples must address higher ranked disciples as Senior?”

The person speaking behind him was Gao Chong. Astonishingly, beside him stood Mu Ming Zhu, the youth with arm rings, Shi Jian, his wife, and the others.

Among them, Mu Ming Zhu was looking at Liu Ming with a complicated expression. The youth with arm rings had a face full of a sneer, and Shi Jian and his wife were expressionless.


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