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Chapter 865: Secrets of the Past

Sha Chuer and Liu Ming listened attentively.

After a while, Ouyang Kui continued to recall,

“Ouyang Ming is my own cousin by all accounts. People in our branch originally thought that he could lead us to rise in the Ouyang Family. Never did we know that he caused us great disaster instead.”

Sha Chuer halted her breath, knowing that what the old man in a yellow robe told would be the most critical part of this matter.

“As far as I know, more than a hundred years ago, Ouyang Ming, who was already ranked among the top 3 in strength among the core disciples of the Linyan Pavilion, was ordered by the previous family master to go deep into the southern wilderness alone to investigate a major matter.” The old man in a yellow robe’s eyes flickered as if he was reminiscing about the past.

“I didn’t know what he was investigating in the southern wilderness, but there was no news from then on. Until 10 years ago, he suddenly came back, and his cultivation level was greatly improved. He had reached the Real Pellet State perfect stage. At that time, as his fellow branch, I was still very happy. Many people in the family at that time also thought so. With the amazing aptitude shown by Ouyang Ming, he was very likely to advance to the Celestial State. Once he really did it, even if he couldn’t become the next family master, he could hopefully become the elder.”

“In order to allow him to advance smoothly, the family master did not hesitate to waste resources and let him enter the Demon Vanquish Secret Realm for training, which was opened up by the ancestors for training. It is used to temper disciple’s mentality and cultivation.” The old man in a yellow robe sighed and said slowly.

Liu Ming was moved in his mind. According to Ouyang Kui, this secret realm should be similar to the Taiqing Sect’s Evil Ghost Way.

“But what everyone did not expect was that instead of preparing to advance to the Celestial State, Ouyang Ming secretly crushed 3 seals out of the Seven Star Demon Vanquish Seals and absorbed the large amount of true demonic qi that was sealed in them. He started to cultivate a forbidden demonic technique, Worldly Demon Lord.” The old man in a yellow robe looked very ugly when he said this.

“Worldly Demon Lord? Why did father practice this kind of demonic technique…” Sha Chuer’s eyes widened, and she almost lost her voice.

“Haiz, no one knows why he wanted to do this, but this was of course discovered by the family. The family master dispatched people to capture Ouyang Ming in the secret realm. This Worldly Demon Lord is a true demon clan’s technique. Although its power is unmatched, only the real demon can truly control this. Although Ouyang Ming was talented, he couldn’t resist the invasion of demonic qi. He finally lost his sanity and turned into a demon. But, Ouyang Ming was even more powerful after being demonized. He killed those who were dispatched to capture him. Even the Celestial State elder was injured by him.” The old man smiled bitterly.


Liu Ming’s face changed slightly when he heard this.

Ouyang Ming was just a cultivator of the Real Pellet State. Even if he had cultivated the so-called Worldly Demon Lord, to be able to injure Celestial State Elder in a hit, this showed how deep the demonization was.

“Finally, even the Mystic Comprehending State grand elder, who was retreating all years, was also alarmed. He went into the secret realm, preparing to capture Ouyang Ming himself. At this time, Ouyang Ming disappeared for some reason. The grand elder turned the entire secret realm upside down, but he still could not find him. Since then, no one knows his whereabouts anymore.” The old man in a yellow robe sighed again.

Liu Ming frowned when he heard this, then he looked at Sha Chuer again.

The reason why Ouyang Ming would suddenly cultivate demonic technique was not clear, but since it happened after he returned from the Odd Desert, it should probably be inseparable from Southern Puppet Emperor.

“In that way, senior doesn’t know the whereabouts of my father.” Sha Chuer’s bright eyes were a little lost, and her face became very unsightly.

“I also somewhat understand why Ouyang Family Master is reluctant to meet Miss Sand.” Liu Ming said softly.

“Indeed. The Ouyang Family disciple cultivates demonic technique. This will be questioned by everyone in the Middle Sky Continent. At that time, the family master naturally concealed this matter and sealed all news about Ouyang Ming. We were also implicated in this matter. Many of us were exiled to remote places. I was able to stay here in seclusion due to my contributions to the family in the early years. I really don’t know I should thank and hate Ouyang Ming, but since things had happened, I wouldn’t pursue this anymore. Since you’re his daughter, your surname should be Ouyang. You should be called Ouyang Chuer. I can call you Niece Chuer.” The old man in a yellow robe sighed lightly, then he suddenly called Sha Chuer with ‘niece’. His gaze also gradually became gentle.

“Yes, Uncle… Ouyang.” Sha Chuer hesitated for a moment before saying.

When the old man in a yellow robe heard the words, he smiled. He seemed to like being called like this.

“Niece Chuer, the Ouyang Family has been tracking down your father’s whereabouts for these years. It is not a wise move for you to take the initiative to show yourself. I advise you not to stay here any longer and go back to the southern wilderness as soon as possible.”

Sha Chuer’s face changed slightly when she heard the words.

“Miss Sha, what Senior Ouyang is not right. Since your father is really missing, let’s leave first. We will go to other places to inquire about this…” Liu Ming also stood up with his eyes flashing.

“Uncle, thank you for telling me so much about my father. If there is a chance in the future, I will come here to thank you again!” Sha Chuer nodded, stood up and bowed to the old man in a yellow robe solemnly.

“Okay, then I won’t keep you anymore. The family has been operating in this Nanming City for many years, so it has many eyes and ears. Niece Chuer, you have to be careful.” The old man in a yellow robe said to them.

So they left the hall immediately and were ready to fly away.

But at this moment, there was a loud “bang” outside. The originally calm sky suddenly shook violently, and the surrounding green light curtains also flashed randomly.

“Pa“, the enchantment that enveloped this forest was torn apart forcibly!

4 purple escape lights landed. 4 people in purple robes blocked in front of them.

Liu Ming’s body moved slightly, protecting Sha Chuer behind him. He glanced at them.

An old man with white hair and beard seemed to be the leader. There was a muscular man, a thin and tall man and a young woman with a slender figure.

“What do you guys want?” Liu Ming said lightly, not showing much surprise to their appearance.

“Sir must be Mr. Liu from the Taiqing Sect. We are not here for you. The woman behind you is a traitor of our Ouyang Family. We received the order from the elders to capture her back. I hope you won’t stand in our way.” It was the old man with white hair who spoke.

The other 3 formed a semi-circular circle to completely seal the road ahead of Liu Ming.

“The traitor’s daughter!”

Liu Ming’s eyes emitted a spiritual fluctuation.

Among the 4, the old man with white hair was at the Real Pellet State early stage, and the remaining 3 were similar to him, which was the Crystallization Period later stage.

“How come the people of the Ouyang Family appeared so quickly? Did they follow us?” Sha Chuer showed a bit of astonishment, then she spoke to Liu Ming.

“I’m afraid that since you appeared in Xuanmeng Mountain, the Ouyang Family has been sending people to watch you in secret. They didn’t catch you right away because they wanted to use you to lure your father out.” Liu Ming replied calmly as he glanced quickly at the 4 opponents.

“Don’t even think about it!” Sha Chuer frowned when she heard the words, then a long blade appeared in her hand.

A chill aura spread from it. The 4 also cast their spiritual weapons.

“You…” Ouyang Kui walked out of the hall, and he looked uncertain after seeing the situation.

“Ouyang Kui, you confided the secrets of the Ouyang Family to outsiders without authorization. I have reported this matter to the family master. As for your punishment, it will be decided later. If you still want to save your family, stand aside.” The old man with white hair glanced and said coldly.

“Hehe, I’m already half foot into hell, why am I still afraid of any punishment. I just want my family to be safe.” After Ouyang Kui’s face changed, he could only look at Sha Chuer apologetically and turned back to the hall.

“Brother Liu, this is my own business. You’re a disciple of the Taiqing Sect. They dare not stop you, so you go first.” Sha Chuer’s eyes flashed as she spoke to Liu Ming.

Liu Ming raised his eyebrows and sneered at the 4,

“Do you guys really have to fight here? I have promised Miss Sha to help her find her father. If you want to do it now, I also have to fight with you due to my promise.”

Sha Chuer was slightly started by Liu Ming, and she couldn’t help looking at him.

“I’ll stop this person. You 3 just capture the woman. Remember to make it quick and catch her alive!”

The old man with white hair gave a command to the other 3, then he launched a dazzling yellow light at Liu Ming.

TL: Liu Ming was able to fight against the Real Pellet State, now with his current strength, he can literally 1v4 right?

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