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Chapter 856: Breaking Green Sun with 1 Sword

“What… what kind of demonic technique is this?”

Outside the platform, Ouyang Qian blurted out with a pale face!

The strength of the spiritual pressure emitted by the green giant phantasm had reached the level of Real Pellet State, even better than the aura that Ouyang Xin released yesterday.

Quyang Qin’s face also looked a little pale.

Long Xuan’s toughness obviously exceeded their expectations, and an extremely unpleasant feeling emerged in their minds at the same time.

“This 6 arms demon and this heavy demonic qi, this is definitely the mystic art of the Demon Mystic Sect, Green Sun Demonic Soul!” Ouyang Xin carefully looked at the demonic phantasm behind Long Xuan, then he muttered. There was a hint of irresistible joy.

“Yes, it is this demonic technique. The Green Sun Demonic Soul is a mystic art inherited from the ancient time. According to rumors, this technique was born out of a true demonic technique in the ancient time that was later obtained by the ancestor of the Demon Mystic Sect, Immortal Mo Xuan. Because the true demonic qi is hard to obtain, so this technique has lost its value. This Immortal Mo Xuan was really talented. He actually modified this demonic technique by replacing true demonic qi with the evil soul green flame of the underworld. Once this technique is mastered, it can easily kill the enemy of a higher realm.” Ouyang Family Master talked eloquently as he seemed to know this demonic technique well.

“However, it is extremely difficult to practice this technique. Not to mention the great pain of getting one’s body refined by the evil soul green flame, just the stage of being possessed by a demonic soul can let almost 90% of the demonic cultivator explode on the spot! After all, this technique can only be cultivated before the cultivator condenses a pellet (below Real Pellet State). Moreover, one can only be possessed with 1 demonic soul for his entire lifetime, so he will choose a powerful demonic soul as much as possible. Until now, only a few number of cultivators learned this mystic art before. This Long Xuan is really a rare talent.” The Ouyang Family Master continued. These words were for the 2 women on the side.

Ouyang Sisters were even more shocked after hearing that.

Ouyang Ying in midair looked at the situation on the platform with deep eyes deep.

“Is this the source of your self-confidence?” Liu Ming stood in front of the green flame giant phantasm; his figure looked very tiny, but he still looked calm as usual.

“Don’t worry, I won’t kill you so easily at this time. I will keep your last breath!” Long Xuan laughed again, the Green Sun Sacred Giant struck Liu Ming with a giant sword with green flames!

The giant flame sword turned into 5 green flames that enclosed Liu Ming from all directions.

The scorching flame went through the air, making humming noises.

Liu Ming breathed out fiercely, and black light burst out. He lifted 1 arm and pushed upward.

A muffled sound!

A giant black palm that was more than 30 meters in size emerged out of thin air. There were 5 black mist dragons on the palm. It slapped fiercely at the 5 green flame sword lights!

A rumbling noise!

The giant sword and black palms collided, and ripples could be seen around. The surging spiritual power spread around, causing the entire Xuanyuan Platform to shake.


The 5 green flame sword lights were slightly stronger. 3 collapsed by the palm, but when the 2 sword lights reached Liu Ming’s position, he was already gone.

A burst of crackling sound in the air!

A black light flashed in the space not far away. Liu Ming charged toward Long Xuan, leaving a series of afterimages behind.


Long Xuan frowned when seeing Liu Ming had escaped the blow of the Green Sun Sacred Giant. Then, he sneered, changed his gesture and launched a palm.

The Green Sun Sacred Giant moved 2 arms; 1 held a giant green flame blade and the other hand was wrapped with a green flame chain.

The 2 arms became blurred; the giant blade burst out with dense green blades and the chain on the other arm also shot out, imperviously covering Liu Ming in it.

Seeing this, Liu Ming didn’t slow down at all. With a flash of black light, he turned into 4 black figures and split up in different directions.

Long Xuan was startled. With a scan of Divine Thought, he couldn’t distinguish which was the real Liu Ming. The Green Sun Sacred Giant also hesitated slightly, revealing a slight flaw.

In the next moment, 3 of the 4 phantasms not far away dissipated, and the last phantasm flashed past the attacks of the 2 arms!

Taking advantage of that moment, he was already a dozen meters away from Long Xuan.

“Court death!”

Long Xuan really showed a sense of panic right now. He spat out blood essence, and it turned into a blood mist that merged with the Green Sun Sacred Giant.

The green flame giant phantasm spouted a giant green flame ball, and the arm with chain moved. The chain clanged and disappeared into the space.

At the same time, there was a wave of green light around Liu Ming’s body. Thick chains rolled out, instantly binding his body firmly.

The next moment, the green flame ball was right before Liu Ming.

“The evil spirit green flames can burn anything, die now!”

Long Xuan shouted as he made gestures quickly. His eyes were bloodshot, and he was gasping heavily as if he had begun to lose his mind.

Although this Green Sun Demonic Soul was extremely powerful, it consumed astounding spiritual power and Divine Thought. Launching several successive attacks was overwhelming to him.

The green flame ball burst apart above Liu Ming’s head, surging down with a flame sea. It almost enveloped the small half of the platform.

“Brother Liu!”

Ouyang Qian exclaimed and trembled. She almost subconsciously took a step forward.

“Bang“, a palm was instantly pressed on her shoulder. A huge force surged out, making her unable to move. A faint sound came from her ear,

“Don’t worry, the match is not over yet!”

When Ouyang Qian looked back, Ouyang Family Master looked at Liu Ming inside the enchantment with piercing eyes. Liu Ming didn’t seem to be worried at all.

At this moment, on the platform, amidst the green flames enclosing Liu Ming’s body, there was a loud bull scream. An inconspicuous green light suddenly shot out from the green flames.


A green bull head phantasm emerged and bit off the green chain on Liu Ming, then it looked up and sucked the green flames into its stomach.

“This… this is…”

Long Xuan couldn’t believe what he saw before him. He was a little stunned.

“Devouring power!” Ouyang Family Master blurted out with his eyes lit up.

Seeing the sudden change in the battle, Ouyang Sisters turned shocked into joy. They were full of excitement, but Ouyang Xin’s face turned gloomy.

As soon as Liu Ming broke free from the shackles of the chain, he moved swiftly toward Long Xuan.

The art of the totem had been channeled to the extreme by him!

A green bull phantasm directly wrapped his body in it. Although several green flame balls were launched at him, they were all swallowed by the green bull phantasm.

Long Xuan hurriedly channeled spiritual power with a pale face. The Green Sun Sacred Giant spurted one after another flame ball that formed a flame wall in front.


The flame wall was pierced through like a paper with a hole. A giant green bull phantasm flashed out, then Liu Ming appeared in front of him.

Long Xuan yelled, and a large black demonic qi poured out of his body, protecting himself. At the same time, he spurted a black flying blade at Liu Ming’s face.

Liu Ming showed a hint of mockery. With a flash of silver light, an octopus tentacle with silver spirit patterns grabbed the incoming black flying blade.

8 tentacles sea beastkin was almost stepping into adulthood. After the sacrificial refine of the Beast Armor Tactic, the tentacles had reached the hardness level of the superb spiritual weapon. No matter how hard the black flying blade struggled, it couldn’t get rid of the restraint.

As Liu Ming flicked his finger, Che Huan cast a green light to wrap the flying blade. The struggling flying blade dimmed and was devoured by the green light.

Without the support from the black gas, the flying blade had lost its connection with Long



Long Xuan spurted blood essence anxiously and made gestures quickly. The demonic figure behind him grew larger again.

At this moment, Liu Ming, who flew over, suddenly stopped and slapped his waist with 1 hand.

“Whoosh”, a pale silver sword pouch emerged, and a small golden sword flew out from it.

After the last time the Void Flying Sword was used, it was nourished for a few months. Although the power couldn’t be compared with the last time it was used, the sword light was still swift as lightning.

Long Xuan screamed, and green flames mixed with black demonic qi went toward the sword light.

A flash of golden light, then there was a cracking sound!

The Green Sun Sacred Giant behind Long Xuan collapsed and turned into a sky full of green flame rain.

In the green flame rain, Long Xuan was already kneeling on one knee. There was a huge wound on his chest, and blood spurted out of it.

TL: Learn new badass skill just to lose again, hmmm…

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