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Chapter 821: Tianmen Ranking

Liu Ming, who was behind Immortal Tian Ge, also looked up. Although he already had a certain answer in his mind, this spiritual pressure seemed to have restrained a lot as compared to before. It wasn’t as sharp as it was at the beginning.

Sure enough, when Lu Meng and Yin Se were 30 meters before the starlight, a middle-aged man in yellow shirts gradually emerged out of the starlight.

It was the Big Dipper Pavilion’s master.

As soon as he appeared, his lips moved slightly as if he was asking Lu Meng and Yin Se about something.

As a result, after the 2 responded, the master of the Big Dipper Pavilion showed a satisfied expression. After that, he released a starlight and brought Lu Meng and Yin Se to an empty space on the peak.

Seeing this, everyone at the top of the mountain also looked away; they did not dare to look directly at this Mystic Comprehending State powerhouse.

On the other side, beside Immortal Tian Ge, Taiqing Sect’s man in a gray robe was sitting cross-legged. Above his head, a pattern that was a dozen meters in size and resembled a Tai Chi was slowly rotating in the air.

After less than 10 minutes, Long Yanfei and the other 4 Taiqing Sect disciples gathered together one after another.

“Sect master, we are back.” Long Yanfei respectfully cupped her fist toward Immortal Tian Ge.

“You all have done well. Take some rest first. We will go back and talk about the rest.” After Immortal Tian Ge nodded gently, he frowned tightly and looked at the giant tablet outside the Tianmen Secret Realm.

Although Tianmen Convention ended early, the stone tablet still clearly showed everyone’s luck ranking, the 3 alien race monsters seemed to do something to Liu Ming and others who entered the land of inheritance. Their names on the tablet were still dim as if they were being sealed.

Now the 1st ranking was still the silver-haired woman from the Big Dipper Pavilion. She had as many as 3 golden locks. The 2nd and 3rd were Black Phoenix Fairy and her brother of the Murong family, but they only had 1 and a half golden locks. The following top 10 were most belonged to the people of the 4 ancient sects and the 8 major families, but there was no disciple of the Taiqing Sect and Nature Work Sect.

Next, Long Yanfei ranked 17th with eight silver locks, and most of the other disciples were in the 20th.

If this was the result, then Taiqing Sect’s participation in the Tianmen Convention was really utterly shameful.

Beside Peng Yue and Ye Jiong, there were still a few Nature Work Sect disciples in yellow shirts.

In front of the disciples, 3 middle-aged men in yellow blouses stood side by side. Their expressions didn’t look anywhere better.

Obviously, this ranking was also beyond their expectations. Not only did their total luck not rank in the top 10, but it was even lower than the Taiqing Sect that wasn’t ranked in the top 10. They only ranked 15th.

“Haha! Xue’er, Feng’er, you 2 did a good job. Although you are a bit lower than that girl of the Big Dipper Pavilion, but overall, our Murong family is going to be the top 1!” On the other side, Murong Family’s old man in black robes couldn’t help laughing as he looked at the Black Phoenix Fairy and her brother Murong Xueyue.

“Great Elder has overpraised!” Murong Xueyue smiled slightly.

“This is thanks to elder brother. Otherwise, I can’t get so much luck by my own words.” Black Phoenix Fairy also smiled.

At this moment, there was a rumbling sound from the sky. The luck stone tablet that was in the air suddenly burst into colorful runes that burst into a layer of bloody air that dissipated.

On the stone tablet, the names of Liu Ming and others, who were originally extremely bleak, suddenly flashed wildly, and their bleak colors were restored again.

“The disciples whose names have been sealed on the stone tablet come forward now.” Xuan Wu suddenly stood up, looked around, and said loudly.

There was a commotion in the nearby crowd, but the next moment, a purple flashed and appeared before the stone tablet. It was Lu Meng of the Big Dipper Pavilion.

“The luck lock in the hands of other people has disappeared when they left Tianmen Secret Realm. Because you are affected by enchantment, the luck in your luck lock cannot be counted on the stone tablet. Please crush it now and release the luck in it.” The bronze man turned around and slowly explained to the purple-haired man.

Liu Ming heard the words, and he glanced at the luck lock in his hand. After exchanging a glance with Luo Tiancheng, he showed a hint of realization.


When the purple-haired man moved his fingers and pinched the small silver lock lightly, it shattered instantly. Wisps of gray mist went into the stone tablet beside.

The original bleak names suddenly lit up. Behind the original 6 silver locks, one and one copper locks continued to emerge. After 10 copper locks were accumulated, they immediately became the 7th silver lock.

It didn’t take long for 10 silver locks to disappear which turned into a golden lock, and it was still growing.

After about 8 seconds, the number of golden locks after the purple-haired man’s name was fixed at 3, and there were also 9 silver locks. His name also jumped to rank 1st directly!

Seeing this scene, everyone present was shocked. The people around burst into discussion, and there was a burst of whispering from time to time.

“You 2 go too.” Immortal Tian Ge’s face changed slightly after seeing this ranking change, and he said slowly to them.

“Yes, sect master.” They cupped their fists and responded at the same time.

At the same time, Peng Yue and the young man with a silver car, sisters of the Ouyang Family, etc. who had entered the so-called “Old Luo’s” inheritance land, also appeared before the stone tablet.

Peng Yue of the Nature Work Sect, walked to the side of the purple-haired man and crushed his luck lock. Wisps of gray mist surged into the tablet. His ranking had changed from 30th to 15th.

Immediately afterward, the young man with a silver car of Nature Work Sect also crushed his luck lock, and his ranking suddenly jumped from the original 16th place to the 3rd place. He had as many as 2 golden locks which had surpassed Murong Xueyue and ranked behind the Big Dipper Pavilion’s woman.

Seeing that the rankings of 3 people had surpassed Black Phoenix Fairy and her brother, the smile of the black-robed old man suddenly froze, and his eyes twitched slightly. His face didn’t look great.

Murong Xueyue snorted coldly, and his eyes turned gloomy as well.

The 3 middle-aged men who led the Nature Work Sect’s disciples looked joyful again.

Afterward, Sisters Ouyang Qian and Quyang Qin, Xue Pan of the Sky Beastkin Valley, the ugly young man, Long Xuan, of the Demon Mystic Sect and the eagle-faced man also stepped forward and crushed their luck locks one after another. As the gray air went into the stone tablet, the ranking on the stone tablet changed quickly. Most of them had gotten into the top 10, but they ranked behind the brother and sister of the Murong Family.

Among them, Ouyang Qian and Quyang Qin ranked 9th and 10th respectively, Xue Pan ranked 16th, Long Xuan and the eagle-faced man ranked 7th and 8th, and Haoran Academy’s young woman in green clothes surpassed Black Phoenix Fairy and ranked 5th after Murong Xueyue. Black Phoenix Fairy dropped to rank 6th.

After each of them stepped forward and smashed the jade lock, the onlookers sighed and exclaimed endlessly. Finally, it was the turn of Liu Ming and Luo Tiancheng from the Taiqing Sect.

Luo Tiancheng frowned at this time. He was in a bad mood this time. In order to save himself, he crushed his own luck lock, which made him lose half of the luck. However, he wasn’t teleported out of the secret realm and got trapped inside the bloody space instead.

His palm trembled slightly, and the small silver lock on his wrist was shattered. A gray mist went into the stone tablet.

The golden lock pattern after his name was instantly lit up, there were 2 golden locks. He was only 1 and a half less golden locks as compared to the young man with a silver car. His ranking immediately rose to the 4th place, replacing Murong Xueyue.

This scene once again attracted the attention of most of the people present, and they unanimously gathered their gazes on Luo Tiancheng.

Luo Tiancheng looked grim. Obviously, he was not satisfied with the results.

“Luo Tiancheng really did not let down our expectations on him. The dutian spiritual body is really an incredible existence. He is only at the early stage of the Crystallization Period, and he can achieve such a result!” The man in a gray robe said with his eyes lit up.

“En, it is indeed not easy to get so much luck.” Immortal Tian Ge beside him frowned, and a hint of disappointment flashed in his eyes inadvertently.

When most people’s eyes were focused on Luo Tiancheng, Liu Ming took a few steps forward and smashed the silver lock in his hand.


Suddenly, a large amount of gray mist continuously rolled out and went into the stone tablet like a tide.

The small lock patterns at the back of his name were also brightly lit up one after another. 1, 2…

Such a change immediately brought the focus of the audience to the past.

At this moment, everyone present was holding their breath.

After more than a dozen seconds, the gray mist stopped pouring from Liu Ming’s wrist.

Liu Ming’s luck value suddenly stopped at the positions of 3 golden locks and 9 silver locks. His ranking jumped directly to the 1st place, keeping pace with the purple-haired man. Everyone behind had dropped 1 rank lower.

This scene naturally exceeded everyone’s expectations, and many people in the crowd showed surprised expressions.

The scene was silent!

Luo Tiancheng’s eyes widened, staring at the stone tablet.

Lu Meng, the purple-haired man, also squinted to look at Liu Ming. There was a faint purple electric glow flashing in his eyes.

A hint of surprise flashed on Immortal Tian Ge’s face, and a smile finally appeared on his mouth.

TL: Rank 1!!!! Now he can’t even lay low even if he wants to…

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