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Chapter 763: Battle on the Piaomiao Peak (part 1)

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In an empty hall deep in a majestic palace in Thousands Spirit Mountain, an old man in black clothes hovered in front of a spiritual disk, watching the situation at Piaomiao Peak.

This old man wore a jasper jade tall hat, and there were 3 long beards hanging down his chest. His aura was vast. He was also a Celestial State powerhouse. He was Taiqing Sect’s Grand Elder Wen Ge, the ancestor of Wen’an.

“Elder, this time Wen Zeng has already mastered the Plague Curse Technique after coming out of the seclusion. He is also considered 1 of the top powerhouses among the inner disciples. That Liu Ming won’t be his opponent at all. Why do you have to watch it yourself?” Below the old man in black clothes, a middle-aged man in a purple robe stood respectfully.

The old man in black clothes looked indifferent. He flicked his finger, and the spiritual disk enlarged 10 times in size.

Seeing this, the middle-aged man looked dejected; he stood with his hands down and dared not to speak anymore.

Many other masters and elders were now secretly watching this match through their own means.

Half an hour later, on the platform halfway up the mountainside of Piaomiao Peak, there were now no less than a thousand people gathered. From time to time, there were still various escape lights coming from all directions.

At this moment, a little golden light appeared on the distant horizon, and it quickly became larger. After a few flashes, it stopped not far in front of the old man in a white robe outside the light curtain of the platform.

As soon as the light faded, Liu Ming in black robe revealed.

Seeing this, Jia Lan in the light curtain couldn’t help looking delighted, but she didn’t move.

“He is Liu Ming? So fast!”

“Tsk tusk, this person looks so young, but he has already cultivated to the Crystallization Period later stage. No wonder he is able to draw with Luo Tiancheng of the Mystic Sky Peak.”

“It seems that there is a great battle to watch today.”

The inner and outer disciples below, I haven’t seen Liu Ming before, but I can still recognize the black mysterious robe of the Fallen Serene Peak. Seeing this, they naturally started discussing.

Liu Ming glanced down, and he also saw several acquaintances; Gu Yu, Sima Chong and even Luo Tiancheng from the Mystic Sky Peak also came.

The strange thing was that there were no disciples of the Fallen Serene Peak and Tianjian Peak.

The old man in a white robe outside the light curtain took a look at Liu Ming, then he launched a golden symbol at the light curtain.

Suddenly, the light curtain trembled and opened up a 10 meters wide path for Liu Ming.

“Thank you senior!”

Liu Ming flickered and entered the light curtain, and the path also closed up as he walked in.

“Brother Liu, you are here.” Jia Lan looked at Liu Ming with her watery bright eyes and whispered.

“Are the 2 people here yet?”

Liu Ming nodded at her, walked to Jia Lan’s side, and asked faintly.

“There is still time for an incense. They should be here soon.” Jia Lan’s wonderful eyes did not look away from Liu Ming, and she softly replied.

“Why is junior sister apprentice looking at me like this? Is there something wrong with me?” Liu Ming raised his brows and said with a half smile.

“No… nothing, seeing Brother Liu being so calm, I have gained some confidence in this battle.” Jia Lan’s cheeks were slightly red, and a faint fragrance came from the water blue shirt fluttering in the wind.

“I will do my best.” Liu Ming replied with a slight smile.

Just when the two were talking. In the distance, there was another flash on the horizon. A yellow cloud quickly approached; 2 men revealed themselves above the light curtain in an instant.

Liu Ming’s ears moved slightly, and he immediately looked up. He glanced past Wen An, then he fixed his gaze on another man in a green robe.

The man was tall and thin; his yellow hair was tied up in a bun casually; his face was brown; his eyes were green; he seemed to be in his early thirties.

The man seemed to sense the gaze, and he turned his head and looked over.

The two looked at each other. A trace of coldness seemed to penetrate directly into the bottom of Liu Ming’s heart as if he was being stared at by a poisonous snake.

After Liu Ming’s heart shuddered, he slightly channeled the Dragon Tiger Hell Prison in his body, and he recovered from it.

“It seems that this person is Wen Zeng, he does have some abilities.” Liu Ming muttered to himself in a voice.

The green-robed man’s eyes flashed, and he also showed a hint of surprise, but he didn’t seem to be bothered.

“We are sorry for being late, Master’s Junior.” Wen An cupped his fist and bowed politely at the old man in a white robe. He also glanced at Jia Lan intentionally in the light curtain. Seeing them standing together affectionately, his face turned gloomy, and a hint of cold intent flashed in his eyes.

“It’s not the appointed time yet, so you’re not late. You can go in.” The old man in a white robe waved his hand and opened the path again.

Wen An and Wen Zeng immediately flew into the light curtain and stood not far from Liu Ming and Jia Lan.

“Junior Sister Apprentice Jia Lan, when it starts, you just need to deal with that Wen An and leave the rest to me.” Liu Ming moved his lips slightly and sent a voice to Jia Lan beside.

Jia Lan nodded slightly after hearing the words.

In fact, she knew from the bottom of her heart that this battle was 2 vs 2 on the surface, but it was the showdown between Liu Ming and Wen Zeng.

At this moment, 3 astounding auras swept across the square from 2 directions, then with a blur, Tianyin Shangren, Luo Yuan, and Jia Lan’s master Yuyin Zi appeared almost simultaneously in the light curtain outside.

Seeing this, the thousands of disciples around became quiet. Everyone looked at the 2 peak masters in the air.

“Well, now that everyone is here, the match will officially begin, but before that, you need to make it clear that this match is not a life-and-death fight, so you must not maliciously hurt your opponents. In addition, this time is a 2 vs 2. Only when both of 1 side admit defeat or we judge that the victory is clear, the match will be over. The other side must stop attacking immediately.” Tianyin Shangren said as she glanced over the 4 of them. Her voice wasn’t loud, but it could shake everyone on the spot.

The four people in the light curtain looked at each other far away without saying anything.

Seeing this, Tianyin Shangren turned and said to the old man in a white cloth,

“Elder Mu, then I’ll leave it to you.”

“Yes, peak master.” The old man in a white cloth nodded respectfully.

Tianyin Shangren turned and flew toward a platform not far away; Luo Yuan followed without saying a word, but Yuyin Zi looked at Jia Lan in the field with a worried expression before turning around before flying over as well.

At this time, on the platform, someone had already brought over 3 big chairs, waiting for them to sit down.

“Okay, the time is up. I announce that the match will begin now!” The old man in a white robe looked at the sky and said in a loud voice.

As soon as the announcement was made, the 4 made a move almost at the same time.

Liu Ming made gestures swiftly, and faint black gas rose up from him. He launched both punches into the air.

There were roars of dragons and tigers!

2 black mist dragons and tigers were instantly condensed, and they pounced at the opponents amidst the roar.

“Wow…” The spectators outside were suddenly in an uproar. They obviously didn’t expect Liu Ming to attack both of them.

Wen An spouted a green shield from his mouth. After making a gesture, it turned into a giant shield in green light that blocked in front.

The 2 black mist tigers roared and slammed into the green, bursting apart and turning into a black light that rolled up. Wen An had already expected it, and he instantly took advantage of the force to blast backward. He was not trapped by the black light.

Almost at the same time, a blue shadow flashed by Liu Ming’s side. It was Jia Lan who had worn a blue chakram with a faint light on it; she was chasing Wen An.

After Liu Ming launched an attack, he stopped and looked at Wen Zeng who was standing still. The 2 black mist dragons were dissipated by green lights in his hands.

“It seems that our thoughts are the same.” Wen Zeng lowered his arm, and the green light in his right hand slowly dissipated.

“What do you mean?” Liu Ming narrowed his eyes and asked without making a move rashly.

“You will understand in a moment.” Wen Zeng said with a sneer.

As Liu Ming talked, Jia Lan had already caught up with Wen An. She waved the blue chakram in her hand and launched an intense blue light.

Seeing this, Wen An also stopped retreating. He made gestures with both hands again, unhurriedly channeling all his spiritual power into the green shield. The green light was even more solid.

Jia Lan chanted and shook her arm. The chakram transformed into numerous blue chakram phantasms that surrounded Wen An with an amazing momentum.

Wen An obviously had little experience in fighting, so he seemed a little flustered. He was immediately forced to retreat by waves of phantasms. In the end, he could only change his gesture. A green light was separated from the shining green shield and wrapped him tightly.

As soon as the blue chakram phantasms touched the green light, they were all bounced away.

Jia Lan snorted coldly. She instantly got close to Wen An and flicked her sleeve, releasing a silver chain. Amidst the silver flash, it turned into a silver lotus that spun around Wen An.

But at this moment, Wen An sneered suddenly. A palm-sized talisman had appeared in his palm.

Seeing this, Jia Lan chanted softly. The silver lotus emitted waves of silver runes. The runes condensed into a giant silver python and pounced at Wen An.

TL: Is it a killing move talisman given by Wen An’s ancestor? Will Liu Ming have to 1v2?

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