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Chapter 759: Marriage Proposal

After a dozen minutes, on an unremarkable mountain peak on the east side of the main peak of Fallen Serene Peak, a white cloud and a black cloud landed one after another.

“Senior Fellow Apprentice Liu, we’re here. You can go in by yourself, I’m going to see some other senior fellow apprentice refining pills.” Tian Jing pointed to the door of a cave house, then she turned around and flew toward the Spirit Cauldron Peak.

Unexpectedly, after so many years, this girl was still interested in alchemy. It seemed that she did not do it on a whim, but she was indeed very obsessed with alchemy.

Liu Ming glanced at the woman’s back, shook his head, and immediately jumped down from the black cloud.

Before he knocked on the door, the surface of the cave house’s door flashed with green light, and it slowly opened with a rumble.

“Liu Ming, come in.” A dry, hoarse voice came from the door of the cave house.

Although Liu Ming had been in Fallen Serene Peak for decades, and he had seen several elders in the peak, it was his first time seeing this Elder Tian alone.

He immediately respectfully responded and walked into the cave house; the door behind closed automatically with a rumble.

Passing through a short and quiet passage, there was a spacious living room. A man wearing a black robe and surrounded by wisps of black air was sitting at the side of a table, holding a cup in one hand and enjoying the spiritual tea alone. When he saw Liu Ming came in, he looked up slightly.

This person looked 50 years old; his sideburns were already pale; 3 strands of black and white long beard on his chin. He was staring straight at Liu Ming.

Liu Ming just met his gaze, and he felt a tingling pain in his eyes. He couldn’t help channel spiritual power in shock, then a refreshing coolness rushed to his eyes. The abnormal feeling was gone.

Seeing this, the gray-robed man couldn’t help flashing a hint of praise in his eyes.

“Greetings to Master’s Junior Tian.” Liu Ming walked to the table, stopped and bowed.

“You don’t need to be polite, sit down. I came to you today because it happened that my disciple saw you posted the mission of finding the void attribute beastkin on the xuan notice, and I happened to know the whereabouts of such a beastkin.” Elder Tian held up the teacup, took a sip and said faintly.

“Master’s Junior knows the whereabouts of the void attribute beastkin?” Liu Ming was astounded. After sitting down, he asked with a hint of joy.

“Why would I lie to a junior? I don’t care about the spirit stones rewarded by your mission, but I need you to exchange a kind of spiritual item for this information.” Elder Tian said with a sneer seeing Liu Ming’s joyful look.

“What kind of spiritual item does Uncle Master need? Junior is just an ordinary disciple, I don’t know if I can provide what Master’s Junior Tian needs.” Liu Ming hesitated and asked after hearing this.

“I heard that you are selected to participate in the Tianmen Convention, and the spiritual item I need is only available in the Tianmen Convention’s secret realm. You only need to pay attention to it by then. It shouldn’t be too difficult to obtain this item. The information about this spiritual item is recorded in this jade slip, you can take a look at it first.” Elder Tian said without thinking, then he raised his hand to launch a green jade slip. It fell steadily into Liu Ming’s hands.

Liu Ming immediately put the jade slip on his forehead and quickly read it with Divine Thought.

According to this jade slip, this object was indeed a special spiritual item in Tianmen Convention’s secret realm. Although it was not as readily available as Elder Tian said, it was indeed possible if he put some effort into it.

“Okay, disciple will definitely try my best to find this spiritual item for Master’ Junior.” Liu Ming thought for a while and felt that it should be fine, so he agreed to it.

“Great, when you bring the spiritual item, I will tell you the whereabouts of the void attribute beastkin. Now, you can go ahead with your own affairs.” Elder Tian nodded in satisfaction, and immediately issued an order to see out the guest.

Liu Ming turned and left. After leaving the cave house, he dispelled his intention to leave the sect and returned to his cave house.

Now that he had a clue about the void attribute beastkin, he naturally did not intend to go to the Big Dipper Pavilion recklessly. After all, it not only took a certain amount of time to come back and forth, but he was still holding a grudge about the Big Dipper Pavilion revealing his details to the evil cultivator previously.

There is no time in cultivation. In a blink of an eye, another 6 months have passed.

In the Taiqing Sect, the riot caused by the participation of the Tianmen Convention had gradually subsided. Now that 10 disciples had been confirmed, many people have begun to secretly speculate about the results of the Tianmen Convention. Some even arranged the order of the results.

Liu Ming naturally knew nothing about all of this, and he was still practicing behind closed doors in the cave house.

On this day, above the Piaomiao Peak Hall, Peak Master Tianyin Shangren was hosting 2 special guests.

In the main hall, a graceful middle-aged beautiful woman was sitting on the main seat. She was spotlessly dressed in a moon-white robe. Her beautiful eyes contained a hint of smile. She was the master of the Piaomiao Peak, Tianyin Shangren.

Beside her was a beautiful woman, who was Jia Lan’s master, Piaomiao Peak’s Elder Yuyin Zi.

Opposite Yuyin Zi sat a middle-aged man dressed as in a white scholar costume. His appearance was elegant and he was not young anymore. Although his hair was still jet black, when he smiled, his eyes showed faint wrinkles.

This middle-aged man was Luo Yuan who was the master of the Illusion Vanish Peak adjacent to the Piaomiao Peak.

The Illusion Vanish Peak was also known for its spiritual technique like the illusion which was similar to the Piaomiao Peak’s technique. Its status wasn’t low among the peaks of the inner door.

Behind the middle-aged man stood a young man in a brocade robe who looked about 24 years old. He had slanted and thick eyebrows and clear eyes, exuding an extraordinary vibe.

The disciples served the spiritual teas and quickly stepped down. Apart from these 4, there was no one else in the hall.

The 3 peak masters and the elder immediately chatted with each other casually while tasting tea.

“Junior Fellow Apprentice Luo, you must have your intention to visit Piaomiao Peak today, please speak frankly.” Master Tianyin Shangren finally asked Luo Yuan’s intentions.

“Now that Senior Sister Apprentice Tianyin said so, then junior will go straight to the point.”

The middle-aged man in the white robe smiled, then pointed his hand to the young man behind him and continued, “I just forgot to introduce him to you. This is my closed-door disciple (means this will be his last disciple before retiring, and this disciple will carry on his master legacy) that I accepted in recent years. Wen An, quickly greets the Master’s Seniors now.”

“Junior Wen An, greetings to Master Senior’s Tianyin Shangren and Master’s Senior Yuyin Zi.” The young man in a brocade robe took a half step forward and bowed to Tianyin Shangren and Yuyin Zi.

Master Tianyin and Yuyin Zi looked at each other. They noticed the handsome young man in a brocade robe at first, but they didn’t expect it to be Luo Yuan’s closed-door disciple.

“Nephew Discple Wen doesn’t need to be polite. Speaking of speaking, Junior Fellow Apprentice Luo only has only 5 disciples right? Why did you accept a closed-door disciple so early? This is quite unexpected…” Tianyin Shangren nodded and said in surprise.

“With my poor talent, I can train a disciple who can inherit my legacy, I’m satisfied. Senior Sister Apprentice, what do you think about my apprentice?” The middle-aged man in a white robe smiled slightly.

“Nephew Disciple Wen should be less than a hundred years old, and he has already reached the intermediate stage of the Crystallization Period. According to my opinion, he has a gifted talent.” Tianyin Shangren frowned. She couldn’t figure out why Luo Yuan asked so. She still said with a faint smile.

“Senior Sister Apprentice Tianyin has overpraised, but I’m really satisfied with this apprentice. Speaking of which, Piaomiao Peak also has many talented disciples. I heard that there is a Nephew Disciple Jia Lan under the Senior Sister Apprentice Tian Yinzi also has a rare sky succubus physique.” Luo Yuan laughed and asked casually, but when he said the words “sky succubus physique”, he was already looking at the graceful woman on the opposite side.

“Junior Fellow Apprentice Luo is over in your words. How can Jia Lan compare to Nephew Disciple Wen? Her qualifications can only be regarded as ordinary.” When Yuyin Zi heard this, a strange expression flashed in her eyes. She replied humbly.

“Actually, I have a matter to discuss with 2 senior sister apprentices for this visit. I’m here to propose marriage to Nephew Disciple Jia Lan on behalf of my disciple.” Luo Yuan look meaningfully at Tianyin Shangren, and he suddenly said so.

As soon as this statement came out, Master Tianyin and Yuyin Zi were both surprised.

“Junior Fellow Apprentice Luo really surprised me.” After a long while, Tianyin Shangren glanced at Yuyin Zi, then she slowly said,

“To be honest, my disciple also has the rare earth illusion physique. It is one of the best spiritual bodies for practicing illusion techniques. After so many years, I only found such a talented disciple who can inherit my legacy.” Luo Yuan continued to smile and said,

“Earth illusion physique!”

Tianyin Shangren and Yuyin Zi were startled almost at the same time when they heard this.

The eyes of the 2 looking at the young man in a brocade robe were also very different. They were both Real Pellet State cultivators who were proficient in illusion. They naturally knew that the fame of this physique was not under the sky succubus physique.

But the next moment, Yuyin Zi thought of something, and her face changed slightly.

“2 senior sister apprentices must also know that although the spiritual body of the earth illusion physique is of great help to the practice of illusion arts, to advance to the next realm, the cultivator’s body will accumulate a chaotic yang qi. My disciple is now in this state, the chaotic yang qi in the body has begun to hinder the progress of his cultivation. There must be a woman with a similar spiritual body to dual-cultivate with him so that this chaotic yang qi can be completely dissolved. After that, it isn’t a problem to advance to the Real Pellet State.”

Luo Yuan looked very sincere. After a pause, he continued to say solemnly,

“I heard that Senior Sister Apprentice Yuyin Zi’s disciple has the sky succubus physique, so she is the most suitable candidate. This is the reason I came to make such a bold request. I hope senior sister apprentices can fulfill my wish.”

Yuyin Zi frowned, but Tianyin Shangren suddenly replied coldly,

“Junior Fellow Apprentice Luo said like it is easy, but how can the shortcoming of the earth illusion physique be resolved so easily. I’m afraid that after Jia Lan dual-cultivates with your disciple, her sky succubus physique will be absorbed by half which ends her path of cultivation. I of course can’t let this happen.”

TL: No one will sacrifice their disciple for your disciple, old man…

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