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Chapter 753: Disturbance

“How dare I, but I heard that the senior sister apprentice was selected as the disciple to participate in this Tianmen Convention a few days ago, why is senior sister apprentice free to chat with me now?” Jia Lan shook her head and said.

“I have already done what I should. I just heard a rumor in our sect recently. I think Junior Sister Apprentice Jia Lan should be interested in it.” Long Yanfei said with a half-smile.

“Oh, I have been in retreat for a while, so I really don’t know what happened in the clan?” Jia Lan raised her eyebrows and asked.

“Has Sister Jia Lan heard that Junior Fellow Apprentice Liu of the Fallen Serene Peak has already returned a few days ago, and he was selected by the sect master to participate in the Tianmen Convention.” Long Yanfei glanced at Jia Lan from the corner of his eye, took a sip and said slowly,

“Is… Senior Sister Apprentice Long talking about Liu Ming?” Jia Lan looked slightly shocked hearing the words.

“Apart from Liu Ming, who else could it be? Hmph, this guy had been training secretly somewhere all these years. He just returned to the mountain a month ago. I also accidentally heard several junior fellow apprentices from my peak. When he first came back, he was met by Junior Fellow Apprentice Sha Tongtian, and he was immediately challenged. As a result, Junior Fellow Apprentice Sha lost miserably. The strength of Junior Fellow Apprentice Liu seems to have advanced over the years. He seems to have reached the Crystallization Period later stage.” Long Yanfei said again with a slight smile.

“Although it is rumored that Senior Fellow Apprentice Liu doesn’t have talent, he still could crush the disciple of the 8 in the major competition. So, I wasn’t too surprised if he has such progress. However, I’m really ashamed as I joined the sect together with Senior Fellow Apprentice Liu.” Jia Lan replied thoughtfully after thinking for a moment.

“Junior Sister Apprentice Jia Lan, you just joined too late, so you aren’t nominated to participate in this Tianmen Convention. With your sky succubus technique, you will surely be able to shine in Middle Sky Continent in the future!” Long Yanfei blinked and comforted.

“Senior sister apprentice has misunderstood. Little girl is still weak. How dare I compare myself with other senior fellow apprentices in the sect.” Jia Lan smiled softly and said.

“So that’s the case. But then again, I never expected Junior Sister Apprentice Jia Lan to give such a high evaluation of Junior Fellow Apprentice Liu. Speaking of which, this guy has indeed made rapid progress. He advanced to the Crystallization Period later stage in such a short time. But even so, Junior Fellow Apprentice Liu is still a little lacking in strength to participate in the Tianmen Convention. You must know that the powerhouses in the Tianmen Convention are like clouds. The disciples dispatched by various sects are also top of the top. Almost all of them have the strength to crush those of the same realm. There will even be many Pseudo Pellet State disciples!” Long Yanfei sighed and said.

This woman was of course qualified to say this. She also entered the Pseudo Pellet State period not long ago, and she had the strength to be able to fight with the general Real Pellet State early stage.

Even so, according to the previous Tianmen Convention’s level estimation, she was just at the middle-upper level in the Tianmen Convention. She was still far from those real geniuses.

“Senior Sister Apprentice Long seems to have too little confidence in Senior Fellow Apprentice Liu. I think that Senior Fellow Apprentice Liu is likely to surprise many people at the Tianmen Convention. He may even be in the top 10.” Jia Lan said calmly, but there was a sense of confidence in her tone.

“Top 10?” Long Yanfei’s beautiful eyes widened. She almost spat out the dark green tea she had just drunk.

“If Senior Sister Apprentice Long doesn’t believe me, why not make a bet with me? If Senior Fellow Apprentice Liu really gets to the top 10 in the Tianmen Convention, senior sister apprentice only needs to agree to my small request. I won’t make senior sister apprentice embarrassed. If I lose, I will give this galaxy bracelet to senior sister apprentice!” Jia Lan smiled slightly, took out a glittering silver bracelet. It was like a shrinking galaxy. It should be an extraordinary superb spiritual weapon at first glance.

“Okay, I agree to this bet. As a senior sister apprentice, I won’t take advantage of you. If you win, I will not only promise your request, but I will also give you this jade locust bracelet.” Long Yanfei shook the white jade bracelet on her wrist said so.

Jia Lan smiled at her, but she didn’t say anything.

“Why do you have so much confidence in Junior Fellow Apprentice Liu? I heard that Junior Fellow Apprentice Liu and you are from the same place. Is there any special relationship between you 2?” Seeing Jia Lan smiled without saying, Long Yanfei said in a somewhat teasing tone.

Of course, she could see that Jia Lan was agitating her just now, but she wasn’t really optimistic about Liu Ming.

“Senior sister apprentice is kidding again!” Jia Lan said with a blushing pretty face.

“Okay, okay, I won’t make fun of you! But then again, in this Tianmen Conference, whether it is Junior Fellow Apprentice Liu or me, I’m afraid we are just there to make up the numbers.” Long Yanfei suddenly looked solemn as she changed the topic.

“Oh, is senior sister apprentice referring to…”

“The top peak among the inner doors, Mystic Sky Peak, has a peerless genius named ‘Luo Tiancheng’ a few years ago. He possesses the rumored durian (entire sky) spiritual body that makes him almost indestructible. As he just reached the early stage of the Crystallization Period, he can actually have an even match against a well-known Real Pellet State intermediate stage demonic cultivator. Now he has been favored by several grand elders of the sect, becoming the candidate of the esoteric disciple. He is also the disciple that our sect put the highest hope on in the Tianmen Convention this time.” Long Yanfei said solemnly.

“Luo Tiancheng!”

After Jia Lan listened, she didn’t say anything, but she seemed to be thinking something.

At the same time, in a certain cave house in Thousands Spirit Mountain’s Chaoyuan Peak.

The cave house was red, and there were rolling scarlet flames everywhere. The rising fire spirit condensed into fire dragons and fire snakes that roared in the air. The entire cave house that was protected with layers of enchantments seemed to be melting. One could even feel the heat waves from afar.

In the secret room deep in the cave house, a red-haired young man in red clothes was sitting cross-legged on a fire-like futon. His breathing could cause a huge fluctuation in the surrounding flame air.

Suddenly, there was a buzzing sound from the waist of this person, the red-haired young man frowned and launched a symbol into a disk array in his hand.

The next moment, the disk array flashed, and a row of small writing appeared on it. After the red-haired man glanced at it, his face suddenly became extremely cold.

“Liu Ming…” The red-haired man murmured to himself, let out a sneer, and soon remained silent again.

The same scene was played out in cave houses on several other mountain peaks; some were puzzled, some were shocked and some were indignant…

In a mysterious space in Taiqing Sect, the blue sky was filled with layers of slightly moving gray clouds. The sun and the moon were not visible, but there was brilliance coming down from the clouds.

Under the sky, there was an endless stream of calm water. In the center of the water was a small crescent-shaped island. In a lonely wooden pavilion on the island, a young man in a golden brocade robe and a middle-aged man in a yellow robe and a jade crown were sitting face to face. A set of green-black ancient chessboard was put on the table between them.

This man in a golden robe had a handsome face. Although he only had the cultivation base of Real Pellet State intermediate stage, his whole body revealed a domineering vibe. If Liu Ming was here, he would recognize him at a glance. It was Jin Tianci whom he met several times.

The middle-aged man with a jade crown was Taiqing Sect’s sect master, Immortal Tian Ge.

“Speaking of it, didn’t you have no interest in this kind of thing in the past? Why would you specifically nominate the disciple of the Fallen Serene Peak to participate in the Tianmen Convention? I have read the information about Liu Ming. A few years ago, he was quite famous when he was still an outer disciple. He even fought with you in the major competition. But that shouldn’t be the real reason why you nominate him.” Immortal Tian Ge placed a chess lightly, looked up at Jin Tianci and asked slowly.

Jin Tianci placed a white chess intently, then he looked up and said with a slight smile, “I was very happy about that spirit battle.”

Immortal Tian Ge looked helpless, then he continued. “I’ve heard people talking about this. After all, why did you participate in that outer disciple major competition?”

Jin Tianci acted like he didn’t hear it. He touched his jaw and looked at the situation on the chessboard intently.

Immortal Tian Ge sighed, picked up a black chess, placed it down, and continued saying, “After Liu Ming advanced to the Crystallization Period, he has not made any amazing moves. In recent years, he even went out to cultivate. Among the inner disciples, he has no reputation at all.”

“Although this is the time when Taiqing Sect is lacking talented inner disciples, we still have many powerhouses under the Real Pellet State and 100 years old. Some even have amazing battle records, and they have even done important things that have alarmed the top executives of the sect. I have tried to test him before. His cultivation is indeed at the Crystallization Period later stage. Although his spiritual power is very pure, it doesn’t seem like he is progressing due to good opportunities. It seems he doesn’t have the strength to win enough benefits for the sect in the Tianmen Convention.”

“Sect Master, you have overthought about it. I recommended him to you just because he is pleasing to my eyes..” Jin Tianci said with a yawn and placed another chess on the chessboard.

“Since you don’t want to say it, that’s fine. But those who were expected to be selected are very dissatisfied that the important slot is taken by a nobody. Just because of your recommendation that I stopped them from making noises. However, if these disciples directly trouble this young man to let him give up this slot, I have no right to intervene.” As Immortal Tian Ge said here, he looked at Jin Tianci.

“It’s so good. If anyone is not convinced, just go fight with Liu Ming. Our sect is originally based on strength to speak. If they can really defeat Liu Ming, then they can replace Liu Ming to attend the Tianmen Convention!” Jin Tianci laughed when he heard the words. He didn’t care at all.

Immortal Tian Ge was really speechless at Jin Tianci’s remarks. He immediately changed the topic, chatting leisurely while playing chess.

3 months later, in the secret room of Fallen Serene Peak’s cave house.

Liu Ming who was sitting cross-legged looked solemn. His gestures were changing continuously, and the white spirit whirlpool in front had gradually subsided, replaced by traces of white mist that injected into the yellow turban talisman.

TL: Who will go and challenge Liu Ming for the slot? Has he finished refining the yellow turban avatar?

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