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Chapter 74: Dragon’s Might

“Disciple Qian and Yu Er, take the others away immediately. The farther you go the better; you must not turn around.” The middle-aged Spirit Master suddenly yelled at Senior Qian before a red cloud appeared outside his body. He then proceeded to rush into the sky and stood next to the girl and the monk.

When Senior Qian saw this, she knew that a powerful foe had arrived. It unexpectedly made the expressions of Master Zhang and the other Spirit Masters’ change. Immediately, she ordered Yu Er to do something.

The two girls started performing techniques.

In an instant, the originally idle Misty Ship jolted and immediately transformed into a hazy light ball as it shot into motion.

Just at this moment, the distant bird cry suddenly grew exponentially louder.

Senior Qian and Cui Er, who were manning the ship, heard a droning sound in their ears. The Fa Li in their body quickly congealed and became extremely slow moving. The Misty Ship, which had just started moving, swayed once before it came to a complete stop.

As for the Middle and Beginning Spirit Apostle disciples, many of them couldn’t help but successively fall face down to the ground.

The only other disciples who remained standing were Liu Ming and a Late Spirit Apostle. Their faces were pale and they slowly sat down onto the deck of the ship while trying their utmost to move the Fa Li in their body. All the while, they attempted to resist the sharp bird cry.

When the middle-aged Spirit Master saw the scene before him, his facial expression turned ugly. His figure, however, remained where it was and did not move.

In the distant horizon, a large gale had erupted. A large, black cloud appeared in the air and quickly surged toward them.

Moreover, the sharp bird cry coming from within the black cloud started to make the ears of the three Spirit Masters feel as if they were being pricked by needles. It forced them to emit a portion of their Fa Li in order to protect their ears.

“Pu Tong!”

Senior Qian and Yu Er, who were still standing, finally felt their legs go weak and consequently fell to the ground. They could only use all of their might in order to circulate their Fa Li in an attempt to resist the effect.

As for the other Barbarian Ghost Sect Disciples, lower level disciples had already cried out and passed out. Simultaneously, black blood started to slowly flow out from their seven orifices.

The two other Late Spirit Apostles managed to resist for a while before their necks gave way and collapsed with their faces pointed toward the sky.

The group of demonic Wasp Bandit cultivators on the wooden ship had all naturally fallen to the ground as well.

Although Liu Ming’s complexion was exceptionally pale, and his eyes were tightly shut, he was still able to continuously create signs with his hands while he sat motionlessly on the floor.

The reason why he was able to accomplish this, fundamentally came from his conscious that was many times greater than the normal disciple as well as the pure Fa Li in his body, which was also much stronger than regular disciples’ Fa Li.

At the same time, Liu Ming was using his talent of doing two things at once. He let his mental strength turn into two portions that alternated turns to resist the sharp bird cry. Once one half became unable to resist and he was about to black out, he would immediately substitute it for his other half.

However, even if it was like this, Liu Ming still felt as if his head was splitting in two while his vision started to darken.

Just as he was struggling bitterly, the sharp bird cries, which seemed to be able to split rocks apart, finally came to a sudden stop.

Liu Ming’s expression loosened, he hastily opened his eyes and stared toward the sky. What he saw couldn’t help but make his heart freeze.

Liu Ming saw that the distant black cloud had already disappeared. Instead, someone new was standing about a thousand feet away from the middle-aged Spirit Master and the other Spirit Masters. This person had the legs of a human, but the upper body was that of a Dragon demon that was over a dozen feet tall.

The monster was wearing loose animal skin trousers on its lower half, while its torso was bare with a cluster of scarlet red scales. Simultaneously, above the Dragon’s bulky neck was a bulky head that had a single enormous green eye. The eye was currently staring at the three Spirit Masters with a cold gaze.

In addition, this half man, half dragon monster was astonishingly covered in scars all over its body. The scars ranged from shallow knife wounds to more severe axe wounds. Some of them were so deep that one was faintly able to make out the dense white bones underneath. However, not a single drop of blood flowed from the wounds.

“It really is the Scarlet Dragon that escaped the clutches of Master Yan and Elder Ling Yu! Fellows, shall we fight or flee?” The middle-aged Spirit Master’s gaze was rigidly fixed on the opposing Demon, but his lips were slightly moving as he communicated with the others.

“Flee? Can we really flee faster than a Crystal Stage Dragon?! If we do flee, we will definitely be caught by this Dragon and easily killed by it!” The monk replied coldly.

“Correct, if we could really run away, I would have already fled; there would be no reason for me to stay. Nonetheless, returning to the main topic at hand, if this Scarlet Dragon was in its peak condition, we would undeniably perish if we were to fight it. However, looking at its desolate condition, it would probably be a stretch for it to maintain even twenty to thirty percent of its Fa Li. If the three of us join forces, we may even be able to contend with it. Furthermore, if we are able to kill it in a stroke of luck, there is the possibility of us advancing to the Crystal Level.” The middle-aged woman said as she stared at the opposing Scarlet Dragon while an ardent of thirst flickered among her otherwise fearful gaze.

When the middle-aged Spirit Master and the monk heard this, their heartbeats couldn’t help but speed up.

“Okay, since Fellow Yu plans on fighting, I will accompany you this time. Fellow Zhang, what about you?!” The monk replied.

“Since the two of you have already decided, how can I slip away? Nevertheless, I have to send the two girls, Disciple Qian and Cui Er, away before I can give my all in the fight.” The middle-aged Spirit Master pondered for a while, but ultimately bitterly laughed as he replied.

“Hmph, even now you are still distracted over two mere Spirit Apostle disciples. Whatever, I will help you this time.” The monk said as one of his fingers started to move.

Underneath, two of the wolf puppets which were originally surrounding the Wasp Bandits, immediately moved and shot toward the Misty Ship.


The opposing half dragon monster suddenly moved and instantly disappeared.

This caused the three Spirit Masters to simultaneously, in alarm, adopt a defensive position.


One of the wolf puppets which was heading toward the Misty Ship had its head pierced by a sharp red claw. It proceeded to instantaneously explode.

The half dragon monster, which had just appeared nearby, opened its mouth and spit out a scarlet red light pillar.

“Pu!” A muffled sound rang out as the other wolf puppet was ruptured by this red light.

This scene caused the three Spirit Masters to suck in a breath of cold air.

“We cannot deal with your sect’s disciples; let’s attack!” The woman clenched her teeth and proceeded to yell out. Subsequently, one of her hands moved and produced a short cyan sword from her sleeve. She waved it in the air, before immediately reciting an incantation.

After the monk finished mourning the loss of his two puppets, he spoke no further and moved his two hands toward his chest. He then threw something out and instantly, one red sphere and one blue sphere flew into the air. A “Ga La” sound of transformation rang out as the two spheres transformed into an enormous blue tiger puppet and an enormous scarlet python puppet.

When the two puppets appeared, the monk’s sleeve shook once more and two fist-sized, red and blue, crystals shot out and accurately entered the two puppets’ mouths.

The originally lifeless puppets flashed with various lights. A blue light flashed in the Tiger puppet’s eyes while it produced a thunderous roar. The serpent puppet had the sound of gears turning as it started to shake its tail up and down.

The middle-aged Spirit Master’s face was gloomy as he smacked a leather bag on his waist. Subsequently, a stack of multicolored Glyphs flew out and morphed into a wall of Glyphs that stood in front of his body.

When the half dragon monster saw this, a flicker of savagery arose in its eyes. It abruptly took a step forward and its body suddenly transformed into a chain of mirages that flew forward. Equipped with inconceivable speed, it appeared a hundred feet away from the three Spirit Masters.


The female Spirit Master’s heart skipped a beat as she saw this. Yet, she did not hesitate in yelling and violently swinging her short cyan sword in the air.

The sword vibrated before it turned into a cold light that hacked at the monster.


The half Dragon monster only moved one talon, but as the two objects clashed, the sound of metal striking metal resounded. It managed to swipe the cold light aside and at the same time, it opened its mouth again, sending out another red pillar of light toward the woman.

“Zi La!”

The middle-aged Spirit Master simultaneously pointed at three Glyphs in front of him.

Three layers of hazy white light veils suddenly appeared in front the woman. They were just enough to withstand the blast of red light and after serving their purpose, they proceeded to disappear into misty light.

The outcome made the woman alarmed and she couldn’t help but retreat two steps.

“Boom, boom!”

The enormous blue tiger and the enormous scarlet serpent pounced forward, but the half Dragon monster leaped sideways and its body suddenly disappeared.

“Fellow Yu, be careful!”

A Glyph in front of the middle-aged Spirit Master spontaneously combusted as he abruptly turned his head toward the woman while yelling to her.

A cold feeling passed over the woman when she heard this. She performed a one handed technique and the short cyan sword started to spin. It transformed into a sword screen that protected her inside it.

A red talon suddenly appeared and instantly penetrated the sword screen. It proceeded to reach into the woman’s chest before flashing out of the screen as if it had never even been within the screen.

The woman felt the front of her body freeze over as a bloody hole appeared in her chest.

At this time, a hundred feet behind her, a faint red light appeared in the air. The half Dragon monster emerged grasping an item that was dripping in blood. A fierce look arose in its eyes and after shaking its wrists it proceeded to devour the item.

“Ah, you are eating…”

The woman finally realized what was happening as a face full of fear crept up on her face. She gave a desperate cry before the strength in her body disappeared and she fell from the sky.

“This won’t do; quickly use your hidden method or else we won’t be able to keep our lives!” When the monk saw the woman perish, his heart trembled as he hastily yelled at the middle-aged Spirit Master.


The middle-aged Spirit Master’s heart had also missed a beat. Hearing the monk speak, he responded without the slightest hesitation.

Immediately, his figure started to swirl around as the Glyphs in front of him began to explode.

The next second, a plethora of inscriptions appeared on the half Dragon monster’s body. They morphed into a myriad of five-colored glyph chains that trapped the Dragon.

At the same time, the adjacent monk also performed a technique. The enormous blue tiger and the enormous scarlet python puppet as well as the remaining wolf puppets, all simultaneously rushed forward. However, before they reached the monster, they self destructed causing light beams to fly throughout the air.

Instantly, a large multicolored ball of light emerged with a rumbling sound; the half Dragon monster was momentarily submerged within it.

A sharp mournful bird cry transmitted out from the ball of light at the same time as an extremely terrifying aura also suddenly emerged from within. This aura was so terrifying that wherever it passed, a droning sound occurred in the surrounding space.

“This isn’t good. This monster is unharmed. We should quickly leave; every man for himself.” When the monk saw the scene unfold, he instantly yelled in fear.

Thereupon, he raised a hand and another cyan ball of light surged forth. In a flash, it had morphed into a cyan wooden bird and the monk proceeded to jump on it.


The monk rode the wooden bird as he fled through the air.

When the middle-aged Spirit Master saw this, an exceptionally ugly expression appeared on his face. However, after clenching his teeth, he also took out an earthen yellow Glyph from his chest. He then patted the Glyph onto himself and after a few seconds, suddenly appeared on the Misty Ship.

His two hands made quick motions as he grabbed Disciple Qian and Cui Er. He then proceeded to take a large stride forward and promptly appeared over a hundred feet away from the Misty Ship. After taking another few steps in the air, he had already become a small black dot on the distant horizon.

Liu Ming, who was still on the Misty Ship, couldn’t help but display a stupefied expression after witnessing this.


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