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Chapter 704: Fierce Battle with the Celestial State Powerhouse (part 2)


A black shadow flashed and clawed out 5 deep wounds on the snake-haired woman’s shoulder as she couldn’t dodge in time. Black flames could be seen flickering faintly at the surface of the wounds.

The woman’s complexion changed drastically. She blasted back for a hundred meters more with a turn, barely dodging another elusive claw by ‘Liu Ming’.

After the woman gritted her teeth, she flicked her sleeve, and a black light flashed out. It was a black chakram the size of a thumb.

This thing first rose to the sky, then it became the size of a millstone. The chakram trembled slightly, making a low buzzing sound. It seemed full of spirituality!

Liu Ming in the demonized body was surprised when he saw this.

This chakram was quite familiar to him. After thinking about it, he remembered that the Celestial State demon corpse found in the ancient demon ruins before had a pair of similar rings. All of which were the same in shape and color.

The strange thing was that the elusive ‘Liu Ming’ immediately stopped as this chakram appeared. He stopped in the air and stared at the chakram without blinking. ‘He’ seemed to be afraid of it.

At this moment, in addition to the buzzing sound, the chakram did not emit any spiritual power fluctuations, nor did it have any strange behavior. It was just suspending in the air.

After ‘Liu Ming’ made an incomprehensible groan, he finally retracted his gaze from the chakram and looked at the woman again. After a hint of killing intent flashed in his eyes, he rushed toward the snake-haired woman again.

The snake-haired woman chanted, and a golden protective flame was ignited around her. While she was dodging ‘Liu Ming’s’ attacks, she always stared at the black chakram in the air from time to time.

Although the Demonized Liu Ming couldn’t touch the snake-haired woman with the stormy attacks, the protective flame on her was swaying under the palm wind as if they would extinguish at any time.

“Poof“, the golden protective flames were disintegrated under the palm; the snake-haired woman retreated quickly.

‘Liu Ming’ saw an opportunity and launched a vicious claw in close range.

But as soon as he got into 10 meters around the snake-haired woman, the snake-haired woman suddenly smiled strangely. She drew a semicircle in the air with 1 hand.


The black chakram suddenly appeared in front of her. After a flash, it was placed on the right arm of ‘Liu Ming’.

A strange scene happened!

Suddenly, the chakram was full of black light, and some strange demonic texts appeared from time to time. The demonics texts went into ‘Liu Ming’s’ body, making him tremble on the spot.

Black gas rolled out from ‘Liu Ming’ into the black chakram, and his aura was also weakened. The purple demonic patterns also started to flicker on his forehead.

Liu Ming in the demonized body was shocked. He quickly scanned his Spiritual Sea with Divine Thought, and he found that there were traces of true demonic aura leaking out of the purple crystals in the body under the suction of the chakram.,

Under this circumstance, even if the great elder of the Golden Savage Tribe didn’t make a move, the spiritual power of this demonized body would be exhausted to death.

But even though he was extremely anxious, he couldn’t control his body at all.

‘Liu Ming’ shook his arm frantically a few times, but he was unable to get rid of the chakram at all. With a hint of ruthlessness in his eyes, his left hand clawed at his right arm abruptly.


He pulled out his right arm directly from his shoulder, and suddenly a bloodstream rushed out from his broken shoulder.


The Demonized Liu Ming roared ferociously. He threw away the left arm and slapped the broken shoulder with his right palm.

A black gas flashed and stopped the bleeding; the wound was closed up at an imaginable speed.

At the same time, an explosion came from his side.

The broken arm burst open suddenly, turning into rolling black gas that was absorbed by the chakram. The chakram dropped to the ground after that.

The snake-haired woman never expected the Demonized Liu Ming to be so insane. She couldn’t care about retrieving the black chakram as she retreated in a hurry. She made a gesture, opened her mouth slightly, and a silver chain flashed out.

The chain just blurred, launching a dense chain shadow at Liu Ming.

‘Liu Ming’ just waved his single-arm in the air, and a demonic qi rolled out immediately, turning into a mist wall of tens of meters high.


The chain shadows hit the black mist and were bounced away.

At this moment, the snake-haired woman appeared before the mist wall with a flicker.

She chanted a mysterious spell, and the green snake hair spread and turned into a sky full of green snakes. They spouted a strange smelly green liquid altogether.

At this moment, a wild roar came from the black mist!

The mist wall burst open, pushing most of the green liquid away, then a figure flashed out from it.

The rest of the green liquid immediately contaminated his body, making a strange hissing noise. However, he didn’t seem to care about it; he just launched a heavy punch at the snake-haired woman.

The snake-haired woman suddenly twisted her waist and flew backward with a blur.

But at this moment, ‘Liu Ming’ smashed out his arm with a “click” sound, and it soared in an instant. The ferocious fist immediately hit the golden flames of the snake-haired beauty’s body.

After a muffled sound, the flames exploded with a strange sound like firecrackers, and at the same time a huge force crashed on the beautiful woman.

Even though the snake-haired woman avoided most of the huge force, her body trembled violently and vomited a mouthful of blood.

The snake-haired woman was very furious. She quickly threw a green elixir into her mouth, then as she was about to fight again, she felt a strange flame in her body. She hurriedly gathered her spiritual power and turned around n shock.

In the following time, 2 figures, 1 golden and 1 purple, chased back and forth in the center of the secret realm, making a burst of sound from time to time.

Upon closer look, it was the Demonized Liu Ming chasing the snake-haired woman.

“Damn it, the longer the time drags on, the avatar’s strength will drop even lower. In just a short time, it has actually fallen to the peak stage of the Real Pellet State. Now, this demon has become more and more powerful as he fights; his body movements and speed are even above my avatar. What’s more, my most powerful poison is enough restrained by this demonic qi!” The snake-haired woman thought quickly in her heart while fleeing; her face was very gloomy.

After about 10 minutes, the speed of the snake-haired woman gradually slowed down.

Although she used some other methods during the period to injure ‘Liu Ming’, but after being demonized, he still pursued nonstop with his only left arm.

“Damn, all the demons are lunatics! I have sucked so many true demonic qi from this kid, and he is also seriously injured, he is still in such a frenzy state! Are all the demons bloodthirsty like him? No way, this avatar is almost at its limit! It seems I have to give up this avatar and go all out in 1 hit!” The snake-haired woman who felt her aura was declining could no longer hold her breath. She finally made a crucial decision.

The snakes spouted a lot of venoms again, forcing ‘Liu Ming’ back temporarily. Suddenly, she stopped and made an unknown gesture in front of her chest; she was wrapped in layers of yellow mist instantly.

Seeing this, the Demonized Liu Ming flickered and rushed into the mist without stopping. He pushed his left palm horizontally, then bending his fingers into claws and grabbed at her heart.

This grab was as fast as lightning, but the snake-haired woman didn’t seem to notice it. She just made her own gesture without hiding. Liu Ming who was inside the demonized body was delighted to see this.

But at this moment, the snake-haired woman’s face turned cold. Her snake hair suddenly blurred and wrapped directly on Liu Ming’s left arm, and she spouted a golden pellet out of her mouth.

The Demonized Liu Ming’s eyes condensed as if realizing what she was going to do. He pulled his left arm forcibly, breaking the snake hair, then he swept with a kick, trying to kick away the golden pellet.

However, it was too late.

There was a loud rumbling noise.

The golden Real Pellet State burst like a muffled thunder, and it instantly turned into a golden spark. For a time, the golden light overflowed and filled the entire sky. The space was trembled because of it.

After the spark, the smoke dissipated, and the gravel on the ground was full of black blood underneath. A few pieces of bones connected with flesh were faintly visible. The golden spark could even melt the rocks.

Other than that, there was nothing!

“Haha!” The snake-haired woman not far away couldn’t help but burst into laughter seeing this scene, but she stopped abruptly after a moment, stroked her chest, and coughed up a few mouthfuls of blood.

After exploding the Real Pellet in Huang Ying’s body, she also paid a great price. At this moment, her face was pale as paper, and her aura was extremely weak.

However, this woman, ignoring her injury at all, turned around and flew toward the storage ring previously dropped by Venerable Kui Mu.


A somewhat unstable black light suddenly rushed out from the ground behind, and rolled up, blocking in front of the woman.

As the black light faded, an incomplete figure was revealed; it was ‘Liu Ming’ who only had half of his body left.

At this moment, his face was full of tyrannical. His right leg was missing, and a giant hole of 3 three feet in size appeared at his waist. The black and red blood dripped down. The wounds were also constantly corroded by green mist. Although there was demonic qi spreading out, it couldn’t heal up the wounds due to the interference of the green mist.

“You… you are not dead yet?” The snake-haired woman looked at the Demonized Liu Ming with only half of her body left in front of her, and she said with an incredulous trembling voice.

Although this Celestial State powerhouse was very knowledgeable, she still underestimated the Demonized Liu Ming’s tyrannical physical body.

TL: What a fierce fight! Even if ‘Liu Ming’ wins now, can he still survive with half of his body left?

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