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Chapter 665: Selling Elixir

“Since shopkeeper said so, then I won’t bargain anymore. I will buy these 5 bottles first. If there are more in the future, I hope you will keep them for me.” As Liu Ming heard this, his expression returned to normal immediately, and he said in a deep voice.

After that, he took out a big bag of spirit stones from Sumeru Ring and threw it to the muscular man.

After the muscular shopkeeper took the spirit stones and confirmed that the number was correct, he put it away happily and said,

“No problem, if there is more upper grade five light liquid in the future, we will definitely keep it for mister. By the way, I still don’t know how to call you yet?”

“My surname is Ye.” After Liu Ming smiled faintly, he kept the 5 silver bottles into the Sumeru Ring.

“So you are Mr. Ye. In addition to five light liquid, does Mr. Ye still have other needs? We will naturally give you a discount.” The muscular man lowered his voice a little and said.

“Thanks, shopkeeper. I haven’t thought of other needs for the time being. I will definitely come to your store to buy if I have. I still have other things, so I will leave now.” Liu Ming said so.

Next, Liu Ming walked downstairs under the accompany of the muscular shopkeeper.

As soon as he left this shop, he disappeared into an alley after a few turns.

He didn’t want to expose his identity and residence, so he strolled in the market for 1 hour before returning.

Back in the small courtyard of the inn, he walked into the secret room. He placed the five light liquid and other auxiliary materials of the yun spirit pill together.

He then released the small green cauldron which became 30 meters tall after a spin. It was the Liushen Cauldron. There were spirit patterns of 6 colors flickering on its surface

In the next 3 months, Liu Ming only left the secret room once to pay the spirit stones needed for the rent for half a year. For the rest of the time, he stayed in the secret room and concentrated on refining elixir.

Refining the yun spirit pill was much more difficult than refining the cold condensing pill. According to Liu Ming’s previous situation, even if the materials were sufficient, he could only guarantee a 50% success rate, and the products would be normal grade.

3 months later, Liu Ming refined all 5 bottles of five light liquid into 20 yun spirit pills, but they were all normal grade elixir. There wasn’t even a flawless grade.

Together with the elixirs that he refined in the Fallen Serene Peak’s cave house, he now had refined more than 40 ordinary yun spirit pill.

There were still more than tens of millions of spirit stones in the Liu Ming’s Sumeru Ring, so he wasn’t eager to sell the yun spirit pill. After advancing into the Crystallization Period, although his spiritual power was purer, it also dropped by a big chunk.

So after thinking about it, he decided to consume these yun spirit pills for himself to consolidate the Crystallization Period.

So, after he put away the remaining materials and the Liushen Cauldron, he threw a yun spirit pill into his mouth.

This pill was worthy of being an excellent elixir for enhancing spiritual power for the Crystallization Period cultivator. As soon as it entered his mouth, it turned into a stream of pure spiritual power that spread quickly in his body.

He closed his eyes. After these spiritual powers circulated slowly in every part of his body, they began to gather in his dantian. The 153 crystals in his Spiritual Sea also trembled slightly when absorbing these pure spiritual powers.

After 2 hours, Liu Ming felt a refreshing feeling, and his spiritual power was replenished instantly by a little.

Liu Ming was overjoyed. The effect of this ordinary yun spirit pill was equal to meditating for 3 months.

In the following days, Liu Ming took a yun spirit pill a day, meditated cross-legged for 2 hours, and then entered the illusion through the mental power of mind imitation insect to practice with the Heavenly Thunder Spell and Void Flying Sword.

A month and a half later, Liu Ming had consumed all these yun spirit pills, and his spiritual power had also improved by leaps and bounds.

According to his estimation, the spiritual power raised by these more than 40 ordinary yun spirit pills was enough for him to meditate for 10 years.

After he left the secret room, he disguised again and came to the previous medicinal shop. He bought 15 bottles of upper grade five light liquid and some auxiliary materials at the price of 5 million spirit stones, then he stayed behind closed doors again.

After more than half a year, he successfully refined the 2nd batch of elixir; a total of 72 pills. More than that, he finally refined 2 pellet grade yun spirit pill, but there was only 1 elixir pattern.

At this time, he had only about 8 million spirit stones left. After some inquiries, there were still more than 2 years before the big auction of Miaozhong Market.

Liu Ming decided to leave this market and go to other nearby markets to sell these elixirs.

After all, he bought a large amount of five light liquids in the Miaozhong Market. If he sold the elixirs again in the same place, it would easily let people associate it to him which would cause unnecessary troubles.

7 days later, in another medium-sized market thousands of miles away from Miaozhong Market, Liu Ming transformed into a scholar, walking on a street.

After 10 minutes, he chose an unremarkable but somewhat large-scale elixir shop, which seemed to be opened by a foreign cultivator, and walked in.

Behind the counter was an old man in a gray black robe who looked around 60 years old. His face was a little yellowish.

“Mister, are you buying medicinal materials or elixir? Our shop will offer you the fairest price!!” There were no other customers in the shop at this time, so the old man greeted Liu Ming with a smile immediately.

“Shopkeeper, besides selling medicinal materials and elixir, do you also buy elixir?” Liu Ming asked with a smile.

“Our shop generally won’t buy the common elixir on the market, but we will buy some rare elixirs for some appropriate amount. May I know what elixir is mister selling?” The old man in a gray robe’s eyes flickered hearing that, and he subconsciously lowered his voice.

Liu Ming took out a crystal jade box from the Sumeru Ring and handed it over.

The old man in a gray robe took the jade box and tapped it lightly, and the jade box was opened slowly. 5 white elixirs could be seen. There was a faint spirit around these elixirs.

“Yun spirit pill!” the old man in a gray robe blurted out with a look of surprise.

Liu Ming looked at the old man in a gray robe with a calm face, and did not speak. Naturally, the old man’s reaction was within his expectation.

Yun spirit pill was the elixir used to improve spiritual power for the Crystallization Period cultivator. Because of the refine difficulty, it was rarely sold on the market, and it was often demanded by the cultivator.

After all, most cultivators could quickly increase their spiritual power by consuming these elixirs, and those cultivators who could consume these elixirs would not lack spirit stone at all, so they wouldn’t sell them.

Those master alchemists occasionally refined some of these elixirs to supply to certain forces; they generally wouldn’t sell them in the market.

After the old man regained his calmness, he cupped his fist and suppressed his excitement while saying,

“Mister, do you want to discuss it in detail in our secret room?”

“Alright.” After Liu Ming looked around at random, he nodded.

Next, after the old man in a gray robe asked a staff to look after the shop, he led Liu Ming through dark stairs at the back of the shop to the basement level of the shop. The secret room was quite spacious.

The secret room was about tens of meters in area, and each corner had a 10 meters array. Liu Ming actually didn’t know what the array was.

In the middle was a black marble table, and there were several doors on one side of the secret room. They could be connecting to other secret rooms.

This medicinal material shop had such a large secret room underground, which made him shocked.

“Mister, please take a seat.” The old man in a gray robe laughed in a low voice.

Although Liu Ming felt that this shop might be different from what he thought, now that he had the true spirit flying sword and learned the Heavenly Thunder Spell, he wouldn’t be afraid of even if he encountered a Real Pellet State powerhouse. He sat down and said calmly,

“Since shopkeeper asked me to come down here to discuss, does that mean you want my elixirs?”

“Mister, this yun spirit pill is an elixir that is sought after by the Crystallization Period cultivators. We are of course willing to buy from you. For the 5 elixirs in this jade box, we would like to spend 200,000 spirit stones for 1; 5 for 1 million. Is mister satisfied with the price?” The old man in a gray robe twisted his beard, revealing an ambition to get them.

Liu Ming was also slightly happy when he heard this.

A bottle of five light liquid that could merely be considered as an upper grade, in the condition of 50% success rate, he could refine for about 6 yun spirit pills. The price was as high as 1.2 million. The cost of the main and auxiliary materials was only 500,000 spirit stones.

But even so, he still showed a hint of thought on his face.

“The price given by our shop is really high, but if you still have this elixir, and you are willing to sell it to this our shop for a long time, I can increase the price by 10%. 5 yun spirit pills for 1.1 million spirit stones.” The old man in a gray robe glanced at Liu Ming, then he said so after rolling his eyes.

Liu Ming smiled when he heard the words, and he took out another emerald green jade box from Sumeru Ring without a hassle, and asked faintly,

“Can I ask what is the price of this flawless grade yun spirit pill?” Liu Ming touched his nose and asked.

“Flawless grade yun spirit pill!”

When the old man in a gray robe heard the words, he jumped up and hurriedly took 2 steps to take the jade box. After a light tap with one hand, the lid opened. A strong medicinal fragrance immediately emanated from the box.

Then, the old man carefully picked up the elixir from the jade box with 2 fingers and placed it in front of his eyes to observe carefully.

TL: Hmmm, didn’t expect him to sell the flawless grade so soon. What is the price of the flawless grade yun spirit pill then? 2 million?

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