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Chapter 621: Amano Ancient City

The remaining 2 spiritual horses apparently discovered that their companions had been captured. After an anxious neigh, their speed suddenly increased a bit.

However, the surrounding smoke had already dispersed. Another spiritual horse could not escape in the end. After struggling a little in the smokes, it fell weakly.

The other horse had better luck. Before the gray smoke closed, it stomps its hoofs and sprang out. However, he was running right into Liu Ming.

This spiritual horse obviously thought Liu Ming was also a hunter. It immediately spouted 8 green wind blades at him.

Liu Ming frowned, and several black tentacles appeared from his body. With a light wave, he swept away these wind blades.

The spiritual horse stopped abruptly. Its beast instinct let it immediately sense the power of Liu Ming, and this stop had also determined its fate.


A big golden net suddenly shot from behind, and the golden light flashed and covered its body.

At the next moment, a figure landed from the sky not far in front of Liu Ming. After the light diminished, a muscular man wearing a golden robe was revealed. Judging from his aura, he already had the cultivation of the Condensation Period intermediate stage.

“Haha, thank you for your help.” The muscular man glanced at Liu Ming and said with a forthright smile.

“Not at all, I just happened to be here.” Liu Ming said faintly.

He indeed made a move just to subconsciously defend himself.

Hearing the words, the muscular man still nodded and smiled.

He launched a symbol, and the golden net instantly tightened the spiritual horse. He then kept it inside a leather bag.

Several other people also flew over with a cautious face after seeing Liu Ming, A rather young girl even put her hand on the jade pendant on her waist.

“He helped us to capture the spiritual horse just now, don’t be rude to this friend.” Seeing this, the muscular man frowned and reprimanded.

There was only 1 Condensation Period intermediate stage in this small team, and the others were all at the early stage.

This was relatively weak among the hunting groups of the Pegasus Grassland.

As the leader of this group, the muscular man naturally had an extraordinary insight. Just from the scene where Liu Ming deflected the 8 wind blades with a move, he knew his cultivation wasn’t weaker than him.

“She is still young and inexperienced, please don’t be offended. Hey, you are quite unfamiliar to me; you must have just arrived at this Pegasus Grassland. Are you interested in cooperating to hunt spiritual horses together?” After the muscular man instructed the rest to step back, he asked again with a smile.

“I have important matters, so I’m afraid I can’t stay here for long. Thank you for the invitation.” Liu Ming naturally refused.

He came to Pegasus Grassland not for earning spirit stone. If he weren’t a little curious about this famous spiritual horse, he wouldn’t stay here for long.

“That’s really unfortunate. I’m Tu Yuanzhen; I’m considered In the picture below, it is far true, in the market near Heihe, it is also considered relatively reputable in the market near the black river. If you change your mind, find me there anytime.” The muscular man showed regret on his face, but he still said enthusiastically.

After Liu Ming nodded, he directly bid farewell and continued rushing toward the Amano Ancient City.

Finally, after flying for a few days, he finally came to a high ground.

From a distance, there was a huge city covering a hundred areas. There were many large and small rough buildings in the city. The main castle built by green stones in the middle was thousands of meters tall like a mountain overlooking everything on the grassland.

However, the surface of these buildings had already been weathered. Many of them had collapsed. One could only see the city’s past glorious days from a distance.

According to ancient records, the origins of this ancient city could be traced back to more than ten thousand years ago. Many people lived in this city; there were also mortal cultivators. It also prospered for a while, but it unexpectedly declined for some reason.

“This is Amano Ancient City.” Liu Ming took the map jade slip off his forehead and muttered to himself.

At this moment, a man in black clothes flew out of the city, and he seemed to find Liu Ming who was standing on a high ground not far away. He detoured away with a cautious look.

Liu Ming didn’t care. After a slight glance, he withdrew his gaze.

According to the map, although this Amano Ancient City didn’t have any residents, it was not empty. Many cultivators nearby would use it as a temporary foothold.

With the increasing number of people coming to the grassland to hunt, some places for private exchange of goods had appeared in this abandoned ancient city. These places couldn’t rival against the market, so the Golden Ge Sect and the Longevity Pondalso acquiesced to this phenomenon.

Liu Ming flew into the city, only to find that it was not as desolate as he had imagined. He could occasionally see 1 or 2 cultivators on the streets. Of course, they all looked cautious and kept some distance away from Liu Ming.

In addition, there were even a few grocery shops on the roadside.

But in general, it was still an extremely barren dead city.

Although there were very few people on the street, Liu Ming could notice that someone was looking at him from some dilapidated stone houses from time to time.

It was no wonder that many passers-by would hide in some abandoned buildings in the city as temporary strongholds to rest. There were small groups, and there were also lone travelers like him.

Liu Ming frowned slightly. The situation here was a little different from what he expected.

He immediately speeded up his speed by a few minutes, and he quickly entered the depths of the city. He found a relatively quiet and complete house and landed nearby.

As soon as Liu Ming entered the house, he looked around for a while before taking out 2 sets of formation flags. He set 2 defensive arrays and sat cross-legged to rest.

He had been fighting and rushing all the way here, so he was really tired at the moment.

Liu Ming sat quietly for a whole night. The next day, he recovered vigorously and thought about his next plan.

Although the time and location of the ancient demon ruins he obtained from the Big Dipper Pavilion was just an estimation, seeing the situation here, it was obvious that the ruins had not yet appeared.

If so, he might stay in this ancient city for a while.

After thinking about it, Liu Ming decided to go out and check out the situation in the city.

Not long after, he came to the old street where the grocery shops he saw when he entered the city.

After half an hour, he walked out of a shop with a solemn expression, did not stay long, and flew directly back to his residence.

The shopkeepers who could run a grocery shop in this kind of place were not simple people, but they were also people who regarded money as their life. He spent some spirit stone to get some information that he wanted to know.

Now, the number of cultivators in Amano Ancient City was more than doubled than usual, and most of them were demonic cultivators who practiced demonic techniques.

These people came here for the same purpose as him. They gathered here when they learned about the imminent appearance of the ancient demon ruins through various channels.

However, such small ancient relics often appeared in the Middle Sky Continent, which was not too unusual.

In general, the enchantment of a small ancient ruin had been damaged for too long. And things such as elixirs and spiritual weapons, without the protection of special enchantment, would lose their spiritual power and become useless. Therefore, few high rank cultivators were rarely interested in such ancient ruins.

The reason why the demonic cultivator gathered here was not for the abandoned elixirs and items, but for the ancient and pure demonic qi that might exist in the ancient ruins.

For the demonic cultivator, the pure demonic qi was thousands of times better than any elixirs and spiritual weapon. After all, there are not many places where you can find pure demonic qi on the Middle Sky Continent. If one was lucky, being able to absorb 1 or 2 traces of true demonic aura would already be great.

However, compared with ordinary demonic qi, few people rarely found the true demonic aura in time and successfully collect it. These ancient relics would often disappear completely after appearing for about 1 to 2 hours. Thus, the first 2 hours would be the most intense period for the demonic cultivators; it wasn’t uncommon for them to fight at all.

After learning this information, Liu Ming calmed down and stayed in the ancient city, waiting for the ancient ruin to emerge.

As time passed, more cultivators came to the city. Amano Ancient City had gradually become chaotic. There were sounds of explosions frequently coming from afar.

There were even 2 demonic cultivators fighting in an open space near Liu Ming’s residence, but as long as they did not affect Liu Ming, he would naturally not interfere.

Half a month later, in another open space in Amano Ancient City, a pale and handsome young man stood on a broken wall with his hands behind his back. His bloody shirt was fluttering in the wind.

In front of him, a bloody cloud exploded and turned into rolling blood qi that dispersed.

As the blood gradually dispersed, 5 men in black showed their figures, but they were all in a bad state!

The leader was gasping heavily with bloodstains on his body.

The other 4 were also in ragged clothes, and their faces were abnormally pale. They were obviously injured.

On the ground where several people were, a large pit of tens of meters was blasted out.

“Are you guys convinced now?” The young man in a bloody shirt said faintly.

After the 5 men in black looked at each other for a while, the leader walked forward.

“We can’t even touch sir even by joining forces; you are really worthy of the name Blood Emperor. We, Five Evils, are willing to listen to your command.” As the leader said, he knelt to the ground.

Seeing this, the 4 people behind also knelt down.

“Very well, if that’s the case, then accept my mark.” Blood Emperor showed a wicked smile when he heard the words. 5 bloody runes flew out and went onto their foreheads.

More helpers! He will have to fight 6 people now! Can Liu Ming make it to the ancient ruins without being delayed by Blood Emperor?

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