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Chapter 612: Nine-Color Spirit Deer

“It turns out to be a Mr. Yungang from the Tanguang Mountain. I have long heard of your great name. It’s really my pleasure to meet you today.” Yin Jiuling immediately replied with a solemn face.

Seeing this, Liu Ming was a little surprised.

With Yin Jiuling and Gu Juexiu’s status and identity, they were quite polite to this young monk.

Regarding Tanguang Mountain, Liu Ming had also read some records in some ancient books.

It is said that Tanguang Mountain was a Buddhist holy land and a major force in the Middle Sky Continent. Although it was not ranked among the 4 ancient sects, it was said that its real strength was not much inferior to the 4 ancient sects.

Buddhism originated from the archean era. Some of the special Buddhist supernatural powers could give a headache to ordinary cultivators. Under normal circumstances, even the 4 ancient sects did not want to offend these bald heads.

Now it seemed that the name of this Tanguang Mountain was even more famous.

Liu Ming had seen Buddhist supernatural powers several times. It was indeed vast and mysterious. It was like the Putuo Flame of Siren King that almost severely injured the head of the giant demon. In the Valley of Fire in the South Sea Region, Jia Lan’s Buddhist array also made him suffer a lot.

“Not at all, I’m just a middleman today. It is my honor to be able to see the competition between 2 sects.” The young monk smiled and said humbly.

“Okay, let’s stop complimenting each other. You and I have agreed to have 3 matches today to determine the ownership of the nine-color spirit deer cub. Are these 2 the participants of your sect?” Gu Jue saw that the 2 were greeting enthusiastically, a hint of impatience flashed in the old man’s eyes. He interrupted and glanced at Liu Ming and Xiao Wu at the back.

“Exactly, you 2, quickly go and greet Mr. Gu Jue.” Yin Jiuling didn’t say much, and he waved behind him.

“Greetings to Senior Gu!” Liu Ming and Xiao Wu immediately stepped up and bowed slightly.

“Nephew Disciple Xiao has reached the Crystallization Period later stage. I think she is about to enter the Pseudo Pellet State soon right? An accomplished teacher will indeed have a skilled student. I have never seen this nephew disciple. Does he also belong to your sect?” After Gu Jue assessed Xiao Wu, he nodded before looking at Liu Ming.

“I’m Liu Ming; I have only joined the Fallen Serene Peak in recent years.” Liu Ming replied calmly.

“Nephew Disciple Liu’s cultivation has also reached the Condensation Period perfect stage. Your aptitude is indeed extraordinary too.” Gu Jue said so, then he looked back at Xiao Wu.

Obviously, compared to Liu Ming, the Real Pellet Statepowerhouse of Haoran Academy still cares more about the big disciple of Fallen Serene Peak.

Liu Ming’s heart was stunned. Real Pellet State powerhouse really had a keen observation. He didn’t use the slightest spiritual power, but his cultivation was clearly seen.

At the same time, he felt something in his heart and turned his head slightly to meet Monk Yungang’s bright gaze.

The Tanguang Mountain’s Senran saw Liu Ming looking away, but smiled at Liu Ming like a spring breeze.

Liu Ming was startled, but he immediately replied respectfully.

“Okay, let’s stop the nonsense. I heard that your sect also accepted a disciple with the Eyes of Great Void. You must have brought him here today right.” Yin Jiuling waved his hand to make Liu Ming and Xiao Wu step down, then he asked faintly.

“Brother Yin is very well-informed news. You 2 also come and greet the peak master of the Taiqing Sect.” Gu Jue suffocated slightly after hearing this, but he immediately said with a laugh

Hearing the words, a man and a woman behind him immediately stepped forward and cupped their fists toward Yin Jiuling,

“Disciple Qin Yi, Gu Qin greets Senior Yin.”

Liu Ming glanced over the 2 of them. He noticed that the woman’s eyes were so green that her pupils couldn’t be distinguished. It looked very strange.

He also heard of the rare spiritual body, the Eyes of the Great Void. Their vision was extremely good at catching the flow of spiritual power. It was said that no technique could escape from the detection of these eyes, hence the name “Great Void”.

Although this spiritual body didn’t provide many advantages in cultivation, it had a huge advantage in fighting.

“Mr. Gu, your 2 disciples are also quite extraordinary.” Yin Jiuling’s eyes flashed with a green light, and he said with a smile.

“Okay, it’s getting late, let’s start the fight.” Gu Jue said with a slight smile.

“Okay, but before that, you and I should take that thing out.” Yin Jiuling nodded and said.

The ancients had absolutely no opinion on this.

After 15 minutes, in front of a big tree in the valley, Gu Jue and Yin Jiuling each held a white jade ruyi and a silver token with another hand. They were chanting nonstop.

The jade ruyi and the token each released a white light and a silver light beam on the tree trunk. A circle of invisible waves rippled around the tree immediately.

From the big tree, a huge five-color light cluster was emerging from it inch by inch. There seemed to be something wrapped in it.

After a “bang“, the five-color light cluster completely separated from the tree, and it instantly turned into a five-color cage, landing firmly on the ground.

Liu Ming stared attentively. Only then he saw a deer that was as tall as human height was in the cage. It was emitting a brilliant colorful light from its body, and the antlers on its head were very short. A yellow talisman was stuck on its forehead, making it sleep lazily in the cage.

“This is the nine-Color spirit deer?” Liu Ming thought in his mind. He couldn’t help but look at it a few more times.

The nine-color spirit deer was a different species among the beastkins. It could reach the Crystallization Period in adulthood and could slowly cultivate to the Real Pellet State. Moreover, this beastkin had a natural ability to ward off evil spirits; it had a great restraint ability to ghosts and evil spirits.

Yin Jiuling cultivated the ghost technique. If he had the nine-color deer with him, he could use it to subdue the ghost creature more easily. His strength could also be enhanced greatly.

As for Gu Jue, although the reason was unknown, he naturally didn’t want to give this spirit beast away for free.

Therefore, the 2 organized this competition to get this cub.

“According to the invitation of Brother Gu, I will host this competition. According to the rules agreed by the 2 before, this will be a best of 3 competition. 2 matches will be participated by your 2 disciples. The winner will get this spirit deer. Does anyone have any opinion?” Yun Gang took a step forward and said loudly.

Yin Jiuling and Gu Juejun nodded.

“Okay, let me display my slight skill first.” Yun Gang clasped his hands together while chanting. A golden light flew out from his monk robe; it was a string of Buddhist prayer beads.

Under Yun Gang’s spiritual power, the prayer beads expanded to the size of an acre. After the golden light rose from the prayer beads, it formed a round array. Even the air was trembling slightly, and a faint chant of Buddhist could be heard.

“The match will be carried out in this circle. If you fall out of the circle, you will lose.” Yun Gang stopped casting and said.

“Then, in the first match, let’s start with us. It can be regarded as an example for our disciples.” Gu Jue laughed, and he had already appeared in the array.

Yin Jiuling’s gaze condensed before he flashed into it.

“You 2 are both cultivators of the Real Pellet State. Just a small fight is enough. Otherwise, my Vajra(Indestructible) Array can’t bear it.” Seeing this, Yun Gang said with a wry smile.

If the cultivator of Real Pellet State fought with all its strength, the mountains in a radius of hundreds of miles would be turned into powder. If the strength was almost the same, the winner couldn’t be decided in a while.

“Mr. Yun Gang is right. Why don’t you and I have a small fight??” Gu Jue suggested.

“Do you have any good suggestions?” Yin Jiuling narrowed his eyes and asked calmly.

“I heard that you have subdued a spiritual beast bone dragon of the peak of the Crystallization Period. Why not fight with spiritual beasts to decide the winner of this match.” Gu Jue’s eyes flashed. He waved, and a 10 meters tall green molosser spiritual beasts appeared. A savage aura immediately spread from this molosser.

Even Liu Ming and others outside the formation felt a suffocating spiritual pressure. This green molosser was extremely powerful; it was a beastkin of the Crystallization Period later stage.

“A spiritual beast fight, that’s good.” Yin Jiuling showed a spurious smile, and he agreed without thinking.

After that, his sleeve robe bulged, and a black light ball the size of a fist emerged from it.

A deafening roar!

A black bone dragon of 100 meters long sprang out from the light ball. Its aura was comparable to the green molosser.

Liu Ming looked at the 2 people in the formation with excitement in his eyes. It was rare to see the right between the Real Pellet State powerhouses with his own eyes.

At the next moment, the battle was already on the verge.

The green molosser seemed to have received the order. After a roar, its figure became blurred and turned into a green afterimage that charged straight up.

Yin Jiuling’s eyes flashed. He pointed, and the black bone dragon’s scarlet eyes flashed with murderous intent. It spouted a black light beam at the oncoming green molosser.

The green mastiff also shot out a green flame at the black light pillar beam.

“Boom boom boom!“

As the green and black light scattered, they burst apart. The momentum was astonishing, but when the aftershocks were canceled like melting snow by the Vajra Array at the edge.

With a flash of black light, the bone dragon stretched into a black line. It came to the top of the green molosser at a hastened speed and launched its sharp bone claws at the giant molosser’s eyes.

So, the Real Pellet State powerhouses are also involved in the competition. Does Gu Jue have advantage in the match since he is the one who suggested the spiritual beast fight?

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