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Chapter 601: Fierce Battle with Liger Part 1

In the 36th floor lobby of the Void Spirit Tower.

The layout here was similar to the previous hall, but the area had reached the size of one hundred acres. On the floor of the hall, there were green runes engraved every few 10 meters. This was obviously some kind of special enchantment.

“Poof“, the silence was interrupted.

A fluctuation spread in the air. A green light rolled out, revealing a man in a green robe holding a small gray sword.

It was Liu Ming.

Regarding the situation of the 36th floor of the Void Spirit Tower, before he planned to challenge the Void Spirit Tower, he also inquired about some relevant information and asked someone to inquire about it.

But now the outer disciple did not know the appearance of these 4 Condensation Period later stage beastkins. Even Yan Ming, who has a lot of friends, only knew that the strength of each beastkin on the 36th floor was comparable to the Crystallization Period.

Liu Ming had already held the combined Heavy Water Droplet in his left hand. The small gray sword was already buzzing the moment he appeared.

Just as he released a powerful mental power to scan around, 2 shocking spiritual pressure suddenly came from behind; a blue water pillar and a red fireball shot toward him at the same time.

Liu Ming soared into the sky without saying a word, avoiding the water pillar and the fireball.

The next moment, a strange scene happened!

When Liu Ming jumped up, the water pillar and the fireball turned around as if they were alive.


Liu Ming was astounded. The spiritual sword in his hand trembled, rolling out a 80 meters long sword light.

A few rumbling noises sounded!

The blue water pillar and the red fireball were slashed apart abruptly by the sword light.

Liu Ming turned around, squinted his eyes, and looked at the 2 beastkins; 1 blue and 1 red not far away. They were a pair of giant tiger beastkins with the size of 30 meters.

1 of them was covered with blue light as if it was wrapped with a pale blue water mist, exuding a hint of coldness. The other beastkin that was wrapped in raging red flame occasionally spouted fire sparks from its mouth.

“There should be 4 beastkins on the 36th floor, so the other 2…”

Just as Liu Ming separated his Divine Thought to look for the other 2 beastkins, there was a whistling sound from the air void in front of him. An invisible hurricane burst out in an instant, turning into countless wind blades to shoot at him.

Liu Ming frowned. He shook his right hand, and the Heavy Water Droplet flashed in blue light. A layer of dark blue water shield appeared on his body, blocking all the wind blades.

At the same time, after the hurricane blew past, it condensed into a giant white lion.

With a “poof“, another thick golden lightning arc struck from above.

Liu Ming’s sleeves flicked without even thinking about it. A gray sword light shot into the sky, instantly intercepting the golden lightning arc.

But at this moment, there were faint fluctuations underneath him. The 2 giant red and blue tigers flashed ghostly, and they shot a crimson fireball and a pale blue icicle at him.

Liu Ming’s face turned dark. His body shook, and he disappeared on the spot. A yellow hill phantasm had replaced his figure and pressed down. Before it actually fell, it shattered the fireball and icicle.

The 2 giant tigers jumped away in a hurry.

At this time, there was a “swoosh“.

Liu Ming flashed out in the air again, and he threw a punch at the position where the lightning arc was cast.

After a wave of invisible huge force swept past, there was a loud thunder!

A group of golden thunderclouds appeared in the seemingly empty air, and dense golden lightning arcs burst out at the gray rainbow.

Liu Ming’s complexion changed. He made a gesture, and his figure grew by 10 meters larger in a crackling sound. There was even rolling black gas coming out.

A dragon roar resounded across the sky!

A black mist dragon rushed out from the lightning arc and went straight to the thundercloud.

A thunderous sound!

A golden light flashed in the thunder cloud, then a thick lightning arc was cast. After another flash, a giant golden lion appeared beside the giant white lion.

The beastkins on the 36th floor of the Void Spirit Tower turned out to be a pair of giant lions and a pair of giant tigers with 4 different attributes.

With a “poof“, the black mist dragon also collapsed after sweeping away the remaining thunderclouds.

After the black gas rolled back into Liu Ming’s body, he also showed his own figure. There were still some remnants of the golden lightning spark bouncing on his body. There were also holes of various sizes on his long green robe.

After Liu Ming looked down at his clothes, his gaze toward the 4 beastkins was more solemn.

Compared with the 4 giant skeletons on the 35th floor, these 4 beastkins were more than 2 to 3 times more terrifying.

When the roars of the lions and tigers sounded together again, Liu Ming took a deep breath. He shook his wrist and launched a dozen gray sword qi at the 4 beastkins…

Half an hour later, outside the Void Spirit Tower, Jia Lan looked at the lit rune on the 36th floor of the Void Spirit Tower with her eyes flickering.

“Senior sister apprentice, is he really at the Condensation Period later stage when he entered?” Jia Lan suddenly turned her head and asked the woman in white next to him.

“I’m sure of it. Originally, I thought this person is just embarrassing himself trying to challenge tower. I didn’t expect that he can get all the way up to the 36th floor in just half a day; he is slightly faster than you.” The woman in white clothes also replied thoughtfully.

Sha Tongtian and Long Yanfei on the other side naturally did not leave; they solemnly looked at the 36th floor of the Void Spirit Tower too.

Liu Ming, who was in the tower, naturally didn’t know what was going on outside. Let alone not long before that, Jia Lan also actually made it to the 36th floor.

At this time, under the effect of the Three Shadowy Mirages Technique, he turned into 2 phantasms to fight with the 4 beastkins with his elusive bodily movement and his small spiritual sword.

Different from the previous fight against giant skeletons, these 4 beastkins had different attributes. Once he entered 10 meters around the beastkins, his defensive aura would be affected by different attributes.

At this moment, Liu Ming’s clothes had been tattered by the wind blades; there were some slight wounds on his face; there were burns and frostbite marks on his arms.

At this time, it was more than half an hour since Liu Ming entered the Void Spirit Tower’s 36th floor.

Although his body was full of scars, the 4 beastkins were also full of injuries under the unexpected close-range attack of his strange movement and finger sword. Their aura was much weaker than at the beginning. If he persisted for a while, he could possibly eliminate them one by one.

After Liu Ming thought of this plan, he took out an upper grade spirit stone in his hand while consuming a flawless grade golden yuan pill simultaneously.

For him now, if he could restore more spiritual power, his chances of winning would naturally be greater. He of course would not hesitate to use this elixir worth hundreds of thousands.

After doing all these, waves of invisible wind blades blasted at him along with rolling flames.

It was due to the 2 beastkins not far away.

At this moment, the 4 beastkins were grouped up slightly because they were all injured. It was more difficult for Liu Ming to defeat them one by one now.

Liu Ming immediately groaned while stomping the ground. Black gas started to rolled out from his body. “Whoosh”, he disappeared under the roll of black gas, evading the wind blades and rolling flames.

In the next moment, 2 phantasms flashed above the giant blue tiger, and dense gray sword shadows rained down.

With a roar of the ice attribute giant tiger, blue spirit patterns flashed wildly on its body. Cold air started to condensed around it, forming a light blue ice shield.

When the sword shadows hit it, there was a crackling sound like rain hitting the rooftop. With a loud “bang“, the ice shield shattered.

But at this moment, a thick crimson fire pillar swept past and rolled away the remaining sword shadows.

It was the giant red tiger that shot the fire pillar.

The other golden thunder lion leaned down, launching several thick lightning arcs into the air.

The 2 phantasms in the sky turned their body and disappeared when the lightning arcs reached.

In the next moment, Liu Ming once again transformed into 2 phantasm and appeared beside the giant red tiger. After a low groan, he held a Heavy Water Droplet in each hand and launched a punch that had layers of crimson scales on it.

A piercing roar!

The crimson protective aura on the surface of the red fire tiger immediately shattered, and it was knocked back like a ball bouncing back.

At this time, with a whistling sound, dozens of wind blades released by giant the white lion were launched at him.

Liu Ming had to give up the pursuit, then he retreated more than a hundred meters away and landed lightly on the ground.

At this time, the 4 beastkins in the distance suddenly jumped all together. They unanimously looked up to the sky and roared, the spirit patterns on their bodies flashed wildly, and there was a demonic aura rolling out from them. It formed a gray hurricane that wrapped all 4 beastkins, completely covering their figures.

Seeing this, Liu Ming’s pupils shrank. He made a gesture and exerted his powerful mental power at the hurricane, but it was bounced away by an invisible force of the hurricane. He couldn’t detect what was going on inside.

He raised his eyebrows and waved one hand without thinking. A huge wind blade of 10 meters long blasted out in a green light.

Something strange happened!

The moment the huge wind blade hit the hurricane, it sank into it like hitting on a mud. No sound came out from the hurricane anymore.

Liu Ming’s expression changed. He made another gesture and launched a dozen fireballs at it.

The same scene appeared!

The dozen fireballs also went into the hurricane without doing any damage.

Liu Ming’s complexion became gloomy. After a long breath, he flicked his sleeves , and 2 Heavy Water Droplets were thrown out. They combined in the air and formed a 100 meters yellow hill phantasm. It appeared above the hurricane after a blur and pressed down heavily.

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