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Chapter 554: Ancient Mirror Fragmen

In the market, the few people, who knew the true identity of Yin Yang Strong Demon, were shocked hearing the news. There were people starting to enquire about Envoy Liu whom Taiqing Sect just sent.

In a secret room of an inn, an old man in a gray robe was reporting something to a woman in purple clothes.

“Recently, there are rumors in the market that the Demon Mystic Sect’s disciple who competed with Miss at the auction for Luo Yu Blade is actually the Yin Yang Strong Demon. A few days ago, he was slain in the outskirts by the Taiqing Sect’s new disciple in charge.” The old man said with a slight smile. “Oh, it turns out to be the ignorant guy. I initially wanted to wait until I completely sacrificial refined this Luo Yu Blade before settling the score with him. I didn’t expect someone got him ahead of me.” The young woman in purple clothes was playing with a gleaming ancient mirror fragment. She just smirked hearing that; her eyes were revealing a hint of disdain.

“If Miss thoroughly sacrificial refined the Luo Yu Blade, you can of course deal with a mere evil cultivator. However, the Taiqing Sect’s disciple dared to kill him without hiding; he is indeed courageous. After all, this backer of this Demon Mystic Sect’s disciple isn’t simple.” The old man twisted his beard and smiled faintly.

“En, but even though that person is arrogant, the name of ‘Yin Yang Strong Demon’ is not just a name. With the set of four puppets with the four guardians formation that he got from the auction, his strength should be improved. Can Old Qiao send someone to investigate the details of the new Taiqing Sect’s disciple. If this person really won in a one-on-one confrontation, then this man isn’t simple. I wonder what kind of person he is.” The Miss of the Ouyang Family seemed to be very interested in Liu Ming. She instructed with a slight smile.

“I will send someone to investigate now.” The old man in gray robe nodded, then he walked out of the secret room.

After the old man left, the young woman in purple clothes bowed her head again. Looking at the ancient mirror fragment in her hand, a thoughtful expression flashed in her eyes.

More than ten days later, in a forging room in the Bai Lian Pavilion.

Liu Ming was sitting cross-legged with his eyes closed. In an inch-sized black array in the air, a small green ruler of an inch was floating on it.

Suddenly, his eyes opened as he changed the gesture and pointed at the array. A cloud of blue flame rose into the sky from the array. After a few flickers, the blue flame merged into the small ruler.

The next moment, there was a flash of blue light on the surface of the small ruler. Next to the original seven spirit patterns, there was a small blue spirit pattern slowly squirming, faintly forming a small pattern.

After a while, the eighth spirit pattern on the gleaming blue ruler was clearly formed.

Accompanied by a clear chirping sound, the ruler emitted a strong spiritual light.

Liu Ming immediately changed his gestures. After the small ruler flew around the air, it slowly landed on his hand.

He looked at the small ruler and nodded in satisfaction. After putting it aside, he took out a small green flag with ten enchantments to prepare for sacrificial refining.

Since the unexpected harvest of more than three million spirit stones from Yin Yang Strong Demon, Liu Ming, who was wealthy and rich, had purchased a batch of inferior grade spiritual weapons from all sorts of forging shops. He continued to practice forging day and night.

Although he was not extremely talented, he had a calm mind. In addition, he spent a lot of money buying spiritual weapons so that he could forge repeatedly. In just a few months, he had made considerable progress.

Liu Ming’s level of adding enchantment on spiritual weapons had already reached the level of the ordinary forger. After all, ordinary people didn’t have as many spirit stones as Liu Ming to squander, and they didn’t have the opportunity to learn from two experienced forgers.

Although he still had a big gap between adding enchantment to a superb spiritual weapon, Liu Ming believed that as long as more time was given, it should be no problem.

Just when he just hung the small green flag in the center of the circle. The Sumeru Ring in his hand had a slight vibration.

With a thought in his mind, he immediately touched the Sumeru Ring lightly. The ancient mirror fragment flew out of it, and it flashed strangely in the air, emitting bursts of dazzling sparkle.

A trace of surprise flashed in Liu Ming’s eyes, and he immediately grasped it in his hand with one hand. He frowned slightly as he sank into deep thought.

At the same time, the same scene also happened to dozens of other cultivators within a radius of tens of thousands of miles; all of them carried such an ancient mirror fragment.

When these people discovered this scene, their expressions were different; some were ecstatic, some seemed inexplicable, and others fell into deep thoughts like Liu Ming.

In a lush small valley not far from the Thousands Spirit Mountain Range, a muscular man with a height of ten meters was fighting with a spiritual beast silver fox with his bare hands.

This spirit beast silver fox was as white as snow. It looked extremely gorgeous in the sun. It was the finest material to forge some spiritual fur coats that the female practitioners were eager to buy.

This beast’s cultivation was only at the Condensation Period early stage, but it was abnormally agile. As it flashed, it could dodge the fist barrage of the muscular man.

At this moment, a gleaming ancient mirror fragment shot out from the waist of the muscular man.

When the muscular man saw this, a look of surprise flashed in his eyes. He instantly raised one hand and launched out a set of purple flying knives. The flying knives turned into six light beams blasting at the silver fox.

At the same time, the pair of purple eyes suddenly gleamed. The silver fox a few ten meters away was covered by a strange power; its speed was slowed down abruptly.

In the next moment, a few slashing sounds occurred!

The silver fox’s body was pierced through by six purple light. It died after giving a whine.

The muscular man with purple eyes was Zang Xuan. He came to the silver fox in a few flashes. After putting it away, he flew in the direction of the Taiqing Sect without looking back.

At the same time, in a dense green forest thousands of miles away from Thousands Spirit Mountain Range, a thin young man was wrapped in a yellow light curtain. He was running away in a panic. He could travel for three hundred meters for every flicker.

Not far behind him, a young man in brocade, holding a green spiritual sword, was pursuing calmly. His body was gleaming in green light; his face couldn’t be seen. His every movement could travel for three hundred meters as well.

The young man in brocade came to a halt abruptly. As the green light faded, a long and narrow face was revealed. It was Sha Tongtian!

An ancient mirror fragment that was gleaming appeared in his hand out of nowhere. He looked up to the sky and laughed. His great voice could even shake off the leaves of the surrounding trees.

The next moment, the smile on his face faded. He changed his gesture, and the green spiritual sword in his hand flashed out and hit the thin young man who was about a hundred meters away.


Sha Tongtian yelled violently and pointed at the thin young man with one hand. The green sword shadow flashed in from the thin young man’s neck.

A bloody head suddenly flew up. Because the sword light was too fast, the headless corpse rushed forward madly before it fell to the ground.

With a cold snort, Sha Tongtian’s figure was already there to retrieve the green flying sword. After collecting the head, he flew toward the Changyang Market.

In a secret room of Changyang Market’s Haoran Academy, a middle-aged scholar in a white robe was sitting with his eyes closed amidst a cloud of white mist.

Suddenly, a loud cry of ecstasy came from outside.

The middle-aged scholar opened his eyes suddenly. With a flicker of his figure, he had appeared outside the secret room. He flicked his sleeve and opened the stone door.

The young scholar standing in the secret room with a smile of joy. Seeing the middle-aged scholar coming out, he opened his palm immediately, revealing a gleaming ancient mirror fragment. It was trembling nonstop and exuding waves of strange crystal light.

“Oh, it turns out that the Green Sky Mirror fragment has a reaction, so it means that the Green Sky Illusory Palace is about to open again. It is the good fortune of my nephew disciple.” Seeing this, the middle-aged scholar said delightedly.

“Yes, Master’s Junior! My wait in the Changyang Market for so many years is not in vain. It’s not futile. I have been waiting in Changyang Market for so many years. I finally made it to this day.” The young scholar said with a laugh, then he left the secret room with the middle-aged scholar.

Similar words also appeared in the mouth of the old man in green robe beside the woman in purple clothes.

“This is worthwhile for Miss to wait purposely in the Changyang Market. The opportunity that the Seventh Grand Ancestor said is indeed the Green Sky Illusory Palace.” The old man spoke with a smile to the woman in purple clothes.

“Actually, I have long wanted a piece of Green Sky Cloud Clothes, otherwise I would not have come to this small Changyang Market and waited for two years. Speaking of which, this is really a golden opportunity.” The woman in purple clothes looked at the glittering fragment in her hand and said with a smile.

Afterward, she kept away the ancient mirror fragment in her hand and walked out of the secret room with Qiao Ziyi.

Half a day later, three hundred miles to the east of Changyang Market, there was a barren wilderness.

Suddenly, the sky above fluctuated together, and dense red light spots suddenly appeared in the sky, and they gathered more and more, and within a moment, it suddenly turned into another round of red hot sun.

After a while, the scorching sun began to blur, and it split up with an explosion. The entire sky was distorted in an instant. An emerald green hazy palace phantasm appeared out of thin air.

This palace was actually more than a thousand meters high. The whole palace was made of emerald green jade which looked very exquisite. It emitted a faint green light.

Under the white mist, the palace seemed a little illusory, looming, and quite mysterious.

When the palace phantasm appeared, Liu Ming was adjusting his breath cross-legged in the secret room on the third floor of Bai Lian Pavilion. The ancient mirror fragment in his hand suddenly lit up with a dazzling green light.

Before he could react, a green light flashed on his arm, turning into an unknown rune in the shape of an emerald green leaf.

At the same time, within thousands of miles of the hazy palace phantasm, the holders of other ancient mirror fragments also had the same encounters. The ancient mirror fragments turned into leaf-shaped runes that engraved on these holders.

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