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Chapter 501: Bone Scorpion Woke Up

“This is indeed extremely difficult to collect, but I know that a symbol may be effective, but it needs to be assisted by a magic array.” Zang Xuan looked at the tri-color runes on the surface of the giant crimson cauldron, and he spoke with his expression moved slightly.

“Oh, since Brother Zang is so sure, let’s try it.” Liu Ming said without hesitation after hearing this.

Seeing Liu Ming nodded, he nodded and took out the equipment to set up the array.

But at this moment, suddenly there was a loud rumbling noise from the sky thousands meters away. The space fluctuated together, and there was a dazzling green light. Countless green runes floated out, forming an array about the size of ten meters in a second.

Liu Ming and Zang Xuan were naturally surprised when they saw this, and they acted vigilantly.

Zang Xuan grabbed in the air with one hand, and a yellow long sword appeared in his hand.

Liu Ming’s sleeves flicked, and golden light spots fluttered out immediately, turning into a golden sand mist around his body.

At this time, after a violent flash of the talisman in the sky, several green light figures appeared in the center.

All of these people had big and round waists; their faces were blurred; their facial features could be seen vaguely. They were all wearing green armor with dragons and tigers and other animal patterns carved on them, and a big “rune” word was engraved on the smooth armor on their chests, exuding faint silver light.

“The rune enforcer from the law enforcement hall!” After Zang Xuan saw these green armor man, he blurted out with a face full of surprise. But the yellow long sword in his hand was lowered subconsciously.

“Rune enforcer?” Liu Ming’s heart was moved hearing this. However, the golden sand mist flying around his body slowed a bit.

“You two are the outer disciple of Piaohong Courtyard right? What is your name? Don’t panic. We are the law enforcement hall messengers. Because Small Flame World is rather special now, we used the rune enforcer to tear through the space and come in. “The green armor rune enforcer leader glanced at Liu Ming and said with a chuckle, but it looked a little weird with their blurred faces.

As the rune enforcer spoke, it took out a square token. Liu Ming had once seen the pattern on it when he just joined; it was the sign of the law enforcement hall.

“So it’s the senior fellow apprentice of the law enforcement hall. I’m Zang Xuan, and this man next to me is Brother Liu Ming. In this trial, a lot of changes have taken place in this Small Flame World, and the fire spirit and spirit beasts suddenly became bloodthirsty. Our teleportation jade talismans suddenly failed, and many outer disciples died because of this. I wonder if the sect has other arrangements for the following trial?” Zang Xuan’s eyes glanced the token, and he immediately replied respectfully.

Although Liu Ming didn’t speak, he still cupped his fist to salute.

“Zang Xuan, Liu Ming…, um. There are indeed your names on the list. Wait a minute.”

The green armor rune enforcer leader kept away the token and took out a codex after that. After flipping a few pages, he nodded and said. He then put away the codex and took out another object emitting green light, but it couldn’t be seen clearly.

The rune enforcer leader launched a symbol and the green light suddenly brightened.

At the same time, there was a rumbling and shaking sound on the ground where the cauldron was located. Countless green runes rose into the sky from the nearby underground, forming a green misty light array under the cauldron.

The rest of the rune enforcer also kept chanting and constantly releasing symbols of various colours into the green light in the hand of the leader.


A thick green light beam shot out from the light array below, and it instantly enveloped the giant crimson cauldron.

In the light beam, the crimson cauldron slowly floated up, but the tri-color flames released by the cauldron disappeared strangely.

These rune enforcers were collecting this treasure.

Seeing this, Liu Ming and Zang Xuan’s expression changed. If they didn’t show the law enforcement hall token previously, they would have stopped them.

But at this moment, the two of them just looked at each other, and they were speechless with different expressions.

The green armor rune enforcer leader looked solemn. He threw the object lightly into the air, and a cloud of green light floated into midair. He then launched a series of symbols into the mysterious runes.

The scarlet cauldron seemed to have received a call, and it slowly flew toward the green light cluster in the midiar. After a while, with a blur, it directly disappeared into the green light.

The rune enforcer leader waved his hand again, and the green light flew back into his hand.

Seeing this, the rune enforcers by the sides looked at each other. They seemed to be relieved.

At this time, the green armor rune enforcer leader turned to look at Liu Ming and Zang Xuan again, and he said in a deep voice,

“This cauldron is a precious treasure of our Taiqing Sect. It was accidentally lost in this Small Flame World. Because the fire in the cauldron leaked out, it caused the Small Flame World to have an abnormal change. This matter is the secret of our sect, so the two of you must not tell the others. Otherwise, you will be dealt with according to the rules!”

Although Liu Ming and Zang Xuan expected this would happen, they didn’t dare to neglect and nod right away.

“En, there is a secret enchantment that was set up by our hall earlier. When you two and the fire spirit king were in a fierce battle, because of mystic arts, we couldn’t tear through the space immediately to transport the rune enforcers. However, the elders in the hall also knew the situation of your previous fierce battle through the enchantment. You could kill the fire spirit king with just the identity of outer disciple, you two are considered making a great contribution to the sect. You two will be rewarded after going out.” Seeing the two looked so respectful, the green armor rune enforcer said in a slow tone.

Liu Ming and Zang Xuan naturally thanked them again.

“Well, the matter here is over, and the teleportation array on the eight master’s side should be fixed soon, but the original jade talisman is ineffective. If you people want to quit this trial now, you can go to the fire basin on the east side of Small Flame World. From there you can directly teleport out. You two remember to tell your other apprentices about this, so as not to cause more chaos.”

After the green armor rune enforcer finished speaking, he took out a green jade talisman and smashed it. The green rune array under his feet suddenly burst into green light. In a flash, several green armor rune enforcers disappeared without a trace along with the rune array.

Liu Ming looked at each other with a wry smile.

Although the law enforcement hall promised to give them rewards, it was of course incomparable with the treasure they handed in.

But since this cauldron was originally the treasure of the sect, they coundn’t say much. They could only admit that they were unlucky.

“Now that the treasure that caused the abnormal change in this place has been taken away, and the fire spirit king was eliminated, the fire spirit and the beasts will also settle down. We should tell the other apprentices as soon as possible.” Liu Ming said slowly.

“En, of course. However, we have one more thing to do before that.” As the purple-eyed young man, he strode to the side of the hole and looked down.

In the pit, where the big red cauldron was originally located, there were still a lot of fire attribute crystal stones left in it. All of which were previously condensed by the big cauldron. Their color was bright red, exuding strong spiritual power fluctuations. The degree of purity was comparable to top-grade fire attribute crystal stone. It could be exchanged into an enormous amount of money.

The two tacitly collected these spirit stones, and immediately divided them.

“Those people outside will probably come in soon. You and I should act separately. Whether you and I can find other treasures, it depends on our chances.” As Zang Xuan said, he flew into the nearby fire clouds.

Liu Ming’s eyes flickered, and he followed into another direction.

Since the canyon was the gathering place of fire spirit, it was rich in fire attribute spirit, and it was also rich in various fire attribute spirit materials.

Now that the other outer disciples were not there, it was a good time to plunder. They naturally had to do it as soon as possible.

But shortly after Zang Xuan went into the fire clouds, a figure flashed. Liu Ming actually returned from the fire clouds like a ghost.

He took a deep look in the direction where Zang Xuan was leaving, then he released Divine Thought to survey the surroundings. After confirming that there was no one nearby, he walked to the big hole where where the big cauldron was placed before, jumped down, and stuck a yellow talisman on himself.

“Poof“, a layer of yellow light wrapped Liu Ming in, and he blasted into the depths of the big hole.

“Are you sure that the place below this pit has another treasure? And its aura is the same as the cauldron?” After taking away the big cauldron, the pit was still filled with flames. It was much richer than outside. Liu Ming, who was wrapped in yellow light, suddenly spoke lightly.

“Master, I can be sure about it. Although I just woke up, the new magical powers I got told me that there is indeed another treasure underneath.” Liu Ming’s ears suddenly heard a very tender girl’s voice.

There was actually a second person here.

After Liu Ming was silent for a moment, he suddenly slapped a leather bag on his waist with one hand, and a black gas was released from the bag. It turned into a silver-white scorpion in palm size. It was one of the two spirit pets of Liu Ming, Bone Scorpion.

Its original half-foot-sized body was a lot smaller. Its back was inscribed with dense and strange purple patterns. The original scarlet scales had disappeared completely, and the snake head and tail hooks on the tail have become lifelike dragon look.

This ghost creature had been sleeping in the soul-recovering bag since it was devoured by the troll head in the abyss. However, when Liu Ming killed the giant fire spirit in the huge mine, it woke up inexplicably. When he found the scarlet cauldron, it suddenly transmitted a voice to Liu Ming, saying that there was an unknown treasure below this cauldron.

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