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Chapter 463: Yu Qing

This seemingly innocent young woman turned out to be a practitioner who submitted to Buddha while keeping her hair.

As soon as this statement came out, everyone in the Changfeng Association was shocked again. Even the taoist surnamed Shi was shocked.

“It turned out to be a member of the Miao Yin Academy. I was wondering why I can’t discover your hiding place. The Ten Thousand Spiritual Silence Technique of your sect is really amazing.” A similarly surprised voice sounded.

Above Feng Zhan and the others, a man in black robe suddenly appeared in the void.

This person looked about forty years old. His face was abnormally pale, and his lips glowed with purple fluorescence. He looked very strange.

When Feng Zhan saw this person, he was overjoyed and greeted him as a junior.

Liu Ming was shocked seeing this. This man in black robe also gave him the same unfathomable feeling. He was probably at the Real Pellet State.

After the taoist surnamed Shi and the beautiful woman surnamed Xiao looked at each other, they looked pale immediately and shut up. Facing the existence of the Real Pellet State of the Five Spirits Sect which had the history of tens of thousands of years, how did they dare to speak.

“I’m Xue Kui, temporarily serving as the elder of the lower house of Five Spirits Sect. You must be Miss Yu Qing from the Miaoyin Temple. I have heard so much about you.” The man in black robe cupped his fist slightly. His voice didn’t carry any emotion.

“It turns out to be Elder Xue. May I know why is elder here in this small island in the South Sea Region?” Senior Nun Yu Qing returned a salute as she asked coldly.

“Haha, since the people of Miaoyin Temple can come here, why can’t I from the Five Spirits Sect come here? To be frank, Feng Zhan, the master of Changfeng Association, has already offered this superb jade mineral vein that may contain spiritual materials to my Five Spirits Sect, and he also agreed to join our Five Spirits Sect’s lower house. Now I’m a deputy in the sect, I just came here to inspect our sect property, the mineral vein.” The man in black robe said with a light smile.

This statement naturally caused a commotion among the crowd, but they didn’t dare to talk out loud due to the existences of the two Real Pellet State powerhouses.

“Mister’s statement seems wrong. This jade mineral vein is the mine in the South Sea Region. It was not originally owned by the Changfeng Association alone. Sky Bird Sect is naturally eligible to get a portion of it. Besides, Qingshui Nunnery is their superior sect, and they are also the branch of our Miaoyin Temple in the South Sea Region. How can we give this mineral vein to others.” The woman in white robe frowned and said word by word.

The taoist surnamed Shi and the beautiful woman surnamed Xiao were even more surprised with this statement.

Although both Purple Night Temple and Tianxiang Pavilion knew that Qingshui Nunnery had a backer in the Middle Sky Continent, they also vaguely knew that it was Miaoyin Temple, they didn’t expect them to have such a relationship.

Miaoyin Temple was the same as Five Spirits Sect, both of them were the major sect of tens of thousands of years in the Middle Sky Continent.

The taoist surnamed Shi and the beautiful woman surnamed Xiao were naturally complaining secretly at this moment. It seemed that they really couldn’t hope to get a portion of this jade mineral vein.

“Miss Yu Qing, on this matter, our juniors have agreed to decide their ownership by the gambling fight. Now the Changfeng Association has won, how can the Sky Bird Sect still share the mineral vein?” The middle-aged man in black robe shook his head and said with a cold face.

“These are just a farce stirred up by the juniors. How can it be treated seriously? Let’s take a step back. Changfeng Association isn’t representing your Five Spirits Sect in this gambling fight right?” Senior Nun Yu Qing looked at the taoist surnamed Shi below thoughtfully; she seemed to be hinting something.

As the taoist surnamed Shi heard this, he looked down with a change in his expression.

“This…” The man in black robe was speechless. This sentence spoke of his soft spot. The Purple Night Temple was behind the Changfeng Association on the bright side. Although the man in black robe wouldn’t put such a small Purple Night Temple in his eyes, there were still some forces behind it. If this matter dragged too long, those people might know about it, and there would inevitably be some changes.

“My disciple Wei Zhong is also involved in this gambling fight, how can it not represent Five Spirits Sect?” The man in black robe hesitated for a moment, then he said.

“Hehe, did I just see the wrong thing? Wasn’t your disciple defeated by the Sky Bird Sect?” The woman in white robed laughed, then she looked at the man in black robe with a hint of ridicule.

Xue Kui’s face was slightly red, but he had been living for countless years after all, so he immediately remained calm.

“Mr. Xue, since this mineral vein is within the sphere of influence of the Changfeng Association and Sky Bird Sect, you and I don’t have to fight for it. A top-grade mineral vein isn’t worth for both of our sects to have a fall out, so it’s better to take a step back. How about dividing this mineral vein equally?” Senior Nun Yu Qing sighed in the end.

The man in black robe thought quickly after listening. After weighing the pros and cons, he nodded, “Since Miss Yu Qing said so, I will give you the face. Okay, just do as Miss suggested!”

“That’s very good.” Senior Nun Yu Qing finally revealed a smile when she heard this.

The two Real Pellet State powerhouses arrogantly divided this top-quality jade mineral vein, and they didn’t even mention Purple Night Temple in their discussion.

The taoist surnamed Shi was very depressed at this moment, but he still had a smile on his face. He dared not to show dissatisfaction.

Next, the two bargained over the general division and mining of the mineral vein. As for the more detailed matters, they handed them over to Sky Bird Sect and Changfeng Association to deal with.

After the two parties had finished talking, Xue Kui and Senior Nun Yu Qing both looked at Liu Ming who was in the middle of the ring.

“This fellow friend, who are you? What is your relationship with the Taiqing Sect? If I’m right, the technique you used is the ghost technique that can only be learned by the Taiqing Sect’s inner disciple, which is the Tiger Dragon Hell Prison, right?” Senior Nun Yu Qing asked Liu Ming gently after a smile appeared on her face.

The man in black robe of the Five Spirits Sect also looked at Liu Ming thoughtfully.

When Liu Ming heard this, he was shocked.

He never expected that he would meet someone who could recognize the Tiger Dragon Hell Prison here. Two people recognized it at once, and they also had like Real Pellet State cultivation, so he secretly complained in his heart.

According to the Divine Thought that Grandmaster Liuyin left, Tai Gang Sword Tactics and Tiger Dragon Hell Prison were both unusual techniques in Taiqing Sect, especially the former. It seemed that normal disciples in the Taiqing Sect couldn’t practice it.

Now listening to the two people in front of him, Tiger Dragon Hell Prison was actually Taiqing Sect’s secret technique, and it was apparently very famous. He was just using the dragon tiger phantasms slightly, and it was recognized by them immediately.

He didn’t even know the relationship between the two people and the Taiqing Sect. If he made one wrong move, he might get himself killed.

Liu Ming hesitated immediately, and a layer of sweat soon appeared on his forehead.

“Mister, don’t have to be afraid. Our Miaoyin Temple is actually one of the branches of the Taiqing Sect. If Mister really has any connection with the Taiqing Sect, I will definitely not trouble you. But if there is a problem with the origin of your cultivation, I as one of the elders in Miaoyin Temple naturally can’t let you leave simply. If Taiqing Sect knows about this and for the problem, the poor nun, as one of the law enforcement elders of the Miaoyin Academy, I’m afraid that you can’t just leave you like this. Otherwise, if the Taiqing Sect school learns about this and put the blame on me, I can’t run away from it.” Senior Nun Yu Qing seemed to notice Liu Ming’s hesitation, so she said.

Seeing that Liu Ming was still hesitating, the woman in the white robe said lightly, “You don’t have to hesitate, and don’t think about concealing anything. I will have a way to identify whether you are telling the truth. Even if you aren’t willing to say, I still have a lot of methods to easily make you speak. ”

These words made Liu Ming’s expression naturally change.

“I can see that you aren’t the disciple of the Taiqing Sect by your look. Senior Nun Yu Qing is right. Although our sect is also considered as the sect of tens of thousands of years in the Middle Sky Continent, it is insignificant as compared to the Taiqing Sect that is among the four ancient sects of the human clans. However, you don’t have to be too worried. If you really have a relationship with either one of the Taiqing Sect’s elder or inner disciple and learned this technique due to a special reason, you will most likely be fine. Instead, you may even have the opportunity to join the Taiqing Sect. However, if you learned this technique through some sinister means, such as scheming against the inner disciple of the Taiqing Sect, I still have to congratulate you. Not anyone can experience the Five Mountains Bipolar Hell of the Taiqing Sect.” Xue Kui spoke a few self-deprecating words, then he turned the thread of the discussions.

When the beautiful woman surnamed Xiao, the taoist and other people from the South Sea Region’s ten sects heard that Liu Ming was related to the Taiqing Sect, they were even more astounded.

The taoist surnamed Shi finally realized it!

He finally remembered that he once saw the dragon tiger phantasms, that Liu Ming used, on the Taiqing Sect’s disciple when he was in the Middle Sky Continent.

However, the phantasm that the man used seemed to be different from Liu Ming, so the taoist couldn’t directly recognize it for a while.

The expressions on Dugu Yu, Feng Zhan and others’ faces were even more exaggerated.

Xin Yuan was speechless.

In his mind, the strength of the Changfeng Association was actually not weaker than that of some middle rank human clans in the Sea Region, but here, it was only a subsidiary force of the ten major sects in the South Sea Region.

Among the ten sects in the South Sea Region, Qingshui Nunnery, which seemed to be very powerful, was only one of the branches of the Middle Sky Continent’s Miaoyin Temple, and it was only the so-called branch of the Taiqing Sect. He couldn’t imagine what the four ancient sects of the human clans were like.

“Well, since senior nun is related to the Taiqing Sect, then I have nothing to hide. I indeed learned this Tiger Dragon Hell Prison from a senior of the Taiqing Sect, and the identity of this senior is somewhat special.” Liu Ming had various thoughts in his mind. When he thought that he couldn’t conceal it, he could only admit it.

“Very well, everyone, Mr. Liu’s origin is probably related to some matters of the Taiqing Sect, so I hope everyone can stay away.” Senior Nun Yu Qing nodded as she heard that, then she spoke to the others calmly.

Upon hearing this, even Xue Kui nodded solemnly; he turned and left.

Seeing this situation, other people didn’t dare to ask more than a word and flew away.

When Xin Yuan was leaving, he glanced at Liu Ming with worries before flying away with resignation.

Jia Lan seemed to have remembered something. Before leaving, she looked suspicious while looking at Liu Ming.

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