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Chapter 459: Blue Pythons Nine Turn Technique

Liu Ming found that the flying sword itself had not suffered any damage through spiritual contact, but the spiritual power attached to the sword body was mostly corroded. He waved his hand, retracted the silver sword, and made a gesture to make it shine again.

At the same time, the scarred young man changed his gesture, and the python retracted and wrapped around his body again. The green spirit patterns flashed on his body. Green filaments emerged from it, and the filaments wrapped around the wound for a moment. The wound on his body and the python healed quickly.

His eyes flashed a hint of coldness. After he groaned, the green giant python split into two, and they pounced at Liu Ming once again.

Liu Ming channeled his sword gesture with a calm expression, and the silver flying sword once again turned into a silver rainbow that went forward.

The silver light and green gas burst apart into the void immediately.

After the pythons and silver rainbow fought for a while, several deep and shallow wounds appeared on the surface of the scarred man again.

Under Liu Ming’s control, the silver flying sword had a variety of moves. Even if it fought with the two giant pythons, it still had a great advantage. The scarred man never expected the Sword Controlling Technique to be so powerful. He looked dispirited as he couldn’t defend against it.

Seeing this situation, quiet discussion could be heard from the surrounding.

The scarred man was a little overwhelmed. When he heard these insulting voices, he was immediately furious. He immediately took out an elixir and swallowed it, then he took out several blood-colored talisman in succession and tore them to pieces.

In an instant, the young man’s face burst into blue veins, and his eyes became red. Bloody spirit patterns could be seen on his body.

After the two green giant pythons made a hiss, they hovered back to the scarred man and attached themselves on the scarred young man.

The next moment, the young man shouted. His body surface was immediately shinning in green light, and his entire body was immersed in it.

Then the green light made a whine. When the green light condensed, the figure of the scared young man was once again revealed, but at this moment, there were nine python head phantasms on his back. Each of the heads was about ten meters big. Their mouths were fangs, and their eyes were emitting green, blue, red, and so on. A total of nine-color light.

“Your disciple really cultivated this Blue Python Nine Turn Technique!” Seeing this vision, the beautiful woman surnamed Xiao felt relieved, and she said softly to Dugu Yu who was aside.

“Fairy is right. This is thanks to the condensing pill given by Shang Pavilion so that my disciple can have such an achievement.” Dugu Yu replied respectfully, and a flash of joy flashed in his eyes.

At this time, after the spirit sword in midair lost its opponent, it once again turned into a silver crystal rainbow and went toward the scared youth.

The scarred youth didn’t avoid it. The eighteen giant eyes on the nine heads behind him were beaming. Three heads immediately shook, shooting a fireball, a green hurricane and a black lightning at the same time.

The silver crystal rainbow was first overwhelmed under the burst of the fireball, then it was entangled by the electric light, and then swept by the hurricane; it immediately lost control. After the light dissipated, it returned to the small silver sword and fell straight down.

Seeing this, Liu Ming’s expression changed!

If he guessed it correctly, the nine heads with eyes of different colors should represent different attributes. They would launch nine different attributes corresponding to the opponent’s technique. Sword Controlling Technique was still fine to deal with one or two techniques, but under such a variety of stacked techniques, this inferior grade spiritual sword was a little weak.

After Liu Ming thought quickly, he suddenly raised his sleeves, and a string of dazzling golden light flashed out. It swirled in the air and transformed into a golden sand.

It was the superb spiritual weapon, Golden Fallen Sand!

At this moment, his face was abnormally solemn. He changed his gestures as he chanted.

The golden sands were whistling all over the sky, but after a flash, they disappeared.

In the next moment, the golden sand mist surged up in the space in front of the scarred man. Golden sands emerged in the air with a dazzling light. As they arranged densely, they formed an ever-changing sand array.

Liu Ming wanted to end this quick so he channeled the enchantment attached to Golden Fallen Sand.

The scared man sneered when he saw this. He launched a series of symbols. Various spiritual lights flickered in the mouths of the nine pythons. They all shot at the sand array, wanting to forcefully break through the sand array and defeat Liu Ming.

There was a loud rumbling noise!

The dense wind blades, golden light, flame, venom and other attacks hit the sand array. It burst apart in a colorful light cluster, then a gust of cold and hot alternating storm spread to the surrounding!

Except for a few Crystallization Period powerhouses, the others who watched at tens of meters away couldn’t help but retreat several steps in a row.

Various spells burst open on the sand curtain, but it was like encountering a sturdy wall. The golden sand curtain trembled violently, then it restored to the initial state again.

The face of the scarred young man changed sharply. It seemed that he did not expect that the sand was so strong that it was invulnerable. He quickly changed his gesture, then the blue pythons behind him opened their mouths. All spells were cast at once. The fireball was wrapped in the hurricane, then it combined with a blue water pillar and ice cone along the way, surging at Liu Ming.

Liu Ming’s eyes flashed brightly. After his gesture changed quickly. He pointed at the golden sand in the air.

Suddenly, there was a burst of golden light on the sand curtain. After resisting another round of combined spell, the sand wrapped up around the scarred young man and quickly rotated. It formed a shining golden cylinder that trapped the scarred young man inside.

As the golden sand spun, sharp thorns emerged from inside from time to time, slashing at the scarred young man. The cylinder was even shrinking and tightening bit by bit.

The Golden Fallen Sand was so unpredictable and indestructible, it made the Crystallization Period powerhouse such as Feng Zhan, Dugu Yu and others who watched the battle moved.

Even for these powerhouses, the superb spiritual weapon in their hands, in terms of quality power alone, seemed to be not as domineering as the Golden Fallen Sand in Liu Ming’s hands.

The scarred young man finally turned a little panicked. While controlling several blue pythons to keep firing various spells in their mouths, impacting the sand curtain to prevent it from approaching him. Three blue pythons breathed out red, yellow and blue light that intertwined and formed a three-color clear light curtain to protect him.

However, the storm of golden spikes turned faster and faster, and the magic attacks fired by the blue pythons were shattered by the rapid rotating spikes.

Finally, the golden spikes and the light wall began to violently collide. The collision between the two let out an ear-piercing shrill along with explosion sounds.

The three-color light wall flashed crazily under the slashing of the spikes. Under the continuous injection of the spiritual power of the scarred young man, it was not torn apart.

When Liu Ming saw this, he no longer hesitated and made a gesture in another hand. As his sleeve shook, a silver rainbow surged out. After a whilte light burst out from the rainbow, it went into the golden sand curtain.

The scarred young man found that the golden sand spikes could not break his shield for the time being, and his was slightly relieved. At this moment, he was fully focused on channeling his spiritual power. He was controlling three blue pythons to continuously launch three-color lights as his protective light curtain while he was using the other six to bombard the golden sand curtain. He wanted to find an opening to break through on the sand curtain. Because the golden sand was emitting a dazzling light, the scarred young man couldn’t realize such imminent danger.

Suddenly, a small gap was opened in the sand curtain in front of him, and the silver rainbow flashed in like lightning.

“Not good!”

The scarred young man wanted to try to defend, but it was too late.

It was only a split second, then there was a crisp sound. The three-color light curtain, that was flickering under the attack of silver rainbow, had a crack. After that, a white light hit on the same crack. As the white light condensed, it turned into a four inch long pale yellow bone spiritual weapon.

It was Liu Ming’s last Bone Wind Awl that was forged using the evil beast bones in the underwater mineral vein!

After seeing Bone Wind Awl revealing its original shape, it scattered into countless bone fragments. A tremendous force burst out instantly. The three-color light curtain that was shaking immediately cracked open after a crisp sound.

Then, amidst the raging golden sand, a gust of wind rolled, and a young man covered in black gas strode out without expression. It was Liu Ming!

The scarred young man was shocke. He groaned, and the spirit patterns appeared on his body surface again as he wanted to use some kind of mystic art.

But Liu Ming’s eyes flashed, then he held one Heavy Water Droplet in each hand. He strode forward and flashed out in front of the scarred young man suddenly, then he launched a punch.

The scarred young man was caught off guard. His face changed abruptly. His revealed a murderous intention, then he launched a punch as well.

There was a loud noise!

The young man only felt that a majestic force surged in his arm. Although his physical body was far superior to the same-level Physique Cultivator due to the mystic arts he cultivated, confronting this power that was not inferior to him, and there were Heavy Water Droplets that had the gravity enchantment, so he couldn’t rival Liu Ming in the end.

There was a crisp bone cracking sound. The scarred man’s right arm was broken by Liu Ming’s punch, and it drooped softly.

Liu Ming moved his mind. He held his hands together with his ten fingers crossed. After combining the two Heavy Water Droplets into one, he slammed it at the scarred young man.

A muffled sound could be heard!

The scarred young man vomited out blood. His body was knocked back together with the nine blue pythons behind him.

Liu Ming moved his mind, and the golden sand curtain suddenly dispersed, letting the scarred youth flying out of it unobstructed. He fell heavily to the ground, vomited a few mouthfuls of blood, and then fainted.

The nine blue pythons behind him vanished into thin air after a flash of green light.

At the same time, the golden sand curtain in the center of the ring dissipated and turned into a cloud of sand hovering in the air. It then returned to golden sand that flew into Liu Ming’s sleeve robe.

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