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Chapter 424: Guili

Several people’s bodies were entangled with black silks in an instant, and a strange black gas was emitted between the constant twists and turns. Before the few people could struggle a few times, then their eyes looked dull as they no longer moved. The flesh of their bodies quickly shrank, then they became a dried corpse.

The entire altar suddenly became very soft, making a “booming” sound. The dust on the surface began to fall off, and there were countless creeping blood-colored meat pieces. The monument in the middle surged out, then it pulled the dried corpses into the pit in the tumbling black gas.

All of this happened in the blink of an eye, and the other slave miners a little further away were of course frightened and angry as they saw this. They all stepped back.

Only Liu Ming and others standing a little further away saw clearly everything happening ahead.

But in the open land in front, a huge gruesome face made of sand and stone suddenly appeared. Its appearance looked like a ghost, and the huge deep pit in front was just its giant mouth while the altar and monument were transformed by a tongue.

But at the moment when the other slave miner just retreated, Lan Xi, who was standing still, suddenly waved his arms with blue light flashing. Two invisible powerful forces were launched at the closest people.

His figure flickered and disappeared on the ground instead. At the next moment, he appeared on top of the giant ghost face. He was looking at the crowd with a blank face and with his hands behind his back.

A few exclamations!

Those slave miners were struck down by the force in the air as they were caught off guard.

The black silk spurted out from below and wrapped these few people tightly, then a giant phantasm flashed through. These people disappeared as they exclaimed.

They were actually brought away by the giant tongue below!

The seemingly clumsy tongue was as fast as lightning.

At this time, the eyes on the giant face opened, and at the same time, there was a “crunchy” chewing sound in the mouth.

Seeing this in the distance, Liu Ming’s face changed slightly. With his eyesight, he didn’t even see the movement of the tongue just now.

It wasn’t until this time that the remaining few slave miners reacted, they immediately scolded in rage.

The two confidants of Lan Xi were even furious as they escaped from death.

By this time, everyone knew that Lan Xi had ill-intentions by bringing them here.

However, the sky above was indeed a space node, so they were very reluctant to flee immediately.

After all, they didn’t know how to find the node in this vast abyss. Moreover, they would only be dead when they encountered the evil beast sea without any spiritual fluid left.

For a while, these people hated Lan Xi, but they were in a dilemma.

At this time, Lan Xi spoke lightly, “The old man promised to take you away from the underground mineral vein and find a way to leave this place. Now that the node is here, how can that be a lie? As for whether you can leave this place alive, it depends on your own skills.”

Regardless of the people on the opposite side, he suddenly bowed his head and said very solemnly to the huge face below, “Senior Guili, junior has brought you enough blood essence according to the agreement. Should you fulfill the promise you made previously?”

“Hehe, Boy Lan, you can really do this. When you accidentally contacted me, I didn’t really have much hope. You can rest assured that as long as I get these essence blood, I can dispel part of my seal on my body. By the time, I can help you break through your bottleneck. With my help, you can advance to the Real Pellet State easily.” The huge face below made a weird laughter after wriggling for a while.

Then the whole face suddenly condensed toward the center after a rumbling sound, then it floated from the ground. It turned into a giant head with eight hundred meters tall, and it was made of mud and stone.

On the surface of the body, black spirit patterns were looming on it, and it was exuding a faint black gas. The two giant eyes had two clouds of silver flames dancing in them.

“Very good! Junior would like to thank Senior Guili first. But among these people, there is a Real Pellet State powerhouse. Seniors need to be more careful.” As Lan Xi heard this, his expression was relaxed, but he still reminded.

“Jsut a Real Pellet State? Hmph, you are talking about this Beastkin Clan brat!? Not to mention that his body has a problem right now, even if he is in his peak, I will not put him in my eyes. In my memories, this little brat is like ant to me. I can easily eliminate him in an instant.” The huge face turned slightly and looked at the young man in white robe in the distance. He snorted as he said. His tone was very arrogant.

After he said that, the slave miners including Xin Yuan were astounded after listening to him. They couldn’t really believe these words!

In his words, the only Real Pellet State in the Sea Region had become a little brat, then wouldn’t these Condensation State cultivators be not worth mentioning at all.

Since Liu Ming discovered the appearance of this huge face, he stared at the black spirit patterns on the surface. His eyes were flashing as he was thinking about something.

“Hmph, no matter what kind of existence you were at that time, now you only have the strength of the Crystallisation Period later stage. You actually dare to be so arrogant.” Young man in white robe in the sky heard this, and his face suddenly looked gloomy.

At the next moment, a crystal clear short ruler appeared in his palm as he caught in the air. He waved slightly, and a ten meters long blue ice spear appeared in front of him. As it trembled, it launched at the giant head in a whistling sound.

As soon as the crystal light flashed, the ice spear blasted to the huge head in close proximity.

The huge mud-stone head looked ferocious. It opened its mouth and vomited the ice spear, and it was making a weird laughter while chewing, “The taste is not bad. You can throw a few more at me. Come on, let me feel better.”

Siren King saw this, and his eyes flicked. His expression finally became dignified.

Although it was just a tentative move, the power of the ice spear could reach the peak of its strength. It could crush six Pseudo Pellet State powerhouses with a huge advantage, but now it was swallowed by this monster in this way. It was really shocking.

Lan Xi saw a scene, but he breathed a sigh of relief. There was a hint of excitement in his eyes.

The other people couldn’t help but feel terrified as they witnessed such a scene. Suddenly, two slave miners blasted away. They planned to escape from this place.

Seeing this, Siren King’s eyes flashed coldly. He suddenly waved his crystal clear short ruler, then two ice spears blasted out in a flash.

“Poo poo“.

The ice spears quickly penetrated the bodies of two slave miners and turned them into two crystal clear ice sculptures.

“Everyone who dares to run away will be killed. Now, we can only deal with the monster in front of us and Lanxi together. Only then you all can truly leave this abyss. Do you really think that this monster would let you leave easily after wasting so much effort to get all of you here?” Siren King glanced at the slave miners including Xin Yuan and Liu Ming and said without any expression.

As he was speaking, the giant tongue surged forward without giving the time to think. The two ice sculptures that were falling from the sky were brought into the mouth by the tongue. The face revealed a face of tasting something delicious as it was chewing.

This made Liu Ming have a chill down his spine after seeing this.

Several other slave miners even looked pale after witnessing this scene.

In a short while, even if Siren King was counted, together with Liu Ming and Xin Yuan, there were fewer than ten people.

In order to regain their freedom, these slave miners passed all the obstacles and came all the way from the deep sea mineral vein. They thought they could successfully escape from this place. Who would expect to encounter such a scene?

Lan Xi, the culprit of all this, retreated when Siren King attacked the giant head. He was smiling faintly like he was waiting for them to die.

“Do it!”

Before waiting for the rest of the slave miners to think about anything, Siren King suddenly groaned after frowning.

At the same time, he threw Jia Lan behind him, then his other hand hit the air.

Suddenly a blue demon wind suddenly raised together, turning into a layer of light curtain to wrap the woman tightly. It was floating in the air after that.

Young man in white robe After doing all this, the crystal clear short ruler emitted a dazzling light. He shook his wrist, and countless ruler shadows were launched. Countless ice spears that were doubled in size appeared. After they trembled, they were launched into the air.

Siren King’s move this time was obviously using all his strength!

At the same time, Liu Ming, not far away, squinted his eyes and shook his sleeves. The blue little sword appeared in his hands. He made a gesture instantly.

The blue little sword made a clear sound, emitting a dazzling aura, then it turned into a rainbow that surged at the giant head.

He turned out to be the first to make a move after Siren King’s attack, and he used his strongest Sword Controlling Technique when he made a move. The entire process was smooth as if he had already prepared for it since the beginning.

On the other side, after Xin Yuan raised his eyebrows, he put the iron rod in front of him, then he wiped it with his glowing hand. After a thumping sound, golden glow rolled out at the tip of the iron rods. A sharp golden spear tip was condensed out of nowhere.

He groaned, and blue veins burst open on both his arms. He shook his wrist, then a dazzling spear shadow appeared in front of him. After the shadows condensed, they became a wave of densely packed dazzling golden light, and it was bursting out at the same time.

At this time, Xin Yuan finally showed his true strength. The Chaos Essence Refined Iron Rod in his hand was obviously not just a weapon with heavy weight.

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