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Chapter 413: The Battle of the Sea Creature Clan (4)

Lan Xi only said such a sentence to everyone, then he closed his eyes and sat cross-legged on an empty space after a flash without bothering the others. His hands were holding two intermediate grade spirit stones. He began to adjust his breath to restore the spiritual power with the fastest speed.

At the same time, the people on the stone platform, who had already been ready to attack, also cast their respective mystic arts to launch powerful attacks on this silver light curtain that just appeared.

It was Xin Yuan who attacked first.

Just as Lan Xi spoke, Xin Yuan’s body was covered with a faint yellow light. He jumped up, holding a huge iron rod in his hands, and struck at the center of the silver light curtain.

At the next moment, countless black rod shadows transfigured like a hill, striking on the silver light curtain.

Clouds of air waves blasted open on the light curtain, resounding through the cave, and it vaguely formed waves of dark and strong wind that spread around.

Xin Yuan still waved his hands wildly. After his body muscle increased in size, black spirit patterns vaguely emerged from his body surface.

As the Golden Scale Clan woman’s figure moved, she floated lightly in the air. She flipped her hand and an ancient mirror appeared in her hands.


Numerous tiny light spots shot out of the mirror. They gathered in the air and condensed into a golden light pillar in an instant, shooting right at the silver light curtain in a flash.

On a nearby stone platform, the woman named Qing Qi took out a flag with black mist on it. She waved it madly. Countless black mist surged out and transformed into ghost-faced eagle body strange beasts. They stirred up waves of strange winds and flew toward the silver light curtain.

At this time, there was a burst of flying sand on the other side of the stone platform. It was also mixed with the whistling sound of “poo poo“.

Several people of the Sea Creature Clan were holding a giant bone arrow, launching waves of multicolored arrows and blasting the air far away like meteors.

Their movements didn’t seem fast, but their every attack made the silver light curtain tremble. The power was amazing!

The other slave miners by the lake also took out their trump cards at this moment and joined the assault.

Although their attack was obviously weaker than that of Xin Yuan and others, they were more in terms of number. When they all attacked at once, it looked like a rosy cloud of five colours. Their momentum actually looked greater.

In the bursts of blasting sounds, the silver light curtain finally began to distort in a blur.

As Liu Ming saw this, he no longer hesitated.

He shook his wrist without saying a word. Immediately, a blue light flashed in his hand. He used a finger to draw on the blue sword, pouring all his spiritual power into it.

After the blue sword trembled for a while, a spine chilling coldness radiated out.

Liu Ming shook his wrist with his expressionless face. Immediately, countless dense sword shadows were transfigured. As he relaxed his five fingers, all the sword shadow immediately blasted out, and they combined into one in the air. It grew tremendously into a blue light sword with the size of three to four hundred meters in size.

A shrill whistle!

After Liu Ming cast a symbol at the blue light sword, he turned into a crystal rainbow swept that surged forward. After a flash, the sword had already struck on the somewhat distorted light curtain.

“Boom” an earth shaking noise!

The silver light curtain became unstable as the giant light sword struck on it!

Liu Ming, who was standing on the stone platform, moved his arm with a blank expression, then he pointed in the air with one finger.

After the blue light sword was bounced off, it circled in the air and struck again…

After a while!

The silver light curtain on the lake finally collapsed after a crisp sound under the barrage of various attacks.

Before Liu Ming and others could feel delighted, many bright red silks appeared out of thin air at the space where the silver light curtain collapsed. They interlaced like living organisms and formed a bloody light wall.

Seeing this, Liu Ming immediately stopped attacking.

Others also stopped their actions after they froze for a moment.

But there were still two people wanting to attack. One of them almost subconsciously launched a wave of bright arrows at the bloody light wall, then another person barraged a wide area thunder fire toward it as he waved his hand.

A weird scene appeared!

As soon as the attacks reached the bloody wall, they went into the wall and disappeared after two “poo poo”.

Then there was a huge “rumbling” sound from the light wall. Two bloody light beams were shot out from the wall after a flash, and the light beams had reached the two people in an instant.

The two slave miners looked shocked. One of them flicked the bone bow in his hand and cast a layer of buzzing white light curtain that protected him in it.

The other opened his mouth and shot out a red flame at the light beam.

But at the next moment, the two light beams suddenly scattered and transformed into dense bloody silks. They pierced through the red flame and the light curtain in an instant, then they wrapped the two people tightly like a bloody cocoon.

The two were struggling desperately in the bloody cocoons, and they screamed loudly. However, they could no longer move as the endless bloody silks kept entangling.

The people next to them were horrified. When they wanted to help them, the bloody silks suddenly tightened.

The two bloody cocoons immediately burst open in place, turning into two thick blood mists. A bloody smell immediately filled the entire cave.

The bloody light wall returned normal after a few flashes.

“What the hell is this? Is it a living thing?”

All this happened with only a few seconds, so that the people around the stone platform could not help but take a deep breath. Their backs were drenched in sweat. They secretly felt lucky for not attacking abruptly, but the ones who were close to the two miners asked furiously.

“Hmph, what living thing? This is just a bloody miasma. Although this thing is impossible to have any spirituality, once it is under attack, it can instinctively attack the nearby creatures. If I weren’t kept in this place for a long time, I could easily break this thing easily with the power of spiritual weapon. Now, I can only put more effort in it. Besides, I have told you clearly that I will handle the third layer enchantment. Since they didn’t listen, they can blame the others for their own fault.”

Lan Xi, who was sitting cross-legged, suddenly opened his eyes and sneered as he said slowly.

After that, he stood up. His figure suddenly became blurred, and he appeared in front of two Sea Creature Clan people who were standing side by side. He opened his palms and grasped the two’s head skull unexpectedly.

“Senior Lan, what are you doing!”

The two Sea Creature Clan people were shocked, but they could move as if their weight had increased by a thousand kilos. They immediately shouted.

“Hmph, what am I doing? Of course, I’m taking the bloody breaching talisman to help everyone to escape.”

“What, didn’t you say…”

Before the two had spoken, Lan Xi’s eyes looked ruthless. His fingers squeezed vigorously, and under a great force, the two heads suddenly burst open.

When the two headless corpses fell down, Lan Xi’s hands suddenly changed rapidly. A stream of essence blood suddenly surged out from the two corpses’ neck. It formed two clusters of bloody orbs, then they floated in the air.

Lan Xi’s eyes flashed blue. He flicked his hand twice in the air, and the bloody orb transformed into two unknown bloody runes. As he made a gesture, they grew into the size of dozen meters, and they started to flicker wildly.

Xin Yuan was surprised when he saw this bloody scene.

If he didn’t say the words “taking the bloody breaching talisman to help everyone to escape”, there would be chaos again.

At this time, Lan Xi didn’t care about the others. His ten fingers flicked out as he kept chanting. The two bloody runes turned into two bloody rainbows and blasted at the bloody light wall in a flash.

After the bloody runes went into the bloody light wall, its surface flashed uncertainly. After Lan Xi pointed in the air, it dissolved into a bloody liquid.

In front of everyone, a space fissure of more than a hundred meters long appeared. It was very narrow, and it was pitch black inside.

While everyone was overjoyed, they all hesitated looking at the space fissure in front of them.

Lan Xi seemed to be ready for this, but his sleeves flicked, and he immediately threw out a bone ball.

The bone ball circled in front of the space fissure and turned into a small bone puppet. It flew into the crack directly in a stagger.

Then Lan Xi made a gesture and closed his eyes slightly.

In that instant, everyone stared at Lan Xi’s face and stopped blinking their eyes. After all, whether the other side in the space fissure was safe, it determined the fate of everyone present.

“Very good, the other side is now safe. There is no trace of evil beasts. This fissure should last about an hour. You can now take a domino and spiritual fluid from me and take some rest, then we can hurry up and enter it.” Lan Xi removed his gesture, opened his eyes and said slowly at everyone.

As soon as these words were spoken, the crowd was naturally ecstatic.

Lan Xi walked slowly to the entrance and sat cross-legged again. He waved his sleeves, and suddenly there was a pile of leather bags in front of him.

This time, everyone walked up and picked it up without Lan Xi urging them.

After Liu Ming took the bag, he scanned it with his consciousness. He found a domino like the previous one and a bottle of spiritual fluid refined by the evil beast’s blood. He then found an empty space and sat down.

After half an hour.

“Let’s go!”

Lan Xi suddenly stood up, took out a domino and hung it around his waist. He then turned around, and flashed into the fissure.

The others also stood up in shock, then they flew into the fissure.

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